His To Play With

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Chapter Six

Gavin and Fernanda exit the elevator, Fernanda bows her head while Gavin walks by full of pride knowing full well he had the right to kiss any woman as he pleases. They reach the receptionist for Gavin to leave some instructions to register his other key for release at the parking lot, Fernanda didn't wait another second when she headed straight for the doors like the devil was after her. Gavin realized she was no longer by his side and run out to look for her, he looked left and right, he even looked up just to confirm. He asked a man passing if he saw her. "Excuse, have you seen a very attractive young lady in a tight dress pass through here just a second ago?" he asks panting.

"Sorry man, I haven't" the man responds.

"What's the point, she really wants to get to away from me, I guess she'll find her way" he tries to make himself feel better and turns to return inside since he had no other plans.


Fernanda watched Gavin from afar looking for her like a lost boy, she felt so bad for leaving that way but she feared she may not have the strength if she spent anymore time with him.

What happened between them was fantastic, even magical. But soon it'll all just be a memory, all she needed now was to get home and rest and nurse herself.


Fernanda finally reaches her room and unlocks it only to find her roommate also having a little fun with her boyfriend, "oh geez, lock the door!" she yells and shuts the door quickly.

"I am never going to unsee that" she shivers with disgust and heads to the library to pass time in some medical books.

"Hey girl, where have you been and what are you wearing?" Brianna, her other roommate asks as she looks at her from head to toe not recognizing Fernanda by the daring outfit she chose to wear. She had no idea Fernanda was looking for a job and Fernanda was not planning on explaining a single thing to her.

"What do I look bad?" She tries to cover up the mystery.

"No it's just that I've never seen you dress like this, are you sure you're okay? You look really tired" she asks another question now making Fernanda uncomfortable.

"I just wanna go to the library and study a little, you should not go to our room. Stacey and Austin are...... busy" she shrugs as she grabs Brianna's arm before she got more curious and they both walked to the library.


On their way to the library, everyone kept staring at Fernanda and sending both questioning and tempting looks. "Do you see the way people keep staring at you babe?" Brianna smirks at Fernanda and giggles.

"What?" Fernanda responds and turns to her and gives her a blank look, she'd been thinking about Gavin and his deliciously to die for body. "Yah okay" she turns back to see where she's going.

"You're acting really weird, come on tell me what's up" Brianna insisted as she shook Fernanda's arm.

"Okay I'll tell you, but first we have to wait for Stacey cause I can't leave her out" she gives in.

"Oh now I'm more curious, is it something to do with this outfit?" Brianna tries to get something out of her.

"Waiting for Stacey remember" she says

"Mahn" Brianna frowns and pouts her lips.

Fernanda looks at her and laughs, "real mature Bri".

"Yah whatever, Stacey better be winding up cause I need to hear this fast or I'm gonna explode"

Fernanda rolls her eyes and chuckles, they finally enter the library and away from the hungry and jealous eyes.


"Okay I'm here, I hope this isn't about me forgetting to lock the door cause it wasn't me he just took me by surprise and...." Stacey starts to defend herself before anything is said and is cut off by Fernanda.

"We..... don't really want more info babe" she raises her hand to signal a time out.

"Okay so what's going on? What's with the dress? I've never seen you in such a dress" she pauses to look at her with suspicion.

"That's what I've been asking her" Brianna adds on.

"If you'd just allow me to speak maybe we wouldn't even spend so much time hear like it's some important meeting" Fernanda says.

"Okay shhh", Stacey hushes Brianna and they both place their heads between hands with their elbows pressed on the table they were all sitted at.

"Oh my goodness I can't believe I'm about to say this" she runs her hand through her hair and places it on her mouth, "I just had sex in a hotel" she closes her eyes tight waiting for their reaction and covers her mouth again.

They both jumped out of their chairs and trapped her in tight hug as they screamed with excitement, Fernanda tried to free herself but they had a really good grip on her.

"Shhh" the librarian hushed from a distance.

"You guys come on, it's no big deal. I just wanted to let you know cause you're the only friends I have" she whispered to them.

"Girl you didn't really have to" Brianna turns away like she's done with the conversation, "so who was it?" she gives Fernanda a hungry look and scoots closer.

"That's the main reason I wanted to tell you guys" Fernanda squints her eyes.

"Was it with the handsome Gavin Velazquez? Gosh that man sends chills down my spine" Stacey asks with sarcasm then drools over him.

“ Well actually¸ you guessed right” she scrunched in her chair and scratched her head.

“Girl please” Stacey laughs pushing Brianna in the process.

Brianna analyzed Fernanda and held Stacey’s hand to stop laughing and asked her seriously, “Babe are being for real?”

“Yah” she whispered with her hand over her mouth.

“Shut the front door!” Stacey got up from her sit.

Brianna grabs Fernanda and Stacey by their hands and leads them outside so as not to get the librarians attention again, they get outside and scream again.

“How did you even? Where? Oh my goodness, girl you hit the jackpot!” Stacey couldn’t contain herself, she was all over the place.

“Wait no, come down. It was nice but I’m never seeing him again, like ever” she stops them and emphasizes.

“Excuse me beautiful ladies” a voice from nearby called out.

Fernanda turned pale knowing that arrogantly daring and sexy voice, she closed her eyes and hoped it was her mind playing tricks on her. Brianna and Stacey also turned pale at the sight of Gavin Velazquez himself and had smiles growing on their faces. Fernanda finally turns around and opens her eyes

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