His To Play With

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Chapter Eight

Gavin pressed Fernanda against him, practically making her step on his shoes. He was too tall for her but they made it work, his arm tightened around her waist as he supported most of her weight for her to reach a hand up. Her soft fingers threading through the hair resting against the nape of his neck down to his shoulders, his lips lowering on hers softly, the energy they shared was electric. Glyphs rushed to the surface and spread across Fernanda’s skin.

“Will you have me mi amor?....... My love” he whispers in her ear.

Fernanda was officially swept off her feet, I thought you’d never ask”, she said out of breath after the life demanding kiss he just gave her. She reached for the bottom of his slim fitting t-shirt to feel the warmth of his skin as he kissed her once more, Gavin raised his arms up forming his perfectly toned body through that already revealing t-shirt to allow Fernanda to take it off and she does just that. Gavin lifts her off the ground like she had no weight to struggle with and her towel falls to the floor leaving her completely naked and at the mercy of his temptingly soft and masculine skin and touch, he lays her on her bed and starts teasing her from the neck doing down. Fernanda’s breath elevates the more he goes down on her and just as he was about to part her legs to explore some more....

Fernanda’s phone alarm rings, her eyes open wide from the loud sound of crazy frog singing. Fernanda reaches for her other pillow and squashes it against her face, trying to hate the fact that she was dreaming of a man she never wanted to see again but her privates disagreed strongly. She thought about how wonderful it had been to been to be in the arms of that handsome devil, her face lit up and her toes curled, a little blush on her cheeks made her a little steamy under the pillow she placed on her face. Desire turned to nausea and she started feeling the urge to throw up all of a sudden, her stomach could not take it so she run straight for the bathroom and let it all out at a go. It had been three weeks since her first and last encounter with Gavin, Fernanda sat on the bathroom floor after flushing the evidence before her friends got up.

Fernanda felt like strangling herself after realizing she didn’t get the morning after pill when she was suppose to, the room started to spin and her mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts and possibilities. She immediately decided that she was not going to keep it if it was what she was thinking and got up to start making arrangements. “No one knows and no one was expecting this so it’ll be easy peasy” she thought to herself. She brushed her teeth and headed back into the bedroom to get ready for class only to find Brianna and Stacey sitted up on their beds like they waiting for her to come out, both having suspicious looks on their faces. Fernanda flinched a bit at the stares she was welcomed with but ignored them.

“Well good morning, did I miss something?” Fernanda walks right to her bed and tried to put on a jolly mood. She sat on her and checked her phone for any messages, she felt eyes still on her so looks at both Brianna and Stacey with her head still lowered towards her phone and asked them, “is there something on my face?”

“If lies could be applied on ones face then yes, there is”, Stacey replies as she rolls her head and Brianna agrees.

“What are you guys talking about, what lies?” Fernanda tries to defend herself.

They both raise their eyebrows at her and wait in silence for her to budge, they knew their friend so this wasn’t going to blow over just like that especially something as big as a pregnancy.

“Fernanda!” Brianna yells

“Okay fine, yes I’m a liar. But I’ve already figured it out so you guys don’t need to worry” Fernanda gives in as the shout from Brianna makes her leap from the bed and pace around the bedroom.

“So you’re gonna tell him right?” Stacey asks.

“Tell what....?” Fernanda turns to her and replies with an echoed tone. “Why on earth would I even do that, it’s not like I’m keeping it” she says with decision.

“Wow wow wow, slow down babe” Brianna cuts in. “You can’t just terminate it, what if you die?” she asks with so much concern.

Fernanda turns to her and frowns, her heart sank at the thought but figured that if other people did it what makes her so different. “We have professionals Brianna, it’ll be fine” she tries to reassure her.

“Yah, professionals you can’t afford” Stacey reminds Fernanda.

Fernanda felt cornered at the reminder but she had already thought about that in the bathroom so it meant nothing to her almost immediately, “I already have a plan for that, don’t worry” she said.

“I don’t like this at all babe, we know it’s bad timing but it’s still a....” Brianna gets cut off when Fernanda lifts a finger towards her as a hush.

“Don’t even say it, it’s nothing, it’s unnecessary, Its gotta go. Okay?” Fernanda insists and doesn’t take no for an answer so she starts to get ready and leaves Brianna and Stacey looking at each other with disapproval on their faces.

Fernanda was so sure of her decision, she couldn't even take care of herself anymore and she was not going to let career go for a bond between her the playboy himself, she wanted to get rid of the thing before she became too attached. The first thing Fernanda had to do was get a test done to confirm if what her and her friends were thinking is true, she rushed off to the store near their campus to buy four tests just to make sure they were all accurate. And after about thirty minutes of trying one after the other, it was confirmed that they were all negative.

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