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Evangaline Bennett is a small town girl. At the age of 15 her mother dies meaning she no longer has any one to protect her from her fathers abuse. That is untill one day they have to move due to her father work. Jackson Hunter is the heir to the Blood Rose Pack the most powerful and fear packs in America. On one fated day he will meet his mate, but what he finds is not what he expected. Will they be able to get over the obstacles in their way and be together or will it be to much or them to over come?

Romance / Fantasy
4.5 21 reviews
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Athours Note 08/11/20

Hey guys I have chosen to go back through the currently published chapters and change some parts, for the people who have already read them, I suggest going back over them as they make more sense now and I’m much happier with that I have written. I am still going through them but you will know if it has been updated as it will have edited now in the chaper title.


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