His Bad Babygirl

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Chapter 2

Austyn's POV

6 years later ~ 1st day of back from Winter Break (Senior Year) (BTW THEY LIVE IN CALIFORNIA)

Beep beep beep beep beep beep...

I groan to the sound of my annoying alarm clock going off, waking me up from my once in a life time peaceful sleep. Rolling over and I swing my arm around and turn off my alarm. I open my eyes to see that it's 5:30 a.m., my usual time to do my morning run. I know, I know, who runs that early in the morning, well I do, and so do lots of other people that love running. I run because I have to keep my body in shape plus it helps me think without getting interrupted.

Slowly getting out of my bed and I head to my closet and put on my white spandex shirt and blue spandex shorts with my favorite white tennis shoes. Once I'm dressed I throw my hair into a ponytail and head downstairs and out the door for my 45 minute run.


(A/N too lazy to write her run lol)

I finish up my run and go inside my house and upstairs into my en-suite bathroom. I take off my clothes and throw them in my dirty laundry hamper and walk towards the shower. I turn on the shower and let it warm up before I get in.

I stand in the hot water for a few minutes before actually washing myself. First, I wash my hair with my coconut shampoo and conditioner, then wash my body with my coconut body wash, and finally shave all my parts that need to be shaved.

Once I'm done washing off, I turn off the water and get out of the shower. Grabbing a white fluffy towel from the towel rack and wrap it around my body and walk towards my sink for my next part of my daily routine.

I turn on the facet and splash cold water on my face, immediately grabbing a hand towel, wiping the water off my face. Setting the hand towel down, I turn off the facet and put on natural makeup look.

I honestly don't need makeup, but I do it anyways cause I have to cover my bruises that I get from fighting. You might be wondering, why do you fight? Well I fight for several reasons: 1 it's fun, 2 it helps with my anger issues, 3 it makes me feel like I can actually do something, 4 I need my own money, and finally, last but not least #5 - well let's just say I had an abusive ex who basically killed my liking for love.

I finish off my makeup before covering all my other bruises on my body with water proof foundation. Once I finish that, I dry my hair and put it into space buns.

I take one last look in my bathroom mirror before heading into my closet. I pick out black lace underwear, a green dress, and small black crop top, and some sandals to top it off.


(A/n skipping her car ride and straight to when she gets into the parking lot of the school)

I drive into the school parking lot and park in my usual parking spot. I get out of my baby and walk into school, to my locker with my phone and keys in my dress pocket and my backpack over my shoulder.

As I walked to my locker, people would just glance at me for a second and then went to talking like I wasn't even here. I'm honestly very confused, because usually I have to glare at everyone who stares at me for them to look away. I'm honestly kinda weirded out but I'll let it slide, it's one less thing I half to worry about.

I got to my locker and put the books that I don't need right now away and put the books that I do need in my bag. Closing my locker, I hear a very familiar voice shout, "GRAY!" And next thing I know, I'm laying on the ground with a very heavy weight on top of me.

"Blake. I. Can't. Breath! Get. Off!" I gasped out to one of my best friends, Blakely.

"Nahhh, I'm good." She chuckled out

"Blake, get yo fat ass off of Gray now before she kills you!" Said Ames, other one of my best friends, Amelia

Blake gasped dramatically placing her hand over her heart, "Why would you say that! I'm far from fat! The weight that I have is pure muscle, sweetheart!"

"Blake you are a fat ass due to the amount of food you can eat and not gained a single pound from it!" I pointed out

Blake turned her head towards me - keep in mind I'm laying on my back on the ground while she is basically straddling my waist putting all her weight on top of me - and smiles proudly like she won an award and shakes her head.

"Okay, whatever. I guess I'll take y'all's comment on calling me a fat ass as a compliment!" Blake exclaims.

I groan at her stupidity, "Get off now Blake!" I said irritated.

She smiled at me brightly and got off me and extended her hand to me to help me up. I glared at her before grabbing her hand and pulling her onto the ground while I stood up.


"Ouch, Gray! That hurt!" Blake whined. I rolled my eyes at her and fixed my dress.

"Hey guys!" I smiled at my other two best friends, Amelia (Ames) and Kayleen-Maire (Kay).

"Hey Gray!" They simultaneously replied. They both turned their heads towards each other I giggled slightly at their stupidity and leaned my back onto my locker.

Blake got off the floor and glared at me. Me being me, I glared at her and raised my eyebrow daring her to challenge me any further. Suddenly, it's like a light bulb went of in Blake's head because her eyes widened in realization. When Blake does this, it means one of two things: 1) she's remembered something and is fixing to tell me and the girls or 2) she realizes who she's challenging and backs off.

"Omgosh! Guys guess what!" Blake said so she’s remembered something, great.

"What?" Ames asked annoyed knowing exactly what's fixing to happen. Let me explain. When Blake remembers something and she says ‘Omgosh! Guys guess what!’ It's a signal for saying I have some tea to spill. When Blake has tea to spill, she won't stop talking, we have to force her to stop talking. It's bad.

