His To Play With

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Chapter Two

“Excuse me miss, are you alright?” the man asked again.

Fernanda thought she’d been rescued by a macho man, little did she know that she came face to face with hunky CEO and playboy Gavin Velazquez. A gift to any woman he sets his eyes on, a heart throb as well as a heart breaker. This amazingly handsome man had dark brown hair that fell gracefully on his shoulders with half of it tied up in a bun to clearly show his perfectly aligned mustache and beard, his arms from where Fernanda was standing were so juicy his suit needed a breather. All these features were pretty impressive, but all Fernanda could see was the structure of his lusciously tempting Floral Jardin lips. He even had the audacity to lick them while she stood there speechless, macho indeed.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Sean yelled from the inside of the casino like a mad man.

Fernanda heard and unfroze to look for a place to hide since they were no cabs passing at that moment, “please hide me” she pleaded with the stranger as she trembled all over.

“Quick, get in the back, the windows are tinted” he accepts and unlocks the door for her to enter without knowing what was really going on, but what kind of a gentleman would he be if left a such a beautiful woman in despair?

Sean burst through the door and turned around looking for Fernanda, his ego had been crushed so bad he couldn’t just let her run away without getting a piece of him. He noticed a black Volvo P1800 parked by the road side and already knew who it was so he walked to the car, putting Fernanda in a rather uncomfortable position.

“Why is he coming here, I thought you said the windows are tinted” she whispered with such fright.

“They are” he answered motionless.

Sean reaches the car but doesn’t lean in to touch it as a way of showing respect, “Hey Boss” Sean greets him.

“Boss?” Fernanda repeats in her head as she started feeling nauseous, “what is wrong with me?” she asks herself.

“I was just looking for someone who ran out of an interview, I think she stole something” Sean lies to cover up his scandal.

“Is that how it happened Miss?” Gavin turns his head to her and asks.

Fernanda still shocked, now even double shocked that he would give her up just like that, answers to defend herself. “He tried to rape me, I didn’t steal anything except his ego after I kicked him in the raisins you perv” she yells at Sean.

Sean had no idea she was there but played it cool to try his luck, “This woman is lying Boss, who are you going to believe?” he asks in humility.

Gavin gives a doubtful look to Sean and says, “Well I’m going to believe her Sean, because I’ve bailed you out of jail for the same complaint. You need to apologize or you’re going back.” He demands from Sean.

Fernanda waited to hear the apology from Sean as tears rolled down her cheeks thinking about how brutal a man can honestly be, she never thought about what would've happened if she didn't escape till that point seeing him again.

"Miss I am truly sorry, a savage like myself cannot resist a beauty like you but it won't happen again." he says sincerely after seeing the hurt in her eyes.

"Good, now get back to work", Gavin commands.

"But Boss isn't she coming back? She wants to be a waitress", Sean points at Fernanda as Gavin starts the car.

"Actually I'm going...." Fernanda refuses and scoots over to reach the door and open it when she was interrupted by Gavin's objection.

"I have another job for you, come to the front" Gavin commanded with a stare so stiff you could turn to stone.

Fernanda didn't understand her willingness to do whatever he says, his words were rough yet smooth as silk. She did as she was told and got in the passenger's seat and put on her sit belt. Her knees crossed and she held her clutch like she was passing through a very dangerous neighborhood, Gavin looked at her with question and wondered why she was acting like a child. He put the car in drive and they left.

Sean was still standing there thinking about what a wonderful time he would’ve had with Fernanda had she not run away, he shrugged and headed back into the casino.

“Where do you live?” Gavin asked Fernanda.

Fernanda felt a little uncomfortable being only a scent away from Gavin, a scent that sent shock waves through her brain. She couldn’t look in his direction after all the sex scenes she had imagined with him since the moment she met him, “On the other side of town, you can just leave at a bus stop and I’ll carry on from there” she finally answered.

“No, I’ll take you. But since it’s quite a stretch and I have a meeting in an hour, we’ll need to pass through my place and pick up a few things alright?” he says.

Fernanda was tired of the merry go round and wanted to go home and rest her sore feet, but he seemed persistent so she agreed anyway. “Fine but you need to be quick, I have a lot of pending assignments.”

Gavin pulled over quick and parked the car, Fernanda wiggled around in her seat due to the motion of the car and wondered what was going on or what she said was so wrong. He freed himself from his seat belt and leaned over onto her side making him face to face with her deep brown eyes, Fernanda looked at him and suddenly got lost his crystal blue eyes. His gaze exposed both interest and hunger for her it was hard not to fall head over heels with his face, Gavin gently brushed her thigh in circular motion and used his other hand to lean in closer to her.

“Please stop” Fernanda whispered as she started to lose herself in his eyes and his soft touch. She felt involuntary changes between her thighs and she closed her eyes for she could no longer resist his touch.

Gavin hesitated to plunge his lips on hers after seeing her trying to resist his irresistible touch, any woman would actually be first to make the moves but with her he couldn't wait for her to realize what was right next her. He had to have her, her beauty was mesmerizing and her lips looked so juicy and ready to be devoured. His hands moved from her thighs and held her neck right below her ear to gently pull her into a lovers kiss, he kissed her so passionately she begun to moan and move in closer than she expected.

The fire ignited in that kiss will a be hard one to extinguish, their lips matched so perfectly as they got lost in ecstasy. Fernanda broke off the kiss and told him, “I want you to have me, now” she said without a single thought, she yearned for his caresses, his tongue all over her, his body in hers. It just couldn’t wait.

Gavin, breathing so heavily, kissed her one more time and started the car. “But not here” and they drove off to reach their first destination, his pent house.

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