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**ALSO ON WATTPAD** Austyn Grace Passion - Street Fighter and Racer Badgirl and Nerd Derek Rouwz Black - Mafia leader Badboy Since the beginning of 6th grade and now it's the middle of Senior year, they finally see each other again after 6 years. BUT... Derek gave Austyn a set of 5 rules to follow until he comes back. Austyn didn't follow any of the rules Derek put in place for her. She also gain tons of secrets that only 3 people know about. How do you think Derek is gonna react? What will happen to them as the time goes by? What do you think is gonna happen to these two love/hate birds? Hm?

Caitie Ann
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Chapter 1

Austyn Pov

Hello, my name is Austyn Grace Passion. I'm 18, I'm 5'0, I have little bit more than shoulder length brown hair and my family is French on my mom's side and Russian on my dad's side. I live in my parents home, but they're never home so basically it's my house. My grandma use to live with us, but that's a story for another time.

Anyways, I'm a street fighter and racer named 'the Devil' - you'll find out later why I'm called that. I have 3 friends: Blakely aka Blake, Kayleen-Maire aka Kay, and Amelia aka Ames. Blake is a street racer named 'Ace', Kay is a street fighter named 'Death', and Ames is a street racer named 'Speedy'. We all got our names by our reputation as either a street fighter, racer, or both.

At school, us four are known as the 'Nerdy Badgirls' at Westbrook Stars High School. We really don't care what we are classified as, but if you mess with us or just one of us, be prepared for either torture or your death. We don't play shit, period. Bullying doesn't fly by us either. The school's slut, Alyssa Smith, is a bitch who only knows how to keep her legs open for every horny teenage boy and how to bully the innocent and weak. She used to bully me all the time, til I was through of it and beat the shit out of her. So now everytime I see her in the halls, either bullying someone or trying to bully me, she always leaves with something on her body bruised. Im not a bully, I just give her warnings to back off and leave people alone.

Anyways I know you wanna know when the real story is gonna start, well in order to know the story, im gonna take you guys to the beginning, to where it all started. And it all started with Derek Fudging Black.


"Austyn, honey!" Mom yelled "You have a visitor here! Descends maintenant!"

(Descends maintenant = Come down now ~ French)

A visitor? Wonder who it is? I'm not expecting anyone. Hm..

"Coming maman!" I yelled back.

(Manam = Mother ~ French)

I got out of my bed, threw my hair in a ponytail and ran out of my room, down the stairs, and missed the last few steps. I closed my eyes and prepared for my impact with the floor, but instead two small muscular arms wrapped around my tiny waist instead. I opened my eyes to see Derek fudging Black.

Oh my God!!

Why is he here!?! I thought he left already!?!?! Let me explain. Derek Black, where do I start, oh yes, I know where. Derek Black is completely annoying, cocky, weird, 13 year old bad boy that won't leave me alone.

I've known Derek since I was 3 years old. As children we grew up together, since our parents are like best friends with each other. Since we've grown up together, I've never been able to have my own time alone, I mean don't get me wrong, I love company, but Derek is so frickin annoying.

He won't leave my side ever, like ever whenever we are together! Even when I need to use the restroom, he'll follow me to the door and wait at the door until I'm done! Like WTH! Give a girl some privacy will ya! Every time I ask him why he follows me around like a lost puppy, everytime his reply is ”I have to make sure your protected and okay at all times. I can't have what's mine getting hurt or taken."

Like wth does that even mean? I wish he would just leave me alone for the rest of my life! I can't even talk to a boy without him getting mad at both me and the boy! Like seriously go away!!

Anyways back to the story, I push myself out of his arms and straighten myself up. I look up to see Derek with a big ole' smirk on his ugly, gorg- he is not that - on his face and his arms crossed over his chest, making his small muscles flex.

I caught myself staring a bit to long and quickly turn my head to my mom, only to see her shaking her head at me. I rolled my eyes at her and asked, "So who is the real visitor Maman?"

This time it was her turn to roll her eyes. She gave me an 'are you serious' look. I gave her a 'yes I'm dead serious' look back and she rolled her eyes again. She shaked her head at me again and waved at Derek goodbye, and walked away into the kitchen leaving me with the one person I don't ever want to be around with.

I cursed under my breath and sighed, knowing I have to conversate with the idiot behind me. I turned back around, hoping and praying he left my house and freed me of my misery to talking to him, but nope, my prayers and hopes were crushed. When I was fully turned around, I looked up to see the one and only Derek STILL here and STILL looking at me with a smirk on his face, although this time, his eyes and face held an amused expression. I put my hands on my hips and glared at him.

