A Dance with Death

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Chapter 9

I arrived with a mere two minutes to spare. The pub was quiet, and there were many tables free, so I took my place at a table hidden near the back of the dining area, but with a decent view of the entrance. Mors entered not long after me, I waved and motioned him to join me.

He nodded and approached the table and took a seat.
"I'm sorry it took so long to contact you Roku, but it's not the best news. Rest assured it's not the worst news either. They have suspicions. They aren't sure of what I'm doing wrong. So, they don't know about you yet, but they're going to watch me closely.
So, I won't be able to visit, talk, text, call, or go on dates with you... for a little while at least. Remember, Roku my love for you hasn't changed, I'm doing this so that you will be protected and our relationship remains unknown. If I can do this, our relationship will continue and you'll be safe."
My heart broke on hearing Mors' plan. I don't know how long I could go without hearing from him or seeing him. I held back tears as I whispered, my voice strained.
"Is this the only way?"
"Yes, it is. Its the only way I can protect you." Mors paused, took in a deep breath and continued. "I've got to go now, Roku."
Tears once again welled in my eyes, It was going to be torture. Mors stood from the table, I grabbed his hand and moved around so I was facing him. While still holding his hand I reached for his face with my free hand and kissed him. Like last time, my lips turned cold and my skin followed soon after, and exactly like last time I blacked out.
I awoke another couple of hours later, in my underwear and tucked into my bed. I didn't remember how I ended up home, let alone stripped down to my underwear. I assumed Mors had taken my unconscious body home, undressed me and put me to bed.
My stomach rumbled, and I realised I hadn't eaten since lunchtime now it was past nine o clock. I groggily got out of bed and walked to the kitchen. It was pitch black, I fumbled for the light switch. The room filled with a cool white glow. The first thing I noticed was a piece of paper on the bench held down by a bottle of wine and a single wine glass. I approached the glass and in neat legible writing was a letter from Mors.
Roku, while you were asleep I ordered you something to eat from the pub. I've put it on a plate in the microwave for you. The wine is also for you.
Please enjoy, and remember this is only temporary. Once things cool down, I'll contact you again. Please be patient and wait for me?
Remember, I love you and my feelings for you haven't changed. Farewell for now, not forever, my beloved Roku.
Love always and forever,
I felt an overwhelming sadness, but was also touched that he ordered me dinner, knowing I'd be hungry when I woke. He was such a caring, compassionate, thoughtful, loyal, and loving man. I didn't understand how he out of all the people on this earth could be chosen to take lives and carry souls into the afterlife. I also didn't understand how he handled his job so well. Everyday he'd see death and actively participate in the last moments that certain humans spend on earth, holding their hand as they drifted away.
He hid his emotions so well, maybe he worked out a way to turn them off and that's how he did it, maybe that's why he could do his job so easily.

Two whole months went by, I had adjusted to a new routine of life without contact from Mors. It was a sad, robotic routine, my life was empty without Mors. I managed to remain in contact with my friends, even though I felt little emotion or happiness. I hadn't smiled since Mors left.
It was when I was feeling my lowest, I had called in sick to work because I didn't have the energy to get out of bed. I curled up in my blankets, locked away in a darkened room. All my thoughts were of Mors.
I think even though Mors said he couldn't visit me, that he would check in on me sometimes. I suspected this, but there was never any proof.
However one cold morning, I awoke to a feeling of wetness on my face, like something was licking me. I was fast asleep and struggled to force myself awake. I turned my bedside lamp on and there on my bed, sitting, and studying me with its head tilting side to side wearing a big red bow was a small brown puppy with a black muzzle and black colouring around it's eyes which reminded me of eyeliner. I reached out to pet it and it met my hand with another big wet lick. I removed the bow, and in a small holder attached to its collar was a tightly rolled note. I unwrapped it, while the puppy tried to remove it from my hands.

I know you're struggling without hearing from me and feeling lonely. It turns out that it's going to take longer than I thought to ease the powers that be's suspicions about me. They're still following me. Even when I work I have someone watching my every move.
On another topic, this little brown puppy is called Ellie. She's a Staffordshire bull terrier. She's now yours, she's special because she can see me.
She's twelve weeks old, I've left food and various toys in the loungeroom for her. She's my gift to you, I hope having her around will stop you feeling depressed and bring back your smile. I love you, and I really hope we can talk again very soon. I miss you.
Love you forever and always,
A tear escaped my right eye, and it was met with another wet kiss from Ellie. I hugged and held her tightly, until she managed to wriggle from my grasp and started making herself at home on my bed.
Watching her trying to make herself comfy did bring a smile to my face. It had been such a long time since I smiled.
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