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Chapter Three

Gavin and Fernanda approach the pent house which was very at the top of The Velazquez Hotel, a five star hotel right in front of an exotic beach. Fernanda starts having second thoughts when the car comes to a stop and Gavin gets out of his seat belt.

Gavin noticed that she had gone quiet and paused for second to find out what was going on in her mind, "You having second thoughts?" he asks her.

Before Fernanda could answer, Gavin places his hand on her inner thighs and slowly caresses her upwards. He was just above her opening when she let out a loud moan and stopped him by grabbing his hand and putting it around her waist to hold her close and kiss him with everything in her, Gavin was taken by surprise but his hunger for her could not resist so he returns the kisses and eventually takes over.

The car was steaming hot as they shared another passionate kiss, his hands on her face and her arms resting on his firm shoulders for support.

"We need to go up to my penthouse"he tells her with lips still attached to hers.

"Yes" she exhales and breaks off the kiss with a gentle push on his chest.

Gavin gets out of the car and goes around to the other side to open the door for Fernanda, she reached out to hold his hand and gets out as well and Gavin locks the car with the push of a button on his key.

They make their way through the lobby, her hand locked in his arm like a couple taking a quick stroll, they wait for a minute for the elevator to open and take them up to where there wildest fantasies will be unleashed.

The elevator finally opens and lucky them it was just them getting on, if something were to happen in there at least they’d be alone. He extends an arm as a gesture of letting her go first and he followed with his heart in his mouth, Gavin’s arousal was so hard that anymore of these short scenes of passion and his pants will fly right off his legs.

They didn’t utter a single word to each other as the doors closed and the elevator made a one way trip to his penthouse, Gavin slid a hand down Fernanda’s back and rested on her round and very curvy ass. His head turned to look at her, eyes dark with desire and thirst. She bit her lip as he caressed her waist and brings himself closer to her. Gavin towers himself over her and gripes both her hands in one of his above her head and pins her to the wall with his hips, Fernanda could feel his member standing strong on her belly button. Gavin runs his other hand through her curly hair just above the nape of her neck and kisses her neck savagely , she couldn’t keep the moans inside, his lips knew exactly what they were doing and when his tongue joined the party her body melted away in pleasure. He lifts his head up and lowered his lips on hers as she moaned some more, giving his tongue access to her mouth and he took full advantage and begun to explore. Fernanda had never in her entire lifetime experienced kisses that good.

The elevator came to a stop and Fernanda thought they’d come face to face with other people but it took them straight to his penthouse, it was a five star hotel indeed. There was marble everywhere and the scent of peppermint travelled through her nostrils, fluffy pillows on every sofa and a chandelier filled with several lights it gave the place a gold glow. It was heaven on earth.

“This way beautiful”, he lead her to a door revealing his master bedroom and a king sized bed just upon entering.

Fernanda still held on to her clutch like it was her child as she walked towards the bed still amazed at the architectural design of his penthouse, she sat on the edge of the bed and looked around like a lost person, which quite frankly she was. She tried to make sense of everything and decided to tell him straight up, “I’m not too sure about this, you don’t even know my name and I don’t know yours”, she said.

“You’re Fernanda Johnson, a college student at high heights studying anthropology. Am I right?” he smirks as he responds arrogantly.

“Oh my goodness you’re a stalker, or a serial killer” Fernanda said with her heart beating fast thinking this is it for her.

“I’m the owner of that casino we just left, every applicant’s documents pass through me before Sean interviews them. And must I say you are much sexier in person” he growls as he says.

Realizing that he was right, given the incident right outside the casino, Fernanda still attempted to try and leave by saying, “Well I know you too, playboy, you’re very famous among women and I’m not going to be one of your guinea pigs okay. Good day” she starts to walk away from him.

Gavin pulled Fernanda back in response to her stubborn answer, wrapped his arms around her thin waist, looked her straight in the eyes and lowered his lips on hers like his life depended on it.

Fernanda, taken by surprise, could not resist the heat his arms and lips emitted on her already captured body. Her eyes remained wide open as he feasted on her lips for a good ten seconds, her body finally gave in to the tower of pleasure of a man and returned his kisses. She run her hands through his silk black hair and pulled him in closer as they begun to sink in deep pleasure.

Clothes begun to fly and drop as their lips connected like opposite magnets, Gavin pulled away and held Fernanda firmly by her arms to look at the flesh he was about to indulge in and lay her on the bed to finish stripping her. He towered over her as she lay there completely bare waiting for his next move and totally out of breath, Gavin backed away and slowly gets his pants down as he stared at her laying helpless and desperate for more of his kisses and his body.

Fernanda bite her lip as she crossed her very bare legs to hide what Gavin could obviously see from his angle, she started having second thoughts again but the way he kissed her made her want to discover what it’s like to be with a man. And for a man as passionate and sexy as Gavin, she could tell he knew how to open her eyes to the world of desirable pleasures. She had no second thought when she got up to help him undress, got down on her knees and took his member in her mouth. Daring...

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