Life of a lone wolf

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Bella Drake is a 17 year old wolf living alone. After escaping a rogue attack that killed her entire pack she decides to start her life afresh. But everything changes when the Santiago brothers take a liking to her and find out that she is a rogue. What does fate have in store for Bella

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one

Bella POV

My whole body ached after I had been running for 2 days since the army of rogue wolves attacked my pack. I started feeling to weak to run anymore so I looked around and saw a small lake I put the clothes from my mouth on the ground and I decided to take a break. After drinking water I decided to rest, as I sat on the ground I realized that since my pack was dead I was now a rogue. No pack would want to accept me because my I was an alpha, they would fear that I would try to take over the pack. They would probably just kill me on the spot. I would have to stay in hiding.

When I started running again I realized I was in unfamiliar territory. It was a town called Camden, it was very beautiful. I knew that I would have to blend in if I wanted to stay here but before I could shift I heard loud growls.

I turned and saw three large black wolves all growling at me, I put my clothes on the ground and then growled back at them. I could sense that they were alphas, probably brothers that is why their wolf forms looked the same. They were actually surprised at my response to their growls.

Then they asked, "Who are you?" I said nothing They growled and said "if you don't tell us then you will be killed" I pounced on the wolf on the left in anger and bit his leg causing him to howl in pain. I knew that was harsh but if I didn't do something they would have killed me in an instant.

The other two wolves were fuming with rage. I sensed their anger,grabbed my clothes in my mouth and ran hoping that I could find a place to shift and hopefully blend in with the rest of the town.

"You can't escape us you're in our territory " they snarled as they ran after me. One of them jumped on me and bit my back in return I bit his front leg, causing him to let go of me. I ran and when I came close to the town I shifted behind a tree and ran into town.

I sighed in relief as I realized that I lost them. I was starving so I headed to a diner to have some lunch. When I walked in a middle aged man greeted me "Hello, my name is John. I don't think that I've seen you before, are you new in town?" I nodded and he replied "Well then welcome to Camden.If you are you looking for a job you can work here as a waitress " I looked at the man so surprised it was as if he read my mind. "Yes I would love to work here I was going to ask you if you needed any help so thanks so much" I said happily.

"So why did you and your family move here" asked John. I hesitated and then replied "Umm, actually my family died so it's just me" John looked at me with sympathy and said "I'm sorry for your loss. But who are you staying with, you look around 16 or 17 so you couldn't have bought a place all on your own" " I actually don't have a place to stay" I said sadly. John stood there silently for a few minutes and he replied "Why don't you stay in my cabin in the woods? I don't ever stay there so you can stay as long as you like. " I was shocked but I was so happy and said that I would be very grateful to be able to stay in the cabin.

John spent the rest of the day telling me about the job and that I would start tomorrow. He told me about the town and then he gave me the keys to the cabin and told me the directions. It wasn't that far off from the town and because it was in the forest I could shift whenever I needed to. It was very beautiful and cozy, it had a little sitting room with a fireplace and a kitchen that looked adorable. The bathroom and the bedroom didn't disappoint either. Then I layed down on the bed and began to think that after all the terrible things that happened to my pack I could finally start my life afresh.

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