His To Play With

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Chapter Five

Fernanda paced in the bathroom wondering how she’s going to escape without more interrogation from Gavin, she sat for a second on the toilet seat to rest her very sore private. She bit her lip thinking about how they reached climax at the same time, she only read that in books and never thought it was possible. For a first experience, she sure was glad it was with him because he sure knew how to please a woman the right way.

“Wait a minute, he came inside of me!” she alarmed herself in her head. She held her head and closed her eyes, she wondered why he didn’t think about protection after all, he is a womaniser so he must have stacks of them in his drawers. She grabbed her clutch and prepared herself to go and confront him.

Gavin on the other side of the door still could not believe the very important information Fernanda withheld from him, he was spooked at the feeling of hurting her or not being the best of her lovers. He sat in a thinking position and pondered upon it till she showed up. And she actually did after a good ten minutes, he looked at her and all of a sudden a sense of protection flared in him as she walks towards him. “Ola mami” he greets with a smirk.

“Don’t do that” she says angrily.

“Do what?” he asks in confusion.

“That playing dumb scheme, why did you not think of protection? Are you trying to get me pregnant?!” she raises her voice thinking about the possibilities and consequences.

Gavin realizes the dumb mistake he made and slaps his head, “How could I have forgotten? Trust me I never forget” he defends himself.

“I do believe you, you’re a lady’s man so you wouldn’t be this careless. So I wonder how you could’ve forgotten this time, with me of all the women in the world. I have a career to study for, a better life to look forward to. I can’t be tied down by a man who” Gavin cuts her off as she runts away.

“Ey come on, calm down. Let’s go I’ll take you home and on the way we’ll get you some pills, there’s always a solution to this alright” offended by her panic he calms the situation. “I’ll have to miss the meeting I was headed to because I’m late anyway, will you cool down so I ask you something?” he asks her.

Fernanda frowns a little and questions him with a look and sits on the edge of the bed far from him, he comes down from the bed and removes the sheets that were blocking him from getting up. His shaft bounced aimlessly as he walked around the room to look for his clothes, Fernanda could not believe that that huge muscle was inside her just some minutes ago. He was really built and well shaped everywhere it was like looking at Henry Cavil’s Brazillian brother, Fernanda looked away as he walked around her butt naked without the fear of making her uncomfortable.

Gavin stops to look at her, looks down at his big friend and looks at Fernanda again who was looking elsewhere and squints in question. “You just enjoyed all this, you know right?” he waves his hands around his body as he says.

“Yah well, not so much. Can you hurry, every second I spend with your sperm inside me makes me sick” she answers and waits for him to ask the question.

“Why were looking for a job at the casino? They’re better things to do to earn a little extra cash” he asks her.

Fernanda thought of keeping it to herself since she wasn’t even thinking of going back after what happened but she figured they could pass time while he dresses up, “The money you’re offering will help me raise the money I need to finish paying off my tuition, believe me I’ve searched. It was either a waitress or hooker.” She says

“Oh, will you allow me to offer you an opportunity to earn the money all at once then” he raises an eyebrow at her and tilts his head.

“I don’t like where this is going”

“Just hear me out okay”

“Okay” Fernanda says.

“Be mine for this weekend, stay here with me and Sunday evening you’ll leave with the money you seek to finish paying your tuition” he sits next to her and rests his hands on his side leaning a bit back.

Fernanda got a good angle and laid the hardest slap she could pull from her entire body strength onto his wide open cheek, she gets up and gets away from him and turns to yell at him. “What do you take me for?! I am a respectable lady, you just can't have me and pay me afterwards like I’m a prostitute! I will find another way to raise the money even if it kills me, am I walking out of here alone or will you release me. I don’t even want you to take me home anymore”

“No, it’s the least I can do after what I’ve put you through. My apologies, I didn’t mean to upset a respectable lady like yourself” he bows his head as he responds and gets up to pick up the keys to his range rover. He paused in front in her and warned her, "never slap me again" his voice so husky.

He walks to the door and waits for her to go through and then to the elevator. Fernanda was suddenly spooked by his mood change and humbly walked passed him.

Fernanda felt a little bad for the way she responded after Gavin went quiet all of a sudden, the trip down was so awkward she crossed her knees and kept twisting the strap on her clutch. She also felt so stupid for letting him release inside her knowing the consequences of the outcomes if they were to happen, “please let me get to contraceptives fast enough” she thought to herself.

She also felt the need to tell Gavin the low chances of her getting pregnant, “According to Google which is ninety nine percent correct in their research, it’s highly unlikely for a virgin like myself twenty minutes ago to get pregnant due to the intense changes I’m going through now, pain is also a way to divert the brain from fertilization to healing the sore area” she states facts to break the silence.

“You’re in pain?” he looks at her feeling terrible for enjoying such a painful experience for her.

“It’s okay, I’m fine. I read about this, It’ll hurt a couple more times but I’ll get used to it eventually” she assure him yet letting him know she intends on exploring further.

He pins her to the elevator wall all over again and tells her, “I don’t want anyone else to have you Fernanda, you’re mine” he breathes on her and presses his lips against hers. They share another passionate kiss as the elevator was coming to a stop, they both didn’t hear when the doors opened and the people that were standing waiting to get on.

A gentleman from the bunch of the people clears his throat to get both their attention and Gavin immediately moved off Fernanda and wipes his mouth as they compose themselves, how embarrassing.

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