His Bad Babygirl

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Chapter 4

Austyn's POV

I woke up to a pounding headache to the left side of my head and something cold being placed ontop of my head.

Out of instinct, I shot up from the spot I was laying on and grabbed the cold thing. I looked at the cold thing to see that it's only a cold ice pack.

I took my sight off of the ice pack and took a look around the room that I'm in. Its a small, white room with tons of medical equipment in it. It kinda looks like a school's nurses office. I moved a bit in my seat, hearing crunching sounds as I moved. Looking down I see that I'm sitting on a patient's bed that's in the far side of the room away from the door.

What am I doing in here?

"Uh-um" said a small voice to my right. I turn my head in the direction of the voice and groan from how fast I moved my head.

Why does my head hurt so fricking much!

Opening my eyes, I see a small woman dressed in a blue button up top, black knee skirt, and a white lab coat. Her white, brunette hair was neatly placed in a small bun ontop of her head. I look at her face and noticed her facial expression was laced with concern but had a small smile upon her lips.

I returned a small smile back. "Um, hi" I said hoarsely. My voice sound and felt really rough and dry, like I hadn't drank anything for a long time. How did I not notice my dry throat?

The woman noticed the sound of my voice and handed me a small glass of water that I gladly took. I drank the water and handed the glass back to the woman. The woman grabbed it and placed it on a small counter by a small sink. She turned around to me, "Better?" She asked.

I cleared my throat before answering, "Yes, thank you." I said. "But can you tell me where I'm at and who you are, please?"

"I'm Mrs. Patterson, the nurse here at Westbrook Stars High. Your in the nurses office, dear." Mrs. Patterson answered sweetly.

"Why am I in here ma'am?" I questioned, I'm pretty sure my face structures look pretty confused right about now.

"We dear, you fainted in your home room and have been out of it for 3 hours now. I was gonna send you to the hospital, but your friends said that you don't like hospitals. They told the principal and me that you freak out and have panic attacks when your in the hospital. We didn't want to make your injuries any worse than they were so I've been looking after you." Mrs. Patterson stated with a small smile of sympathy.

I hate it when people show me sympathy, absolutely hate it. I'm not gonna be a bitch about it tho because Mrs. Patterson seems like really nice old lady and I don't wanna hurt her feelings, especially after how look she looked after me.

I'm so glad the girls stated no hospitals and made up and excuse. I don't actually freak out and have panic attacks when I'm in the hospital or around them, no that's not why I actually don't go to hospitals. No, I have scars and bruises all over my body, and doctors and nurses would question me for that and sooner or later the police would get involved and I don't need that at all. So I'm thankful that the girls stated what they said to Mrs. Patterson. Imma have to find a way to thank them for that, I'll probably buy them food. Yeah I'll buy them food.


I'm so confused right now. Why did I faint? Why would I fai- OMGOSH!

My memories of before fainting came rushing back to me. DEREK BLACK IS BACK! (A/n hehe I rhyme)

Why in the flipping world is he back! He shouldn't be here! What am I gonna do!

Oh I know exactly what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna beat his ass - wait no I can't do that. I can't let my secret out, especially not to him. He would most likely freak out. What can I do? Hm??

Oh I know, I can ignore him and be a bitch to him! He'll definitely leave me alone for sure! I'm not the same girl I used to be 6 years ago, I'm pretty sure he won't want to hang around the new me!

"Honey, are you okay?" A small voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

I look up to see a layer of concern all over Mrs. Patterson's face. I must look either confused, horrified, or like I'm fixing to punch someone. Actually when I think about it, I probably have all those laced into my facial features.

"I'm fine Mrs. Patterson. I was just trying to figure out why I passed out. That's all." I said with a small, innocent smile. "I think I might have passed out from the lack of food. I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Usually, that doesn't sit well within my body. So I think that's the problem." I lied through my teeth but still kept my innocent composure.

"Oh well, that makes a little bit more sense now. You need to remember to eat young lady, especially breakfast. It's one of the most important meals of the day!" Mrs. Patterson stated with a small smile.

She grabbed the ice pack out of my hand a put it into a mini fridge.

"It's lunch time right now. If you feel like you can make it to the lunch room, then you can go ahead and eat, but if not, text or call one of your friends to bring you something before you leave here. We wouldn't want you passing out again, now would we?" She asked with a small chuckle.

"I can make it to lunch ma'am. It's not that long of a walk to the lunch room, I should be okay." I smiled at her.

"Well, okay dear. If you say so. But if you feel like your gonna pass out again, come straight here, that way I can help you, okay dear?" She questioned, but it was more like a statement.

"Yes ma'am, I promise to come back here if I feel like I'm gonna pass out again." I promised, not! If I pass out again, I'll most likely be with the girls but I mostly likely will not pass out again. I only passed out cause I started to freak out about Derek. So now that I've gotten my freaking out over with, I am gonna be okay.

