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Chapter One

Fernanda Johnson was a senior student at High heights college, going through her last year as an anthropologist. She had the funds to pay her college fees for four years straight when her parents were alive, but with their sudden death in a tragic road accident, Fernanda had no means to do so. Her scholarship was only for two years and working to pay off her tuition was not enough to cover even half of it, she needed another way, she thought of something that could work but if her parents were alive they would dishonor her the minute they knew.

Fernanda put on a red short bandage dress and stood in front of the mirror in her room and analyzed her figure, she was blessed with curves, five four in height with golden hair soft as a feather pillow. The curls in her hair accentuated her slightly round facial structure and her skin was that of mixed breed, more like African American with a mixture of Native American, which would explain the curves. Fernanda had a shape that drove men crazy, everywhere she’d walk there wouldn’t be a man that never wished he could warm her bed every night. But Fernanda was a woman of integrity, still a virgin at twenty five and an honorary student with flying colors. She needed to keep the record of good grades so her parent’s efforts and sacrifices would not go to waste, she had to do what she really didn’t want to.

An opening for a waitress at a very famous casino near compass was posted right outside the cafe she would go to everyday to study and enjoy a cappuccino, it may be filled with hungry men and booze but the pay seemed to be worth it.

At the interview....

"Miss Montenegro?" a bartender from the casino called out.

Fernanda, with all her nerves standing, answered with a horse voice and cleared it to sound better, "Yes, that's me" getting up from her sit.

The bartender looked at her head to toe like she was a very tantalizing meal and smirked, "you're up next".

Fernanda could smell a horny man from a mile away so this man reeked of it, she checked herself one last time and followed him to the office where they were holding interviews. A lady drunk enough to brew her own beer in her stomach came out of the office Fernanda was headed to looked at Fernanda with disgust, she wore leopard print tights with what looked like fur as a crop top with massive cleavage you could see her nipples trying to reach out. "You don't have a chance sweetheart, he only wants the sexy ones", she said so buzzed out.

"Get out of here Trish, isn't this your fifth interview?" the bartender chased her as he opened the door for Fernanda to enter.

"Whatever", Trish responds as she struggles to walk straight out of the building.

Fernanda enters the office and the bartender shuts the door behind her, she looks back and sees him give her a thumbs up through the blinds and disappears. Her heart was beating out of her chest, she felt like turning back and finding some other way to raise the money for her tuition even though this was her only option at the moment.

"Please, have a seat beautiful", a very plump mafia looking man offers her a seat at his desk with a hand gesture. "Don't be shy, I don't bite when it's not necessary" he laughs.

Fernanda walks to the desk and pulls her dress a bit down before she sat because if she didn't it was going to be a show for Mr Mafia over there, she held on to her clutch and analyzed the room as she waited for him to pull out her documents.

"So, Miss Montenegro... My name is Sean but you can call me Big Daddy" he raises an eyebrow at her as he introduces himself.

"I prefer Sean thanks", Fernanda responds.

"Suit yourself, I'm just trying to break the ice here" he says. "Have you ever been a waitress?" he asks her.

"Um no this would be my first job in my whole entire life, but I'm a fast leaner", she says and adds to try and score some points.

He sees the desperation in her eyes and tries to take advantage of the moment by asking her a few uncomfortable questions, "Why are you here? How much will you be expecting for your services? And, are you willing to do anything for it" he pops out the big questions.

Fernanda thought for a second and thought she might be getting herself into trouble, would she really be willing to do anything for the money. "I have to do this" she thought to herself.

"I need money to pay for my tuition, I saw a poster naming your price so I thought I should apply and I'm willing to do anything but die for the money" she said in a mouth full.

Sean raised his eyebrow again at the sound of 'do anything' and saw an opportunity to take advantage, "anything you say?" He gets up from his desk and walks to the front to lean on it right in front of her. "You know this job requires a lot of sacrifices, you're a very attractive woman and men will want a piece of you obviously. Are you up for the challenge?" he asks as he uses his pen to push down the chest area of her dress to reveal her breasts, his breathing elevated as his member started to throb against his trousers.

Fernanda got too uncomfortable and moved the pen from her chest, she got up from her sit and fixed her dress before walking out on Sean. Sean grabbed her in a swift second before she could turn and sniffed her neck, the scent of Dior traveled down his spine as he close his eyes to inhale. Fernanda wanted to scream but Sean held her mouth and put his other arm around her waist to restrict her movements, she was scared for her life.

"Screaming won't do anything, everyone here works for me. They won't come to your rescue, so just be a good girl and show me what you can do to get the job okay?" he demands her as he slowly takes his hand off her mouth.

Fernanda shed tears as Sean started to lay kisses on her neck and navigate his way though the bottom of her very short dress, his very horny and rough touches made the experience way worse for her. Fernanda really didn't want to lose her virginity this way, she gathered up some courage and kicked him with her knee where the sun don't shine. Sean was left paralyzed for a good ten seconds, which was enough time for her to escape, she nearly tripped but made it and ran out the door that thankfully was not locked. She picked up speed despite the fact that she was wearing heels and was finally out of the casino and out of trouble.

"Are you alright?" a male voice right in front of her asked her as she took a breather laying her hands on her knees and wondering why she wore such high heels.

Fernanda got scared thinking it may have been Sean and nearly bolted for her life when she came face to face with a symbol Greek sexiness, her legs could not carry her any longer after seeing such beauty.

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