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Kayo is a young teenage boy that fell in love with a young teenager named angel, their love life was sweet and romantic till nature beginnings to tear them apart... Get the full story in "THIS IS ME" by prince kayo lee

Romance / Drama
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One could barely think with this intense weather that comes with a purple Bougainville and a lot of dust also, things really seems to be slower this days the sun seems to be getting closer to the earth with an unbearable heat that one may even think can cook an egg.

But kayo did not notice this instead he walked in silence, oblivious to his surroundings with agrin on his face he thought of his last chat with angel and while kayo was lost in his thought his father who was walking along side with him noticed the smile on his face and read it as an excitement of changing school.

And while kayo was still lost in his day dreaming he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"You need not too be too absent minded in thoughts like this, all you need is to be patient and in time you will find things to be better in no time" Kayo's father said allegroly.

Kayo looked up to his father with an out most look of surprise, could his father had known what he was thinking to had given such a good advice?. Kayo thought that it would be more proper to wait and hear out what reply angel will give to him after their last chat. He may be a young teenage boy but his mind is contains more than his body could ever look, he was young tender cute and charming boy of thirteen years old but he was the talk of town mostly among young girls of his age because of his good look.

Kayo shook his head wastefully starring at the giant fan above his head which was high above him like a vest white giant with hundred of porthole eyes, he kept starring at it he wondered how things will change now that he is been moved to an other school, he thought how things would be now that he is separated from the only girl he ever fell for. He couldn't stop thinking of how he first met with angel...

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