"Okay, 1) don't get an attitude with me, 2) I'm not gonna gossip this time, it's something serious that I heard that's happening today." Blake explains

Okay no gossip Blake today, but what is she talking about?

"Okay, well what's happening today?" I asked curiously.

(A/n in a few seconds, you will be reading a different language. The language is Russian. All the girls speak Russian because no one in their school knows how to so it's easier for them to talk fights, races, etc. without getting caught. Austyn knows Russian because of her father, so she decided to teach the girls when they all met in middle school)

"Four transfer exchange students are arriving today, and apparently their hot af!" Blake said, changing her funny demeanor into a serious one (btw Blake is hardly serious, only time she's serious is when we go out to race or fight or when she reports serious news to us) "Но есть слухи, что они в банде и не заботятся ни о ком. В общем, если кто-то встанет у них на пути, его избьют."

(But there are rumors that their in a gang and don't care about anybody. So basically if anyone gets in their way, their gonna beat them up.)

I clenched my fist at this. Who the fudge do they think they are?

"Ну, у них есть кое-что для них, если они думают, что они могут вести себя вот так." Kay said coldly

(Well, they have one thing coming for them if they think that they can act like that here.)

"Я согласен с Кей. Если они действуют, мы те, кто ставит их на место. Эта школа наша, и мы не позволим некоторым глупым мальчикам-подросткам все испортить." I said harshly, eying all three of them.

(I agree with Kay. If they act up, we are the ones to put them in their place. This school is ours and we aren't gonna let some stupid teenage boys mess it up.)

They nodded at me agreeing of what I said. I was about to say something else but the bell for students to go to first period rang. I mentally groaned, "Come on girls, let's get this day over with."

And with that said, we all headed off to first period taking a seat in the back of the classroom.

You see, we are all half day seniors, which means we get to leave school at lunch. So we only have to go through 4 periods (1 - European History, 2 - Environmental Science, 3 - English 4 AP, and 4 - Calculus) and the best part about that is that we all have the same classes together, which is great for us but bad for the teachers.

Soon enough the classroom was filled - except about 4 or 5 seats - and the teacher, Mrs. Davison, walks in right as the bell rang.

Mrs. D looked rough, like real rough. She looks like she has a hangover right now, and honestly it's pretty funny.

"Alright class listen up!" Mrs. D yells but the slightly winces at the loudness of her voice, yup she definitely has a hangover. "I'm going to check role real quick and then all of you can do whatever you want today, just don't be loud. Understand?"

Some kids nodded their heads while others cheered, the girls and I just rolled our eyes and nodded. Soon everyone's name was called out and the roll was taken and everyone was dismissed to quietly do whatever they wanted.

Most students got on their phones, while others talked quietly amongst each other , catching up from the break.

I looked at the girls and pulled out OUR schedule book. Once they saw the book, they immediately got serious. We quietly discussed, in Russian, when and who will fight and/or race.

We talked for almost a good 10 minutes when suddenly the door was slammed opened and four boys walked in.

The girls and I gave those boys a glance and rolled our eyes at the stupid antic of making a scene and went right back to our discussion, while all the other students either gasped, eye raped, and/or fangirled over them.

Mrs. D lifted her head from her desk and glared at the boys whom by the way just rolled their eyes at her. "Who are you?" Mrs. D asked angrily

"Now now, is that how you treat new students ma'am?" Asked a deep accented voice.

The girls and I stopped talking for a second and stared at the scene before us. I take a look at the boys, and damn! Their hot! But the one that really caught my eye was, well damn words can't really describe how he caught my eyes.

Like damn!! He's hot!

Yes he's hot, but you need to focus! These are the boys that you have to show whose boss!

Shit! Your right! Thanks conscious!

No problem boo!

I shake my head clearing my thoughts and give the boys a straight face and listen into the conversation.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I wasn't informed of new students today! I'm terribly sorry! Why don't you boys tell everyone your names!" Mrs. D exclaim. I rolled my eyes at her pathetic excuse of saying sorry and listen to what the boys are gonna say next.

"I'm Crew Rhys," said a brown headed shaggy haired boy "and I'm a twin to that thing right there." He pointed to another brown headed shaggy haired boy, except this boy is a bit more built and tanner.

The boy rolled his eyes and looked back to the class, "I'm Arrow Rhys, Crew's twin. And that," he pointed to the third boy who looked extremely bored, "that is Andrew Lane."

Andrew nodded his head at the class. The three boys all looked at tattoo dude, probably to see if they were gonna introduce him or if he was gonna do it himself. Tattoo dude rolled his eyes and nodded his head at the guys before looking around the classroom, like he was looking for something.

His eyes roamed the classroom, eying everyone, giving them a glare or a look of disgust - which he gave to some sluts in the class. Finally his eyes came to me and the girls. He eyed Ames, Blake, and then Kay first and then looked at me. We locked eyes with each other and stared at each other for what felt like years but in reality it was only like 30 seconds.

He smirked at me and said the one thing that I've dreaded to hear for the last 6 years.

"I'm Derek Black"

And ladies and gentlemen I swear to you I literally passed out!

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