An Unexpected Encounter

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I'm just a simple loner girl who doesn't appreciate what she has, so she wants more. And then I get a chance to escape my perfect life and run away after 'more'. And the name of that chance is Devon Blake.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Let me be a little cliché and say this,

I’m Eliza Alvarez and this is my story.

I’m a 15-year-old girl born in a good household where I always had everything handed to me and was loved a lot. But as I grew up, I began to feel like something was missing and wanted ‘more’. Now, I’m lying in bed and have spent yet another day pretending to be happy. I have everything without even earning it but I still don’t know why I’m not happy, why I can’t seem to stop wanting more. I think I am just a spoiled ungrateful brat who doesn’t look at what she has but what she doesn’t. Let me tell you what I don’t have. I don’t have looks, brains, friends, or lovers. I feel like my family doesn’t even love me anymore. All they do is nag and scold and fight with me. Leave them without me and they’re as happy as can be. I just hope...

“Thump, thump, thump”, I hear a sound coming from outside my door. I, being the idiot that I am, go to check what’s happening. If only I knew that what I would discover next would change my life completely.

I open my door quietly and move down the stairs to discover a tall man moving towards the door of my parents’ bedroom. I quickly take out my phone and begin to dial the emergency number.

How did he get in? How did nobody hear him come in? Why did he come in when I was still up? I mean, it’s 2 a.m. but people could still be awake.

As soon as my finger begins to move towards the dial button, the phone is snatched from my hands and a hand covers my mouth. I try to scream, but it’s all in vain. The guy is super strong. He begins to carry me while his hand is still covering my mouth and I try to break free but as I said, the guy is strong. He moves towards my bedroom and that’s when I start to feel dizzy. Probably from the lack of oxygen since his arm is also blocking my airway. And I don’t know when I pass out after that.

I wake up in my bed as quiet as a mouse and see the clock to realise it’s been all of thirty minutes. My hands and feet are tied up with my scarves and the guy is next to me on my laptop?! What the hell? I start to scream but am blocked off by his hand. I now notice that he has opened all my accounts on Google, Amazon, Netflix and even Wattpad!? Is this guy a stalker or something?

“Promise to stay quiet and I’ll remove my hand”, those words reach my ears and I realize how perfect his voice is. It’s what I imagine Edward Cullen’s to be like when I read Twilight.

I reluctantly nod my head and he slowly removes his hand. Then he says, “I see you have a lot of interest in the world of the supernatural. You seem to be quite the believer. Don’t plan anything mischievous. It won’t work.”

“What are you doing? What do you want? Just let me go and I might think about not pressing charges.”

“I am just the friendly neighbourhood...burglar?”

“Is that a statement or a question?”

“It’s a statement?”

“Is that a question? Just say what you were going to say before.”

“You won’t believe me if I tell you.”

“Try me.”

“I’m a vampire.”

“Prove it.”

“What? Not a laugh or a chuckle? You honestly believe me?”

“Prove it. Then, we’ll see.”


What I saw then was unbelievable and I was a little stubborn in believing it, but it changed me. And that was the point my life did a complete 360.

I saw his eyes turn blood red and his teeth elongate into fangs and he started moving towards me and then put his mouth at my bare neck. Oh, I sleep in my bra and pajamas. A good habit, eh? He bit the skin of my neck and I felt pain but couldn’t scream because I knew what was happening and I didn’t want to wake my parents up if it was all true. I just wanted to die peacefully. I wanted my death wish to come true. The death wish I’ve had for almost three years now.

He then pulled back and I felt very dizzy and fell into his arms and he caught and held me?

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