I got off the patient's bed and walked to the door. I grabbed the handled but I didn't open the door. I turned around and looked at Mrs. Patterson, who by the way was looking at me with a questionable look.

"Thank you for taking care of me for 3 hours. I'm sorry I wasted 3 hours of your life ma'am." I said apologetically.

Mrs. Patterson gave me a smile, "Dear, you didn't waste any of my time. It's my job to help you kids. You didn't waste my time because I was doing something that I love, and that's helping people. So thank you for letting me take care of you, even if you were unconscious for the most of it." She chuckled out.

I chuckled at her last words a gave her the only smile I give to people that are not in my group, a small smile. That's the only smile I give to people, other than the girls. Its just that I los- you know what that's another story for another time.

I open the door and walk out closing the door quietly and start walking off to the cafeteria knowing that the girls will be in there.

Once I reach the doors of the cafeteria, I slam the doors open, making them hit the wall. By now the whole cafeteria is quiet and my small smile from before has changed into a blank face and a mean glare.

I look around the cafeteria and spot my girls at OUR designated table, that we only use when we are waiting for one of the members of our group. It's in the far back, right corner of the cafeteria, perfect for us. Walking over to the table, people are still staring at me with different kinds of looks - lust, fear, annoyed, blank, etc. Getting tired of the stares, I stop my walk to my table, which by the way I'm half way there, and glared at everyone.

"What the hell are y'all looking at!" I yell out.

As soon as the words flow out of my mouth, everyone, and I mean everyone stops staring and goes back to their conversations. Preferably, the conversation of the new gossip, well the two new gossips: Derek and his newbie friends and my fainting incident. But it seems like my fainting incident has them more intrigued than the other.

Finally reaching my rectangular table I sit down beside Kay and across from Blake. All three of the were giving me questionable looks. I know these looks. They aren't meant for a few moments ago, there meant for earlier this morning. They all know that I don't faint, and if I do then there's a logical explanation for it. Plus I haven't passed out since I was with him.

I sighed, "I'll explain when y'all come over today. I would rather not talk about it here."

They nodded in understanding.

"Anyways lets go, I don't wanna be here any long than I have to, even tho I was unconscious for the most of it." I smirked as they glared at me.

"Aw, you know you guys lo - HOLY SHIT!" I exclaimed jumping out of my seat.

A hot liquid ran down the top of my head, making my headache worse. I cursed under my breath at how hot it was as it ran down my face, neck, back, and chest. I quickly grab napkins off of the table and started gently but quickly wipe of the liquid off my face without ruining my makeup, which by the way wasn't a lot. Ames and Blake saw my approach of the napkins and started to help me get the liquid off my body before it scolds me even more. Soon the most of the liquid was off me and my makeup up on my face and body were still intact, meaning no one would see my bruises and scars.

This whole time as Blake, Ames, and I have been wiping the liquid off me, Kay was giving was giving out a mean death glare to someone(s), the cafeteria had went from noisy to deadly silent, well not deadly because 3 slutty bitches that sound like dying pigs and walruses were laughing - correction - we're trying to laugh at what they just did.

I look at the 3 disgusting people that I hate the most at this school. The slut of the school, Alyssa Smith, or as I like to call her Alyssa the Bitch, and her minions, Hannah Long and Stacey Preps.

Their all wearing skimpy outfits that barely cover their bodies. Their basically walking around school naked. Their faces are caked with makeup, making them look scarier and uglier than clowns (A/n sorry if I offended anyone who is or loves clowns!) . Their hair might be the only good looking thing on them. Their hair is either curled or straighten, but like I said, it's probably the only thing that looks okay on them.

All of them are standing right in front of me, Alyssa in the middle holding a cup, that WAS most likely filled with the liquid that was just poured on me, Hannah on Alyssa's right, and Stacey on Alyssa's left. All of them trying to laugh, even though my ears were dying from hearing their "laugh".

I growl lowly at them, making them instantly stop with fear in their eyes. For a split second there I thought they were gonna run, but I guess I was wrong because their fear was replaced with a smirk on their faces.

Do they not know who they just messed with?

"Well, well, well, look what we have here. It's the fainting slut." Alyssa said snickering with her minions.

To say I wasn't angry right now would be an understatement. IM FUCKING LIVID. Right now, at this very moment, everyone, besides the 3 bitches, in the cafeteria is cowering away with fear, even my girls backed away from me, that's how livid I am. When I'm livid, no one, I mean no one can get me out of it. I have to find ways to calm myself down, usually it ends up with me fighting at the underground fight ring, but right now I just wanna pound into a certain 3 bitches that's right in front of me.

I'm physically shaking with anger right now. My fists are clenched to the point that my hands are turning red, blue, purple, etc. My fists are begging me to break these bitches faces.

You honestly don't know how hard it is right now for me not to jump on these bitches and beat them til no one can recognize them. My control right now is actually unbelievable.

