His To Play With

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Chapter Nine

Fernanda stood in the middle of the room motionless, holding the first pregnancy test as Brianna and Stacey sat on their beds with their fingers crossed. The test was done reading and Fernanda exhaled at the result, it read ‘not pregnant’.

Fernanda placed a hand on her forehead and closed her eyes, “Gracias a dios... Thank goodness” she says with so much relief.

“Okay we don’t understand any of that but the calmness in your tone says it all, it’s negative right?” Brianna asks.

Fernanda nods and puts a hand over her mouth about to cry, but Stacey interrupts.

“You still have three more babe, we don’t know of it could be an error”.

“Thanks, kill joy”, Brianna grunts at Stacey.

Stacey raised her shoulders denying guilt and Fernanda drops her hands and ignored them as she walked back into the bathroom to take the rest, this time she didn’t come out so as not to get more tension from her friends while the other results loaded.

Fifteen minutes later....

“Babe is everything alright in there?” Stacey knocks on the bathroom door wondering why Fernanda stayed too long.

“She probably doesn’t want you raining on her parade by saying you need clinical proof", Brianna attacks Stacey with judgement.

Stacey turns to Brianna while rolling her eyes and placed a hand on her hip, “I’m not always so obvious you know, I just want her to be sure”, she replies.

“Will you guys quit it, they’re all negative”, Fernanda walks out of the bathroom putting a time out on Stacey and Brianna’s little cat fight. “Something probably disagreed with my stomach and made me sick” she pointed out.

“It was probably the chilli we had last night, I told you it was trouble”, Stacey remembers and throws it in Fernanda’s face but is then avenged by a pillow to the head thrown by Brianna. Stacey reacts by quickly picking it up and throwing it back, jumping on Brianna’s bed and continuously strike her with the same pillow.

Fernanda got into it as well and they all had one big amazing pillow fight, ‘girls just wanna have fun’.

In the middle of their rumble, all their phone alarms go off at the same time reminding them that they have to be in class in the next ten minutes. They paused, looked at each other and laughed so hard. Fernanda remembered that she needed to pass through the office to explain her financial situation and plead for assistance or more time, she tried for the past one week to search for more jobs but non were good enough to pay her entire tuition. Not once did she think about Gavin in that period, Fernanda had always been a tough spirit, it took a lot to bring her down and at this point she was just about to look for him. But after their last encounter and not showing up for two weeks he was probably on to the next woman, her pride would not even drive her in that direction, it was too humiliating.

"I'll meet you guys in class, you know where I have to go first", she informs the girls.

They both nodded and they all separated right outside their dorm in different directions, Fernanda's heart was racing and practically in the pal of her hand. She prayed that they would understand and give her time, if not then she'd have to leave school and start searching for a way fend for herself.


"Fernanda Montenegro", the secretary calls her and directs her to the head office.

Fernanda inhales and exhales then enters the office where the extinguished most elegant woman she ever knew to own a college was waiting for her sorting out files, "Miss Davis?", she asks in a low voice while peaking into her office.

"Please come in Miss Montenegro, have a sit", Miss Davis says so cheerfully and so happy to see one of her best students. "What can I do for you?" she asks as Fernanda settles in the sit opposite from hers on the other side of her desk.

"I won't take up so much of your time ma'am, I just wanted to plead with you concerning my fees..." Fernanda let's in all out at once confusing Miss Davis in the process.

"What are you talking about Miss Montenegro?" she asks.

Fernanda calms down and lowers her shoulders to breathe a little, "After my parents died I discovered that my family shared properties and money amongst themselves and forgot I existed so I'm not able to pay for my tuition but not for long, I'm working on getting a job, I just need time if that's ok with you ma'am", Fernanda explains.

Miss Davis looks at Fernanda with a puzzled look and shook it off to finally explain her confusion, "your fees and allowances were already taken care of, I thought you already knew about this", she reaches into her right top drawer for proof of payments and an envelope carrying a cool fifty thousand dollar.

Fernanda nearly lost her mind at the thought of who could be the one that paid and she didn't like her final guess, she had to try and chance the possibility of it being her family finally remembering her.

"Did my family come through without me knowing?" she asks with hesitation.

"It might be, it says here that a Gavin Velazquez paid the tuition. Do you know him?", Miss Davis questions her.

Fernanda was speechless but anger filled her, "the tuition was a kind gesture but why the money?" she thought to herself. "I had no idea but I'm really grateful, may I have the envelope please?" she requests. Fernanda only had one plan from there on, she left the office still feeling a little confused and unsure of her actions. But the anger within her was driving towards that specific thing so she was going for it before she chickened out, there was no stopping her now.

"Hey, class was cancelled, Mr Patel isn't feeling too well. How did... it... go..." Stacey asks in confusion as both her and Brianna approach Fernanda who was not stopping, she nodded quickly and by passed them. Brianna and Stacey stood their speechless and confused but never tried to stop her. They knew their friend enough to know that stopping her was a mission impossible.

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