"Don't you have a flight to catch?" I asked annoyed

Derek's dad and mom are rich, like really rich. His dad owns tons of businesses and his mom is a fashion designer. Their basically billionaires. Their moving to Italy cause one that's where Derek's dad was born and raised, and it's also where his business is originated from since Derek's grandfather gave it to Derek's dad when he was of age. Mr. Black moved to America, where he found Mrs. Black and they married and had a spawn of Satan named Derek. Anyways, their moving back to Italy to start Derek's training in business. He's also going to a school where they teach business and actual school there. Once he's apparently done with that he is going to stay there in Ita-

"Yes, I do." He said rolling his eyes, cutting me off from my thoughts. " I came here to tell you goodbye, bu-"

"Okay, goodbye! Have a fantastic flight to Italy!" I said cutting him off with annoyance because he cut me off from my thoughts and excitement because I was happy he was leaving, all laced in my voice.

He glared at me long and hard before he spoke again, "Like I was saying, I also came to set some rules for you."

His voice was stern and demanding, and I kinda like- what the heck! Why would I even think that?

Cause you like him.

No I don't!

Yes you do!

No I don't! Now shut the hell up conscience!

I close my eyes and shake my head to stop my conversation with my conscience. I opened my eyes and glared at Derek even harder. I was fixing to tell him off about how he can't treat me like I'm a little kid cause I'm not and that I won't be accepting any rules from him, but he beat me too it.

"If you don't follow these rules, there will be consequences for you when I get back. Now here are the rules: rule #1- don't talk to any boys, I am the only boy you may think about or love, rule #2 - stay innocent, rule #3 - you will only be friends with girls, rule #4 - do not date anyone, your mine, and rule #5 - never, ever forget me."

I stare at him in complete shock. I honestly don't know what to say. I'm completely speechless. Is he seriously serious?

"Do you understand Aussie?" He asked me in a gentle but stern voice.

I shake my head and glare at him. How dare he give me rules like I'm a child! "No, I don't understand! Why, well I'm not a frickin child! Your not my father, so you cant tell me what to do!" I said frustrated and angry.

He gave a hard glare, then smirked! Frickin smirked! He walked over to me slowly but kept eye contact with me the whole time. I stood my ground and stood straight up, acting like I wasn't intimated by him, when I really was. He stopped right in front of me, like he was so close, I could feel his body heat radiating off of him! Our clothing are almost touching! That's how close he was!

I took a sharp breath as he bent down towards my face and brushed his lips against my ear. I shivered at the contact of his lips against my skin, which caused him to chuckle, but I could feel the smirk he had when I did that. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into a bone crushing hug. Since I knew he was leaving away from me forever, I decided to be nice and hug back. The hug felt really nice and warm, it felt weird.

After a few seconds, I tried, key word 'tried', to get out of the hug but every time I moved, Satan would squeeze me even harder. Finally I just decided to stay put until he's ready to let go.

We stayed in this position for about 10 minutes when he finally let go. When we pulled away, I frowned as the warmth of his body left me but jumped when he placed his hands on my tiny shoulders. I looked up at him to see him still smirking at me.

I swear, if he keeps smirking like an evil clown, it's gonna stick to his face, then no one will want to be around him anymore. Hehehe, that would be hilarious. :))

"Why are you still here? Don't you still have a flight to catch?" I asked once again annoyed from the smirk and that he is still here.

He chuckled, amused by my annoyance. His smirking facial expression changed into a serious one, "I'm serious about those rules, Aussie. If you don't follow them, and I find out, there will be consequences for when I get back, love."

I stared at him to see if he was lying or not, but all I could see was seriousness written all over. He's not joking, he's serious, really serious.

I gulped softly and nodded my head. He smiled at my response and gave me another hug, but this time it was a really quick one.

He let go and kissed my forehead gently, causing me to blush a deep red. What the heck! Why am I blushing? He walked away to the front door. He twisted the knob and opened the door then stopped. He turned around and smile at me once more before saying, "Don't forget me or the rules princess."

After he said that he winked at me and walked out closing the door behind him. I stood there for a minute before walking to my room in deep thought.

Is he really that serious? Does he really think I'm gonna follow those rules? Does he think I'm gonna think of or remember him? Am I gonna follow his rules? Am I gonna think of or remember him?

Hell no, I'm not gonna do any of those at all! He's not my father, he can't control the things I do in my life, period!

I'm a grown little woman in 6th grade! I can do whatever I want or like!

It's time to spend the rest of my life without Derek Black!

Look out new me, here I come!

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