Alyssa opens her mouth to say something when she abruptly gets cut off.


Everyone jerks their heads over towards the cafeteria doors. Everyone but me. I stare at Alyssa. I say stare but honestly I'm giving her the meanest glare I've got and let me tell you, it's mean. Some gangs even cower away from me, FROM JUST MY GLARE! It's amazing.

As I'm glaring at Alyssa, I feel someone burning holes into my side, honestly I don't care at the moment. All I can think about is beating this chicks ass.

"You never learn Alyssa." I chuckle out lowly but darkly.

Alyssa turns her head so fast, I think she got whiplash. Once she recovers from her whiplash, she looks at my face. Her face morphs into fear and starts to back away along with her minions.

I chuckle a darkly and slowly start to walk towards her retreating body. Alyssa soon enough backs into the middle of a table while her minions back away into the silent crowd of the cafeteria, but out of the corner of my eye I see Kay and Ames grab them and take them back to in front of our table.

I stop walking and now I'm about less than 10 inches away from Alyssa, who by the way is still cowering in fear.

I smirk at this, "Something you want to say bitch?" I question.

My words obviously spiked something in her because now she standing in front of me with a scowl on her face like I'm the one who did something wrong.

"Yes, you slut! Go back to the place where you belong! The trash! Your polluting the area with your presence!" She screamed at me. My calm blank demeanor must have pissed her off even more cause she stomped her foot and put her acrylic nails into the skin on my shoulders. I winced a little bit but not enough for her to notice.

If she keeps talking, I swear ... she's not gonna be living very soon.


She didn't even get to finish because I pushed her off of me, into the table. I grabbed her right arm and twisted it behind her back, making her cry out in pain.

I slammed her body onto the table and lifted her up again and slammed her back on the table again. I picked her up and threw her on the ground. Straddling her I started throwing punches to her screaming face. She tried to block my attacks but she failed miserably. I heard several cracks, I'm satisfied I broke something on her but I'm not through with her yet.

I'm still throwing punches at her when muscular arms wrap around my waist and throw me over a broad, muscular shoulder. The dude (I can only assume because what girl has a broad shoulder like a boy would have?) that has me over his shoulder makes his way out of the cafeteria, leaving a bloody, messed up, mostly unconscious Alyssa, a terrified cafeteria of students, and my confused best friends.

My shock state slowly starts to vanish when I realized I'm being carried off by some dimwit, making me look like a complete idiot!

Who the hell picked me up?! No one has ever dared to do something like that! Who would even dare to do such a thing?!

I start punching the dudes back as he takes me through the hallways of the school. I'm not punching too hard, but I'm not punching light either. I don't need him knowing how hard I can hit, I chant have my secret be given away.

"PUT ME FUCKING DOWN NOW YOU CONNARD!" I shout punching his back and kicking my feet in the air trying to get him to loosen his grip, but it only seems to get tighter the more I kick and wiggle.

(Connard = bastard ~ French)


My ass started to sting. Did this person just hit me? Did he just spank me?

"Shut up and stop moving or there's more where that came from." Said a deep, rough, accented voice.

I know this voice, where have I heard it from.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU FUCKI - " I started off


"OUCH! STOP FUCKING HITTING ME!" I screamed out. Damn this person knows how to fudging hit someone. It hurts too.


"I SAID - " I started off again but got interrupted again but this time by words.

"And I said to stop talking and be quiet. Now I suggest you stop screaming and yelling and listen to me gattina." His voice boom out demandingly.

(Gattina = kitten ~ Italian)

I shut my mouth, only because I didn't want to get smack again but also because I'm trying to figure out a voice to a face.

I guess I have been thinking about this mysterious person for a while now because now we're in the west wing of the school, the abandoned part of the school, the part of the school where no one wants to be at, even teachers don't want their classrooms to be on this wing. Why? I'm not sure honestly.

The mystery dude opens one of the many empty classroom doors and walked inside, closing the door and locking it, but keeps like lights off.

Keep in mind people that I'm still on his shoulder as he's doing this.

He walks over to the abandoned teachers desk that's in the front of the room and sits me down on it. When my bottom touches the wooden desk, I immediately winced at the pain that this dude gave me.

He literally smacked my ass 4 times and I'm wincing. Like damn he probably left a damn hand print on my ass!

Feeling eyes burning holes into my skin, I look up and immediately regret looking up. But honestly I can't help checking him out. Like damn has he grown up!

His slick, combed back, black, smooth hair. His emerald eyes - their like pools that suck you into them - I could literally look into forever. His sharp jaw line, as it flexes from clenched to unclenched. Is he mad or something?

I pout, looking into his eyes. His face breaks out into a full blown smirk, I can't help but eye roll at him, but it only makes his smirk grow bigger.

"Hello my bellissima, Aussie."

(Bellissima = beautiful ~ Italian)

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