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OS 2: Long Distance Relationship

The sunβ˜€ rises for the beginning of a new day. Abhi waked up from his deep slumber and opened his laptop in which his love... his life... his fuggi is waiting online. They both wished each other, as they can't meet each other they talk through video calls, messages, etc... They will spend of their time online. Both will be online even while driving.

It was Abhi 's birthday, Pragya wished him online and cutted cake and celebrated his birthday. It is their usual way of celebrating their birthdays.

Days passed like this... Abhi became a Rockstar, but he didn't fail to spend time with his fuggi. He composed songs and ask for his fuggi 's feedback.

It is February 15 his fuggi 's birthday,

Abhi wished and cutted cake at 12 am sharp.

Abhi 's pov...

Happy Birthday fuggi... I love you... And I will love you all through my life. I know fuggi you will be the happiest person in the world if you were here. Today I am going to give you the best birthday gift but you are not here. I know you don't like me crying, so I won't make my fuggi angry on her birthday. I miss you fuggi. I wish I could accompany you. Anyways don't get upset I know you are curious to know about your gift. The gift is I fulfilled your long time wish fuggi. Today I am going to sign your dream contract. Its ur dream na fuggi to make me work with your favorite singer and today I gonna fulfil it. You know what fuggi it's been 3 years that you have left me, but everything looks same as before. Nothing has changed. Except one thing that substitutes you. LONELINESS. My life without you is meaningless and all my smiles are fake without you Fuggi. I miss you!!!

Guys I know all are confused on what happened to his fuggi. So to clear that we have to rewind and see what happened in their life.


Abhi and Pragya are cousins, and they are very close from childhood. Their parents decided to get them married in future. Abhi and pragya studied together and then Pragya went to Australia for her higher studies.

Both Abhi and Pragya talk through video calls. Pragya 's dream is to see Abhi as a Rockstar. So she was there for him whenever he faces failure. Then after alot of struggle Abhi became a Rockstar as per his fuggi 's wish.

As Abhi and Pragya have stabilized in their professional life, their parents planned to get them married. Abhi and Pragya became very happy that finally they gonna get married.

But the happiness did not last for long. When Abhigya's parents checked Abhi and Pragya 's Kundali ...

There were some problems in both of their Kundali, so the astrologer advised them to get them married after one year and if they get married before that they may have problems.

So Abhi and Pragya continued to be lovers. They go out and spend time with each other and they never failed to romance, but they did not cross their limits.


After one year, on the day of marriage...

Abhi was getting ready for his marriage and dreaming about his life with his fuggi. After some time abhi was taken to the mandap. Abhi did all the pooja he was asked to do and it was the time for his love of life to join him.

Abhi was excitedly waiting to see his fuggi as his bride.... But the news that he heard shocked him to the core...

Abhi was broken and don't know what to do.

Wat is that which made Abhi shocked??


Abhi was happy that the priest asked the bride to come. Suddenly Pragya's sister Bulbul said that Pragya is missing. When Abhi heard this he was shocked.

" Bulbul Please! It's not the time to play, see everyone are worried. Go and bring Pragya. " Abhi said a bit furious

" Jiju I am not playing. Seriously di is not here. I checked everywhere. She is not there. "

Abhi stands up abruptly and ran to Pragya's room. He was shocked to see the condition of the room. It was all messed up with Pragya' s stuff. And a Saree was hanging from the window to the entrance. It looks as if Pragya has eloped.

Abhi looks around and was heart broken. Everyone starts to accuse Pragya that she loved someone else and so what she ran away from the mandap. Abhi became furious hearing what others said about his fuggi.

" Please every one stop talking about my fuggi, or else you will see my worst side. For which you will regret. And u all may leave from here!! "

Abhi went to Pragya 's room nd started to cry bitterly. That is when he noticed an envelope. He went near it and took it to read.

On top of the envelope it was written as THE LAST LETTER

He opened the letter hoping that it is from his fuggi. And yesssssss it is from her.

Dear love, I don't know whether I have the right to say you as my love after what I did. I know you will be blaming yourself for what I did. I am sorry Abhi, I can't marry you. Don't think that I don't love you, I love you more than myself. But I can't marry you. I was saying na that I am so lucky to get you in my life. But I am not that lucky to live with you. You may think why am I talking like this. Yesterday only i came to know that I have Cancer. I dont want to spoil your life by marrying you. I know you will be broken by heart. I am sorry. I love you. Go and open my cupboard, you will find a parcel. There will be few CDs, I know you cant live without me. So I have recorded all the videos to accompany in every moment. But you have to move on in your life. I want you to find love once again. Good Bye!!

