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Chapter Nine

"She will not go with me," said the annoying elder sister, Davina.

"Yes she will, you have to take her with you." Cole insisted.

Okay, well how happy should one feel when none of the two people who were assigned to take you the venue of your own wedding is not willing to take you, moreover, they are arguing about it.

"Why don't we do a thing? If none of us wants to take her to the venue then let her be here. I can certainly find a new bride and a much better one. There will be a lot of high-class people, who will be attending the wedding today, many of them are attracted towards Auden. They would surely agree for becoming his bride on spot." I wished what she said was just her normal way of joking around with people but it wasn't. She said it and meant it. I know I am not that good but hearing these hateful things still makes me feel sad and lonely. I looked up at Cole and was shocked when I found him thinking about the offer Davina just made.

If my heart wasn't broken yet, it surely did now. Even Cole thinks that I am a low-class girl with no manners. He had been ignoring me since the kiss we both shared yesterday. Of course, he would think that I am some dirty whore, who is looking around for a rich guy to trap and get married. I don't think that my heart can bear it anymore. He was the only person who cared for me and because of a stupid move, I lost him too. I internally curse myself for being so inconsiderate. I should have never done such a thing, I am an idiot, complete idiot.

"I will be taking her, you both can go now," said a voice from behind. I turned to look at the handsome face of my cousin, Xavier. Xavier is the twin of Mia, son of Aunt Maddie. He also used to tease me but he didn't do anything as extreme as Mia used to do. In fact, sometimes he had my back when Mia and Maddie insulted me. If it wasn't for him I know that I wouldn't have survived in that house for long. But the real question here is, what the heck is Xavier doing here now?

β€œOh, Xavier! What a great timing” exclaimed Davina, clearly happy that she doesn't have to go with me.

β€œOkay, so we are going now,” Cole said and walked away without baring me another glance.

Once they were gone Xavier paraded towards me, I got up from the couch and hugged him. β€œLily, I missed you so much,” Xavier said hugging me back tightly and just like that the thought of me being all alone in this world vanished from my mind, bringing the old warmth and affection by my brother back to me. I controlled my tears as I remembered those childhood days with my family.

β€œJess, stop bothering yourself, you can't catch me, I am faster than you,” I said running faster, with Jessica trying to catch me from behind. She stopped running and smiled a devilish smile.

β€œOh you are right Ash, you are so fast that I cannot catch you but someone else can,” I turned to look at Xavier as he opened his arms and picked me up from the ground.

β€œThis not fair, you are so big and a lot stronger than me. Wait till I get older then you won't be able to catch me like you do now.” I said trying to get down but he stubbornly held me in the air.

He then brought me down making my feet touch the ground. I glared at him.β€œI will always be able to catch you, Lily,”

β€œNo you won't Xavy, one day I will run away from you so fast that you would never be able to catch me again,” I said fleeing away making Jess and Xavy chase me again.

β€œI missed you more Xavy. I missed you more.” I stated pulling back from his arms, he kissed my forehead pulling me towards the door. β€œCome on, we need to be there on time and we need to do something important before it.” I went along, confused for the millionth time in these three days.

We get into the car and the driver starts the engine. Xavier looked at me excepting me to speak my thoughts out loud, me being me couldn't help myself and attacked him with thousand questions.

β€œDo you know them? How do you know them? Why did you come here to pick me? Where are we going? Why are you not answering me?” I inquired. He started chuckling and shook his head at my childish behaviour.

β€œStop laughing at me and answer my questions, idiot Xavy.” I squealed trying to scold him.

β€œOk, ok, I am sorry, and to answer your questions, yes, I know them. I work for Mr Rockefeller, Auden's father, as an assistant. He told me to make you sign some papers before marrying Auden, we are going to the venue directly but from a longer route.” He explained as a sharp turn made me fall off my seat. The car comes to a halt and three jeeps came to our view.

β€œLily, don't come out of the car. I will join you after a minute okay and don't panic. If you feel like anyone is coming towards you, just open the door and run as fast as you can.” He said getting out of the car.

I tried to calm myself down as ten muscled men step out of the jeep. They all had scars and looked deadly as hell. I noticed Xavier taking out a gun from his jacket as he walked towards them. Even with a gun, I knew that Xavier couldn't beat them.

