His To Play With

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Chapter Four

Gavin receives her by holding her head in place as she went down on her knees, his breathing begun to escalade when she took him in her mouth without hesitation. He through his back and moaned a little as his member was dealt with gently and expertly, “oh Dios mío” he groans.

Fernanda could not fit all of him but she made it work, all the videos her dorm mates made her watch in first year were implanted in her brain due the gift of photographic memory.

Gavin holds Fernanda’s shoulders picks her up and kisses her, he cups her plump firm breasts in his huge hands as his member rubs against her tummy. Fernanda wanted him inside of her so badly, she run her hands through his hair and closed them to have a good grip and show him that what he was about to do to her could not wait any longer. Gavin lifts her off the ground making Fernanda wrap her legs around his waist, he kisses her softly as he moves forward towards the bed and gently lays down on silk beddings, that peppermint smell giving her calm feeling but not for very long. His kisses start to lower with every touch of his lips, from her lips to her neck, from her neck to right between her perfectly round shaped breasts where he just could not pass up the opportunity to let his tongue know the taste of her erected nipples. Fernanda moaned as she felt his warm mouth cover nipples one by one, she lifts her hands above her head and sinks her nails into the pillows. Gavin explored her body some more, listening to the moans let out by her was so motivating. He finally reaches the part he wanted so much, his gaze locked between her legs. Fernanda’s chest heaved as he made his intentions clear, she presses her face in her arm as his breath hovered over opening. In one swift dive, he covered her with his mouth like a vicious storm. Fernanda jerked on the bed and moaned so load it only motivated him to deepen the pleasure, she lifts her head and meets with his eyes as he moves over her throbbing private with a lethal hunger. Fernanda’s breathing escaladed and her eyes rolled back, this feeling was definitely worth the risk of following Gavin home.

Gavin then towers over her and kisses her softly as he begun to enter her slowly, Fernanda always dreamed of looking into the eyes of the man that would take her innocence. She brings her hands up to his face and holds him away from her face to have that passionate stare when he finally moves forward.

"Do it" she says with no breath left in her lungs,but she inhales as she felt him move in to the command.

Gavin couldn't understand why she made him feel so different, he wanted her to be in control, to make him her lap dog. It didn't make any sense but for the moment he didn't care, he just wanted her. He thrust into her without any hesitation, she gasped so loud it scared him. "Are you alright?" she asks with so much concern.

Fernanda brings her head back from throwing it back in the moment he thrust into her and started to breath fast, "yes, you're ruining the moment" she says to mask her pain. She grabs him from the back of his neck and pulls him to kiss him deeply as he continued to move into, their bodies heating up with every second and their minds working together for the final pleasure. It was magical...

Gavin and Fernanda reach their peak at the same time and the warmth made it hard for them to separate and take a breather after a whole hour of intimate, intense pleasure. Their breathing still fast and short in each other’s neck, Fernanda’s private felt extremely sore but the caresses and kisses performed by the expert himself were enough to cloud her mind till they were done with the devil’s tango, she hoped that he wouldn’t notice so she could walk away without the ‘why me?’ question popping up. Gavin exhaled loudly and threw himself on the bed right next to her, laying a hand on her thigh remembering how exciting it was being held between them.

“That was amazing, don’t you think?” he asks her in deep breathes. “You’re a phenomenal lover, I guess you enjoy making love all the time” he adds.

Offended by his sentence Fernanda sits up holding the sheets till her chest area, “not everyone is hungry for sex every minute like you playboy!” she wraps herself in the sheets and gets up to look for her clothes.

Gavin lifted his hands in the air and wondered why she got offended, but as she was getting up he noticed something. He had a hunch but he was not sure, “what is this?” he asks her and his face turns pale before she could respond. He sits up and looks at her standing frozen like she’d been caught doing something. “You’re a virgin? And this information was not necessary before getting into what we just did?” he scolds her.

“Don’t you dare scold me, I’m old enough to know what I want. So congratulations, you were the highest bidder” she defends herself and finishes off with sarcasm. She finds her clothes and starts to put them on quickly, Gavin was still in shock after finding out he just had intercourse for the first time with a virgin.

Fernanda seemed pretty stubborn so there was no use in him being polite or sweet, “Well, I AM a very good gambler if I may say” he answers with arrogance painted all over his face.

She looks at him and could not believe the words that left his swollen lips from their passionate kisses, “I’ll just finish changing in the bathroom” she exits a little slower than before due to the pain she was experiencing between her legs...

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