A Dance with Death

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Chapter 8

I woke the next morning, Mors was not by my side. I started to wonder if I had dreamt of Mors visiting me and our kiss. A kiss so intense I blacked out after our lips touched. Then I thought, maybe, it wasn't intense at all and I had actually survived the kiss of death and blacking out was me dying, if only for a few seconds. The memory triggered the feeling of ice upon my cheeks and the coldness of my lips as Mors kissed me.

My morning went by in a blur, all I could think about was if Mors did visit me, he would be in a meeting with the powers that be by now, the people of whom he collected souls for. I worried about him, I went over questions and scenarios in my head and repeated them over and over again. I was lucky it was Sunday, I don't think I could've functioned properly if I had to work.

The afternoon went by just as fast and I had not heard from Mors. My heart beat uncontrollably, and my throat went tight again. I couldn't sit still and had walked around my house, vacuumed, and dusted more times than I could count. I fiddled with my hands and cracked my knuckles. It was torture waiting for Mors to visit or contact me.

Even as the moon rose in the sky and the brightest stars flickered in the distance, I remained unaware of what awaited Mors in the meeting and the consequences he would suffer simply for loving me, a human, if we were to be found out.

I had a feverish sleep that night, my dreams were dark and my skin felt cold. I remember one particular dream, this dream was not new to me, in fact I dreamt this dream many times in my past, even as a child, I dreamt this dream.

It was a stormy night, I was sitting in the back of a car in a child seat, the belt crossed my chest and stomach like a harness. I wasnt much older than 3 or 4 years old. I was mumbling to myself and playing with a tattered old teddy bear, it looked older than me, so it must've been a hand me down or a family heirloom of sorts.

The car was going very fast, I remember a flash of brown hair and a female voice, nearly forgotten, screaming into her car phone. So it was the late eighties or early ninties. She was so side tracked by her conversation on the phone that she wasn't paying attention to the road. She veered into the right lane and a pair of lights as bright as two sun's blinded me, there was a terrifying bang, screaming and crying.

I couldn't tell if I was the one screaming or if it was the brown haired woman. The car was nearly torn apart. I tasted blood. I smelt a burning smell like fried electronics, blood and petrol. I cried and screamed, the harness was tight around my chest, and I was struggling to breath. I screamed so much my throat hurt. I became so tired, my breathing was becoming worse. Now all I could do was gasp for air, like a fish out of water. Soon my small lungs gave out, I became cold, paralysed and I stopped breathing.

Suddenly a soothing voice surrounded me, I was no longer terrified just relaxed, I felt so warm, like I was laying in the sun on an early summer's day. I trusted that voice.

"Shhh! Help will soon be here, you'll survive little one, for I refuse to take your soul tonight. Even though this is one of many possible scenarios of your death. I believe you're too young to die. We will meet again, theres many times in which we could meet again, but let's hope it's not anytime soon, little one."

I felt a hand release the harness and another hand touched my face, soon I felt lips upon my own and oxygen fill my tiny lungs. There was a pressure on my chest, soon my heart started to beat and the warmth returned to my body. I cried and screamed, there was floating lights, blurry, shadow covered faces then the stress was too much for me and in the dream I once again passed out. I woke slathered in sweat and gasping for air. This was the furthest the dream had gone, I would normally wake up after the loud terrifying bang and scream.

I sleepily got out of bed and stumbled to the ensuite and turned the shower on. I was only wearing my trunks so I let them fall to the floor and stepped into the shower.

After I changed my trunks and changed the sheets on my bed I had an hour left before my alarm went off, and I had to start getting ready for work.

I knew I wouldn't sleep so instead I went downstairs and turned the tele on. After scrolling through numerous channels, I had a smorgasbord of shows to choose from, news, more news, right leaning news, left leaning news, foreign news. Re- runs of a tv show that I had never watched or heard of because it was older than me or some trashy reality tv series that did not appeal to me, at all, and shopping. I knew which channel to choose if I decided I wanted to buy a blueberry quartz necklace plated in sterling silver.

I sighed, and turned the tele off. It was too early to eat and I had thirty minutes left until my alarm. I decided to lay on the sofa and hope that I'd get a solid twenty minute nap in before the alarm reverberated in my skull, signaling the beginning of another work day and another day where I'd fear not hearing from Mors.

That evening as I dragged myself up the stairs and into the house, It felt as though my life force had drained from my body. I was tired, so tired. My legs felt heavy and so did my head.

I took some pain killers and crawled into bed. I didn't understand why I felt this way, I did no more work than I do every weekday. I decided that I was either getting sick or I was too stressed about what could've happened to Mors at the meeting, that it was just too much.

I fell asleep, thinking about Mors, I didn't dream, it was just a comforting darkness engulfing me. I had been sleeping for close to two hours when I was startled awake by my phone vibrating violently on my bedside table. I reached for it and in my groggy state I knocked it off the table and it landed next to my bed. I reached over the side and picked it up. It started vibrating again, I answered it just in time.

"Roku, It's Mors, meet me at the place where you first introduced yourself to me. We need to talk, urgently." Mors whispered down the phone, he seemed worried, his voice though whispered seemed tired and flat.

"Okay, see you there in twenty minutes." I replied there was a click on the other end then silence.

I booked a taxi and rummaged through my wardrobe for something to wear. I decided on distressed, black denim skinny jeans and a long sleeved top. I threw on my shoes and ran to the front to wait for my taxi. The taxi pulled into my driveway five minutes later. I jumped in, gave him directions and hoped that the traffic had cleared.

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