Please, God, don't let them hurt my brother. Don't take away someone I love again. As if God heard my plea, another car came into view. Austin with three other men strolled in his direction. Out of nowhere, the firing began, I covered my ears preventing them from the loud noise.

The firing continued for several minutes, till there was nothing else but smoke filling the air. I did not panic because I very well knew who had won. The smoke cleared and I saw five figures standing alive. Xavier's face was visible now.

He whispered something to Austin and headed towards our car. I sit there perfectly normal like nothing ever happened. It wasn't because I was shocked but I really didn't care about it anymore. The day my parents died, things this stopped bothering me. Unless they were related to the few people who still cared for me and loved me.

Xavier entered the car and checked on me. β€œAre you okay?” he inquired. β€œYes I am completely fine,” I answered him as the driver started the car.

β€œSo, Mr Rockefeller wanted you to sign these papers before marrying Auden. He said that if you have problem with any clause in the contract, you can back out from the deal right now.” He said looking at me hopefully, his eyes clearly wanted me to refuse but I couldn't. I know he couldn't tell me to do it because this would be a part of violating his duties as Anthony's assistant and I couldn't back out because of my love for Ryder.

He handed me the papers with a pen and I signed the contract without reading it. β€œLily, you don't even have an idea what you are getting yourself into by marrying him. Tell me now and I will tear these papers down for you. Don't destroy your life, please.”

β€œWhere were you Xavy when your mother and sister were destroying my life. You weren't able to save me then, so please don't interfere in my business now.” I uttered bitterly without looking at him.

The car stopped and I got out of it without waiting for Xavier to come out. The place was empty so it was easy to find the bride's room.

I got inside the room to find it filled with almost ten women, which I think were here to get me ready.

β€œAre you the bride?” A woman in her mid-twenties asked me.

β€œAre you crazy? How could she be the bride? She is so average looking. Remember Julie, the ex-wife of Mr Rockefeller, she was so beautiful, this girl doesn't even have 10 per cent of her beauty. Are you one of the workers here?” Another woman with blond hair asked me. Somehow her comments and her looks reminded me of Davina.

β€œUnfortunately, she is the bride, Mina.” Davina intruded, speak of the devil and the devil appears.

β€œOh! I am so sorry Ma’am. I didn't mean to disrespect you.” the lady said genuinely looking sorry.

β€œNo need to be sorry, hun. You didn't say anything that wasn't true,” Davina yet again intruded. Why can't this woman keep her mouth shut for a minute? She is really irritating.

Before I could say anything, again someone else spoke up but this time it didn't frustrate or irritate me because β€œYou are right Davina she doesn't need to say sorry,” Auden said entering the room, the lady seemed to relax a bit. β€œBecause you won't be given any more chances to repeat the same mistake,” he added and the lady paled, trembling in fear.

Auden stopped in front of her and lowered his eyes, directly looking at her. β€œNo one can disrespect our family and this girl, here,” Auden said pointing at me, β€œis going to be my wife in a few hours. So I will tell my guards to throw you out of this place in order to give others a lesson on how to behave with my wife,” he continued, my eyes widened at his statement. This guy surely had no mercy. I need to do something to save the poor girl from him.

β€œShe was just joking around,” I said turning his attention towards me. β€œYour respect isn't a joke to me,” his words seemed to melt something inside me. I was glad that he cared about me, even if it was because of this marriage.

β€œShe wasn't joking about me. She was talking to another girl because she said that she liked you and wanted to become your wife.” I said trying to stop him. It wasn't false, I did hear a girl talking about it when I was about to enter the room. His brows furrowed and then relaxed as understanding dawned him.

β€œOkay,” he nodded and went out of the room. The lady in question looked like she would fall any minute. β€œAre you okay?” I inquired raising a brow.

β€œYes, thank you so much. If it wasn't for you today, I would have lost my job because of my stupid mistake,” she said and hugged me, I returned her hug and giggled at her behaviour.

β€œNo problem. You got into this because of me so it was my duty to get you out of this too.” I told her and she shook her head in denial.

β€œI got into this because of my deception. I was wrong, you are the most beautiful person, and I am not saying this because I don't wanna get killed. I am telling you this because if Julie was here at your place, she would have never done such a thing for me, and I forgot that real beauty lies within. You reminded me just now that how the beauty of our heart can change other opinions about us.”

I smiled in response as she dragged me towards the biggest chair in the room. β€œToday, I am going to show people how beautiful your simplicity is,”

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