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Chapter Seven

Gavin stood there so sure of himself, he smirks as he steps closer to look over Fernanda's head and greets her friends.

"Ladies, mucho gusto.... nice to meet you", he nods as his voice sank all the down their spines.

"Si.... Yes" Stacey not knowing a single thing about Spanish, responds quickly and shakily.

"That's not the answer" Brianna grunted in a low voice to Stacey.

Fernanda closes her eyes and exhales in frustration, she took a deep breath and unfortunately for her she inhaled his seductively tempting perfume. A scent such as lomani sends you to heaven and back in a second.

Fernanda turns back to Stacey and Brianna, "Okay um, I'll just see you guys back in our room. I have lots to do, plenty... plenty things to do" she grits her teeth and walks off as swift as a feather being dragged by a strong wind.

Gavin had no words as he watched her escape him again but didn't worry at all because he knew he would get the information he wanted about her from the two ladies drooling right in front of him.


Back in the girls room, Fernanda shuts the door behind her and throws her clutch on her bed. She quickly gets out of her killer heels and takes her dress off, after much struggle getting the dress off she fell on her bed finally freeing herself from it. She got completely naked and grabbed her towel, off to the shower she went.


Meanwhile in the dorm corridor right outside their room.

"We're gonna be in so much trouble, she'll never speak to us", Brianna warns both Stacey and Gavin.

"Relax, I'll take care of that. I'm forever grateful for your bravery, I shall return the favor one day" he charms his way through their guilt.

"Hmmm..." Stacey rubs her chin. "She'll be fine, it's not like he's a serial killer or anything like that right?" Stacey says trying to run away from guilt.

"I would never hurt a fly" Gavin assures them.

"Okay bye" Stacey grabs Brianna's arm and waves at him as they walk away.

Gavin walks into the room and hears the sound of the water running in the shower, he only closed the door behind him when he heard it stop and waited for Fernanda to emerge from the bathroom.

He felt a little nervous and snapped out of it cause it obviously wasn't like the famous playboy himself, he heard the door to the bathroom open and folded his arms as he stood firm as a statue.

"I heard the door, can you guys imagine the nerve of..." Fernanda's shock over took her as she let out a loud gasp. "What the hell are you doing here, in my room?! This is trespassing!" she yelled at him as she fumed.

"Come down Fernanda", the way he said her name in that sexy Spanish accent of his left Fernanda speechless and craving another one of his wild kisses but she tried hard to compose to herself. "It only felt right to return what belongs to you" he says with the raise of an eyebrow.

Before Fernanda realized what he meant, Gavin held up in plain sight a red lace bra. Fernanda could not believe her eyes and wondered how she could've left such an item.

"You're probably thinking I'm trying to send a message or mark a territory that obviously isn't mine but...." she's cut off by Gavin's objection

"It could be your territory", he tries his luck by bringing up his proposal again.

"Are you looking for another slap? Because that macho.... manly tone you used to warn me not to will never stop me from unleashing another okay", Gavin goes quiet. "I have very firm breasts so I didn't notice" she finishes her sentence as she grabs her bra out of his hand but his grip was too tight.

Gavin tries to catch her eyes in his and moves closer to whisper, "I know they're firm".

Fernanda's knees start bailing on her body all of sudden and was experiencing heat flashes, Gavin gently runs his fingertips down her arm from her shoulder and leans in for a kiss.

Fernanda quickly turns her head and gives him her cheek and takes one step back pulling her bra out of his grasp. "You need to leave.... now".

Gavin isn't convinced and tries again by pulling her into her arms nearly uncovering her with her fidgeting, Fernanda fakes tears and cries so that he'd let her go, the look on his face was both shocking and fuming at the same time. Gavin let her go and she landed on the floor with her legs crossed and her hands on her ears.

"Please just go" she sobs.

Gavin takes several steps back until he reaches the door and opens it, but before exiting he had to let her know he wasn't fooled. "You don't have to fake tears, I know my boundaries" his voice so deep and low Fernanda could sense pain.

When she looked up, he was already gone and Fernanda got up to sit her bed, she looks at the frame by her bedside of her parents and thought about how she wouldn't be in that situation if they were still alive. She curled up in her bed and cried bitterly.

Brianna and Stacey walk in and find Fernanda on her bed crying her eyes out, Stacey thought Gavin may have hurt her so she left to follow him while Brianna stayed to comfort Fernanda.

"Hey!" Stacey yells from a distance running towards Gavin. "What did you do to my friend?" she asks him with a face so red hot it could start steaming.

"Are you really going to be fooled by those crocodile tears?" he answers so arrogant.

"What are you talking about? I've never seen her so unhappy since we met. If you hurt her more than she already was you'll know my bad side without getting to know my good side" She warns Gavin and storms out of sight immediately.

Gavin wondered how much of a manipulator Fernanda could be, or maybe he really hurt her and misjudged the situation.

"She has her friends now, besides she wants nothing to do with me" he talks himself out turning around and drives off in his Range Rover before anyone else noticed who he was.

Back in the girls room, Brianna and Stacey wait for Fernanda to calm down and tell them what happened. "Babe, if he hurt you..." Stacey starts fuming again but Fernanda denies.

"No he didn't hurt me, I just faked tears to get rid of him and all of a sudden I was back at home with my parents eating mum's famous meat casserole. I miss them so much" tears start to fall again.

Both her friends sat on either side of her and wrapped her in their arms, together they cried until Fernanda couldn't cry anymore.

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