With lots of love

Abhi's fuggi

Abhi was crying hard...


"Fuggi why did you leave me. You could have taken me with you na.


Then Abhi made it a daily routine to spend time with Pragya's parents. He started to concentrate more on his profession. Then as said by his fuggi, his fuggi accompanied him every where.

As Abhi is also looking after his fathers business, he has to go for a meeting at Switzerland the day after his fuggi's birthday. As its a meeting with a leading company in Europe, he can't cancel this meeting.

In Switzerland :

Abhi was very tired of travelling. He was on the way to his meeting.


Abhi felt something new after reaching here. He was waiting for the meeting to start. Not only his company but also many reputed companies from all over the world were present for the meeting.

So the time came for the meeting to start. Abhi became very impatient to leave that place. Abhi was expressionless to see the person coming inside.


" Good Evening ladies and gentlemen... I am Nikita, Founder of this company. As you all know, its a very important contract for all of us. We hope we tie hands with the best and All the best everyone. "

Abhi was shocked to see a look a like of his fuggi. Her style... Her dressing... Her way of speaking... Everything differs... But his heart screams to him that it is his fuggi.

Abhi was staring at pragya. I mean Nikita, but she did not pay any heeds to it.

After the meeting Pragya aka Nikita left the place in a jiff.

Abhi ran to the reception and enquired about Nikita aka Pragya. They said that she left home just now. Abhi ran as fast as he could and saw her moving towards the parking. He started to shout her name. She started to run, but stopped as he came near her. She turned and gave a "What do you want?" look.


In between his breath " OMG!! Were you an athlete in your previous birth? Okay okay don't prove it by running again. I can't run more than this. Coming to the point, Fuggi you look so hot in this dress. Actually I was awestruck to see you like this. " before Abhi could complete.

" Wait...Wait... Let me speak. What are you blabbering something. And who is this fuggi? I think you are talking to me thinking me to be someone else " said Nikita

" What is the proof that you are not my fuggi"

" Oh hello I am not your fuggi.. I am Pragya Arora" just then she realized what she said, "I mean Nikita Patel"

"Wow, Where did u learn to tell lies? Why I am asking is, they cheated you. Because you don't know to lie even 1 percent."

"Okay, I accept that I am Pragya, please leave me!"

"I want to talk to you, right now. I can't wait anymore. "

" Okay come with me, It is not good to talk here." said Pragya.

" Where? "

" to my house "

They moved to Pragya's place. Abhi was surprised to see such a building.

There was a pin drop silence prevailed in that room. Abhi turned towards Pragya.

"Why are you looking at me like this? "


" Don't disturb me.nI am thinking something. If u disturb me, my mind won't work. "

" May I know what madam is thinking? "

" I am imagining how your kids will look. I haven't seen them na. That is why I am imagining. First tell me one thing. Whether it is He/She? "

" Oh hello Madam hold on. You know how much I was angry on you. But see after seeing you I completely forgot my anger. Why did you left me? Am I that bad? Do you know how I suffered without you these days. "

Pragya started to cry...

" I am sorry Abhi. I left you because I don't deserve you. "

" Tell me everything clearly. "

" Okay, before the day of our marriage I came to know that I have Cancer. I don't want to spoil your life. So I recorded those videos and wrote that letter and kept it in the place where you will see. Then I thought to go far from you. So I came here. I started to concentrate on my profession. Then my friend forced me to go for an operation. Without any other go I went for it. The operation was successful. You may ask why can't I come back to you? I don't have courage to face you all after what I have done, not only that I can't see you with another girl. And now I am standing here before you"

Abhi don't have words to express his happiness. He quickly hugged her tightly.


After breaking the hug.

" Mr.Abhi you are married!! "

" Who said that I am married and I am having kids. All these are your assumptions about me. I already said you don't come to conclusions before knowing anything. "

" Then you are not married. Then what about your promise. I asked you to promise me na. To move on in your life. It means you don't value your promise to me na. "

" For your kind information, the time you gave me is ending today. And as I promised I got my love. "


" Very smart!!! I LOVE YOUU "

" I LOVE YOU TOO!! Promise me that you won't leave me like last time. "

" I promise!! "



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