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Eva Albertson, a sincere police officer who had previously given up on her dream of being a writer to fulfill her beloved father's of becoming a cop, was desperate to prove herself worthy in the eyes of her irascible chief. All her efforts of keeping up a good image comes crashing down to earth when a team of robbers take over the city. Facing many more hardships due to them she makes it her mission to find them. Her life takes a major turn when she meets Ryan Patrick, a cheerful and carefree yet smart and clever guy, who is the master brain behind the robberies. During her investigation, mostly with Ryan's knowledge, a series of episodes lead them closer. What will happen if she is to choose between him and her duty? --------- Ryan stealthily leaned forward resting his elbows on the table, followed by Eva's defensive backward movement. "I'll give you 5 days. Investigate all you want, if necessary you'll get my cooperation too" he spoke with a shameless simper. "But if you fail ..." he continued. "If I fail?" she questioned shifting to a firm look which was formerly a confused one. sitting back down to his seat, keeping up his signature goofy smirk, he said "You'll see dear". She eyed his slight movement, sighing a deep breath. Without having a second thought and being her contentious self she answered "challenge accepted!"

Romance / Thriller
Violet nyan
Age Rating:

#Chapter 1- Hidden behind the mask

"Alex, John and philip stay alert. Keep an eye on any suspicious person passing by".

"Yes Sir".

" Andrew, make sure the jammers are effective and inform me right away if the CCTV footages buffer".

"Noted sir".

"And Eva, be extra vigilant. Knock anybody down who comes to the rooftop".


On receiving the orders Eva diverted her attention back on the metal door that led the way to the rooftop. Squatting behind a huge pile of cardboard boxes with her black pistol pointing upwards and a focused vision she anticipated for their arrival.


Well their name is unknown and so is their identity, in fact how many is also unreveiled. They are the most wanted robber in town. Six robberies in four months, yet not the smallest of the smallest hint about them has been found.

No evidences, no cctv footages, even their escape is undetected.

They are clean workers.

Even so, the number of fans and supporters they have is pretty huge. Mostly due to their peculiar style of robbery.

A card is always sent to the police, informing the date, time, and amount of money to be taken. The card is always signed with a "J". Thought tight security is arranged by both, cops and group to be robbed, at the end of the day both are found helpless as the money heist has successfully taken place.

Eva's team of cops was led by James, a generally hot headed man in his early thirties. Due to his extreme short tempered personality, he is feared by his juniors, in times even his higher officials. Their force along with a huge team of other cops had taken over the building where an engagement party was on light. The group was informed 2 days before the venue in order to prevent them from canceling it. They had to face many discomforts due to the safety measures taken by cops. And so, even minor mistake from the cop's side was capable of creating huge problems.


A loud gasp left Eva's mouth as she made the slightest effort in stretching her legs, after squatting for more than 20 minutes.

"If I get those idiots, I'll make sure they pay for the pain my legs are going through!"

She muttered under her breath out of pure frustration.

'Why in the world do they even wanna rob on a Saturday!' She thought.

Losing all patients she sat down with a thug while continuously curing the bandits with the few bad words she knew.

The magnificent view of brightly lit up ocean of high rise buildings in the breezy night did no good to her. All she carved for was the warm and ambient atmosphere of her house. Thoughts of the food she would have gotten to eat if she was home intensified her growing hunger, causing her mouth to water.

'First of all I couldn't have my lunch and now l'll miss the dinner too! Hell to my life' she thought.

'Mom was up to making something special tonight .. what was it ?... Pizza? no macaroons-' the shuffling sound of books againt the rough floor cut her thought off. Her body stiffened. Returning from the world of imagination she confirmed her grip on the gun while getting back on feet.

Peering through the gap between the boxes she saw a guy, cloaked in black with a backpack on, standing about a meter away from the railing.

"Bro, get ready we'll be leaving in about 5 minutes ... me? In the rooftop .......ok then" she heard him say.

Furtively inching towards him she spoke "Hands in the air!", while pointing the gun right to his head.

With a flinch he turned, "God! You scared me!", he uttered. Though his complete profile was visible, the face remained cover by the shroud of a black mask.

"Hey there!" his cheerful voice rang disturbing the taciturn atmosphere. Acting completely unbothered she declared though her earpiece "Sir, I got him, in the rooftop". "I'll be there in no time. Make sure he doesn't get away" James replied in a rush as she straightened her firm grip against the pistol.

"You could have waited .. too bad we can't talk for long!" he whined to which she gave zero response. "I don't understand why you guys are always in such a hurry!" he commented with his hands raised. "That's because we don't have much time to waste unlike you" she shoot back. "Well said" he replied with a chuckle, "its good to know that even gorgeous ladies like you work in the police department" he spoke in a flirty manner. "Shut up and keep your hands straights", she maintained a straight face. "Girls like you are really an inspiration for us robbers" he continued. "Shut up, or I won't hesitate a bit in shooting you!" she threatened. "Those deep black eyes, brownish hairs angelic voice-..." SHUT UP! "She cut him off in pure rage." Well I will ha-.. great! You colleagues are here!" He completed his sentence with annoyance.

'Thank god I can't tolerate him any-' her eyes met with nothing but the silver metal door wide open as she looked behind.

It was his ruse.

Hearing the swirling sound of low winds disturbed by the hauling of boots, her head shoot up in the direction. On seeing him lean against the railing, her eyes widened in terror realising what he was up to. "Don't!" she mouthed a low whisper to which his only response was a smirk, a very dangerous one. The next second she made her expeditious movement, dashing towards the most wanted bandit, who had already pushed himself off the building. In the air, falling downwards, with no support attached and almost flying he saw her hand extending towards him. She on the other side was leaning forward, crushing her weight on to the railing, while extending her hand to the furthest, targeting his collar. Fortunately or unfortunately she was unable in getting a grip on to his shirt, but she was lucky enough in clutching on to his mask, dissolving it from his face.

She saw him.

She had gotten a glimps of the person who was not only a notorious criminal but also the one whose pressence was about to reshape her destiny. Indeed she had seen his face in the weirdest way possible. He was descending back to earth, while she had more than half of her body off the railing.

A parachute opened up from his backpack, securing him a safe landing, way beyond the reach of cops. The one in trouble was Eva. Staring down at the black mask, preparing herself to face the fury of her chef, she informed through her earpiece

"Sorry sir, I lost him!".


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