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One Shots based on the Indian Series Kumkum Bhagya's leads Abhi and Pragya.

Romance / Drama
Sai Divya
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OS 1: I Love You Jaanu!!!!

A girl is seen getting ready beautifully and her colleagues are helping her to wear the jewels. Even though she is beautiful but there is no smile in her face, she looks very dull.

Guys any guesses on who the girl is????

She is Tanu.

An Old Lady came and said,

Old lady: Tanu get ready fast you should look very beautiful today, the grooms family is coming in half an hour.

Tanu : (gives a fake smile and said) Haan maa.....

As someone called her, the old lady left. After getting ready every one left except one girl.

Tanu hurriedly went and closed the door. After making sure no one is there except the girl and her, she went near the girl.

" Pragya you know na I love him then how can I marry another person " said Tanu worriedly.

" Tanu who said you to marry him, he is just here to see you. That's it. " said Pragya.

" What if he says okay? You know na ma nd pa are very strict. " said Tanu.

Pragya thought for a while and said, " Hmmmmm we will see to it later. "

The car horn sound is heard...

" See the grooms family has come, don't worry I am there na. Now be a sweet girl nd come. " said Pragya smiling.

Tanu worriedly nodded.....

In the Living room, Tanu' s Parents welcomed the groom' s family and all were talking for sometime. After few minutes Tanu was asked to come.

Pragya brought Tanu and Tanu' s mother asked her to give the coffee to grooms family. She gave the coffee to the groom' s family.

After some time, both the family members asked whether they are okay for the marriage. The groom took a deep breath and said okay. This shocked both Pragya and Tanu. Tanu looked at pragya pleadingly.

After few seconds Pragya thought for a while and said,

" This marriage cannot happen!! "

Everyone were confused.Tanu was very much tensed.

Tanu ' s parents asked her why this can't happen.

"Because the groom loves some other person!! " said Pragya

This shocked everyone including Tanu.

The groom' s father asked him whether it is true, the groom hesitantly accept that he loves some other girl and also said that he can't live without her.

The groom's father was disappointed that his son didn't say about his love to him and said sorry to Tanu's parents.

Tanu's parents started laughing. Everyone over there was confused to the core including Tanu and Pragya...

Understanding that they are confused, they said, " There is no need to be confused I can see me in him. Yes, Our' s is love marriage, so we won't oppose love. But can u say who is that lucky girl? "

The groom pointed Pragya. This shocked everyone including Pragya.

οΏΌ"I know everyone are shocked. I know her from last 5 years. " he said.

"Can you share your love story? "asked Tanu's mother.

Abhi ' s pov:

It was my first day in that college. I did my UG in Mumbai. I came to Delhi to do my PG for my friends. That was the first day of my college, I was searching for my besties. That is when I saw her, she was talking to her friend. It was love at first sight, she was damn cute. I can't take my eyes off from her.

Ooooommmmgggggg she is driving me crazy, suddenly someone patted my back. I turned to see who it was, they are my besties, Purab, Bulbul, and Sid.

We met after a long time, Purab and Bulbul loves each other and about Sid, he is such a playboy. We are friends from our school days. Actually they are like my bro and sis. Suddenly reality strikes, I turned to look at her but to my disappointment she was nowhere. I was sad that I don't know even her name....on that day I fixed that she is My Jaanu... Love of my Life... My Soulmate...

As the bell rang we went to our class, I sat with my friends in the last bench. There was a empty place next to me. A girl came to sit there but was stopped by Bulbul, so she went and sat at the front. I asked her why she didn't allow her to sit here. She said me that there is another person in our gang. After few minutes, she came... My Jaanu... to my surprise she came and sat next to me, just then Bulbul introduced her that she is Pragya. Wow what a name! She asked me whether she can be my friend, I readily accepted it.

Then we became too close. I said her indirectly that I love her but being a buddhu she thought I love another girl. I could feel her jealousy, she looks sooooooooo cute when she is jealous. So I started telling more about my love, but I didn't think that it will result in a disaster in my life. She started to avoid me. I tried my level best to say that she is My Jaanu, but I failed. After that our final exams started.

I started to concentrate on my studies. After the exams I didn't see her. No phone calls. No messages. I was totally broken. I don't know how these years passed, then I met her now. It was the same feeling when I saw her for the first time. My jaws dropped when I saw her. She is same as before.

Sorry guys I didn't say who the groom is right. He is none other than ABHI.

After hearing this Pragya ran to him and hugged him tightly.

" Idiot why you didn't say that you love me, whenever you say about your so called Jaanu it felt as if someone has stabbed my heart. When I was doing my UG, Bulbul said many things about you, I started to love you without even seeing you. Then when I saw you, that's it I fell completely in love with you. But when you said that you love some one else, I don't know what to do. I feared that if I stay close to you, then I can't control my feelings. That is why I started avoiding you. I Love You so much. I can't live without you. I LOVE YOU. "

They came to sense when everyone started clapping. After few months, they got married and lived a lovable life. Tanu also married the person whom she loved.


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