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When I woke up my head was hurting very badly, I was not able to move my body and then I realised that I had a plaster on my left arm. Then I looked around to figure out where I was and what happened last night. I was just thinking and suddenly heard a voice coming from outside. I went outside to see who was there. 'Who brought me here and what happened last night?' When I went outside I saw two men dressed like bodyguards. They were talking about something, I wasn't able to hear anything from this distance so I walked closer to ask about last night. But as i tried to walk I started feeling dizzy and fainted. As I woke up I saw a a man sitting beside me. He had broad shoulders, grey stormy eyes and tan skin. He was one of those men whom I saw talking earlier. He was wearing a white shirt and the sleeves were folded, his tan skin was visible through his open collar and grey trouser with something on the belt. Something which seemed like a gun. What???? A GUN. A fucking gun. I was so frightened.😱😱😱😱

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A ray of sunlight was coming through the window. It is a beautiful morning. Today is Sunday but it is not a usual sunday. It is a special day for me. "Happy birthday Alex, Wake up! Why are you still sleeping? Wake up Alex it's 9:00 am already. Your parent's flight must have arrived" a voice brought me back from my thoughts. I am very happy today because I am going to see my parents after 4 years. I am very excited as it is my first birthday that I am going to celebrate with my parents after so long. I can't believe that today I turn 25. I opened my eyes and walked towards my cupboard to take out the clothes that I was going to wear for today. "Come on Alex, your parents must be waiting for us at the airport. We have to leave soon to pick them up, be quick" said Blake (my roommate and my best friend). I dressed up quickly and went to airport with Blake. Now its 10:30 am. We have been standing here for the last one hour but there is no sign of my parents. "Let's go to the cafe nearby.Their flight has been delayed we'll wait for them there." Blake said and we started walking towards cafe. As we were walking towards the cafe I got a call from an unknown number when i picked the call I realized that it was my dad. "Dad where are you we have been waiting for you so long" I ask a little worried. "Alex, Mom and Dad are really sorry but we can't come to meet you today. Your younger sister is sick and she's hospitalized we need to stay here and take care of her, please forgive us we will come soon to meet you, okay? Sorry Alex but I have to go now, bye". I was hurt like hell it felt like my heart was torn apart. This feeling was killing me from inside. Seeing my painful expressions Blake asked "What happened why are you looking so sad?" "It was my Dad, he said that they couldn't come to see me because my sister is not well .It's okay let's just go home and prepare for tonight". "Are you sure that you still want to attend that party?"Blake asks a little concerned. Yes I am sure, it's my birthday and I can't spoil it because of someone who doesn't care about me." I say. Today I'll meet my favourite person,my dream girl, my crush, my love-Patricia Arquette."Patricia Arquette is also coming there?"asked Blake. "Yes Patricia is also coming but not to attend the party. I heard that she will be attending a press conference in the same hotel in order to promote her new movie".

"I have never seen you getting attracted towards any girl I know you since your childhood even in college you were popular for your looks still you never gave any girl any chance then why so attracted towards a film star,you know that even if you like her nothing changes, you two are from different worlds"said Blake.

"I myself don't know that why am I attracted towards her the only thing that I know is that when I saw her first time I forgot about all my problems and my way of seeing things changed. I even started understanding worth of my parents. She's the reason I love my parents and understand their helplessness. I am attracted not just towards her body but there's something in her soul that pulls me towards her. Something that I can't deny". I answered.

Then we walked out of the cafe and took a cab to the hotel where the party was held. As we got out of the cab, I saw Patricia so I asked Blake to go inside and told him that I'll join him soon. I was watching Patricia from afar. She was wearing a white corseted silk chiffon gown with french lace and leather details and was carrying a perry clutch matching with her outfit and a white pair of stilettos which was looking amazing on her. She was looking like fairy who just landed on earth. Even though I was standing at a distance, I was mesmerized by the view. Her smile when she was speaking and that innocence in her eyes was pulling me. When she smiles her eyes sparkle like a green emerald stone and that adorable dimple on her cheek. How can someone resist such beauty.

I started walking towards her but then Blake called me and said that he and my other friends were waiting for me in hotel, when I looked back Patricia was not there anymore so I decided to go back to the hotel.

I walked into the room that I booked for the party tonight. When I went inside there was no one in the room,I looked around it was all dark nothing was visible and suddenly I heard a loud voice "SURPRISE" As everyone started laughing. I was not able to figure out what was going on, I was really confused and then Blake came to me and said "Hey, birthday boy so how was the surprise did you like it?"

"Not really because I got scared for once LOL"I said

"Yeah, I understand scared puppy but there is one more surprise for you, look there" Blake pointed his finger towards the stage. When I looked at the stage my happiness was at another level.

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