My Definition Of Love

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Chapter Ten


My breath hitched and in my stomach, butterflies flew;

That's how I knew that I had found my Mr Right.

Looking at you, I knew, I had found my Mr Right.

There were a total of twenty beauticians and out those, only one was assigned to do my makeover, rest nineteen were Davina and her dear mother's makeup artists. I mentally rolled my eyes whenever I saw them ordering the girls like they were their personal servants. I really didn't like people treating others with this amount of rudeness, I mean, they were professional makeup artists who were helping us to outshine our beauty and show it to the world, they should be treated with respect and gratitude.

"I am done. Don't take much time getting ready. I really don't like people who waste their time in doing stuff like makeup and all, I believe in natural beauty, but I totally get it if you take longer than me, not everyone is as naturally beautiful as me." Mrs Rockefeller said, smirking in my direction, making it clear that for whom those words were said to.

First of all, the two had a total of 9 girls each to do their makeover while I, being the bride, had only one girl to help me get ready. Second thing, you all should have seen the amount of make-up this lady applies on her skin. No wonder, she looked 5 years younger than her age when I met her yesterday and why can't these people stop insulting me? I am a human-like them so why such different behaviour towards me?

She walked out of the room still smirking at me. Soon after her departure, her daughter followed her and all the girls went with them, including Mina who had already done my make-up. I just needed to put the dress on now.

I sat there waiting for someone to bring my wedding gown when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," I ordered. The door opened revealing Cole with my wedding gown in his hands. I walked over to him and took the dress from his hands.

"You didn't have to bring that by yourself, you could have told someone else to bring it," I told him not looking in his direction. I was still a little hurt by the act of ignorance he played with me. His awkwardness was clear and justified but he should have confronted me on that topic rather than ignoring my existence altogether.

"I wanted to meet you and apologize for the last night's stunt I pulled out on you. I am really sorry. I didn't mean to create such awkwardness between us. I...... I... I really like you. I know- I know I shouldn't say that to a lady who is going to marry someone else in mere minutes but I know the truth behind this marriage, Ash. I know this is all fake and I would want you to give me a chance after this act gets over. I really want you to give me a chance, please don't say no," he pleaded.

I sighed and placed the dress aside then hugged him tightly. "I would love to give you and me a chance after this act gets over," I whispered into his ears as my anger and disappointment vanishes. He wrapped his hands around my waist and smiled into my neck.

"Thank you, thank you so much," he said after we both pulled away from the hug.

"Thank you, Cole. If it wasn't for you I would have lost my best friend," I replied, he just stood their confused waiting for me to explain further.

"My best friend Ryder had an accident a few days ago. That day when we met at the hospital, I was there because of him. The hospital is expensive but gives the best treatment so I couldn't bring myself to shift to another hospital. The main problem is that we don't have enough money to pay the bills and when you offered the money I could only think of him. I know I should have told you about this earlier but I thought it was my business so I shouldn't involve you in this." I explained and saw the change in his expressions, what I saw was regret. Maybe he is regretting ever trusting me.

"I didn't know that you were doing it for your best friend, otherwise, I would have given you the money without making this deal. I am so sorry. I should have known that you aren't that kind of girl who can do anything for money." Oh, no! He just blames himself for everything that others do wrong. What should I do of you, Cole?

"That's exactly why I didn't tell it to you earlier," I said and he gave me a small smile which made me really happy.

"I too hid something from you," he said in a serious tone which scared me a little too much.

"What is it?" I asked knowing well enough that I wouldn't like it at all.

"Ash, I genuinely feel guilty for not mentioning this earlier. When you were unconscious and I brought you in my room. I did something. I know you won't like me doing it without your consent but I had to do it." Oh my God!! He didn't, please tell me he didn't.

"What?? What did you do to me? Cole, why? I trusted you so much and you did this to me. Why?" I cried and he started coming closer to me.

"I am so sorry Ash. I am really sorry. I shouldn't have done that without your permission. Please forgive me, but it was necessary and it was a part of our deal." he said stumbling backwards as I pushed him away.

"How was it a part of the deal? It wasn't. Don't you dare lie to me after doing such a disgusting thing." I yelled at him temporarily forgetting about the crowd of people behind the door.

"It was part of our deal. You didn't read the contract, did you? You should have read it before signing Ashley. It was clearly mentioned there that I am allowed to do it. I still didn't want to do it with you unconscious." Part of the deal? I seriously didn't read the contract properly. What did I do? I was on the verge of tears.

"I never knew that taking my virginity was a part of that deal otherwise I wouldn't have ever signed that freaking deal. I am so stupid. Oh god! I am such a fool. It's all my fault." I cried loudly. Cole's eyes' widened in what seemed like disbelief and after a few moments, he started laughing.

I stopped crying and stared at him totally confused. " I didn't have sex with you Ash, I didn't even touch you. God, Ash!! The extremity of your imagination never ceases to astonish me." he said between his fit of laughter.

"Then what were you talking about before. What did you do without my consent?" I asked still not believing him.

"I called a doctor and she took some tests related to your fertility. If you need to bear a child you need to be fertile, healthy and clean. That was what I was talking about, not what you thought." he explained still chuckling at my silliness.

"Oh!" As relief washes over me at knowing the truth, my cheeks reddened in embarrassment. I again made a fool of myself in front of him. Stupid Ashley. I mentally slap myself.

"So, you admit that you are a virgin after all," Cole said, closing the distance between us after he got over with his laughter.

I blushed and pushed him away. He smirked "I should get going now that everything is okay between us," he said and headed towards the exit.

He turned and looked at me for a while then said "You look beautiful when you blush or smile or do something cute like what you did today. Actually, you look beautiful every time. You are the most beautiful person in this world, Ash and your innocence makes you even more beautiful," making me blush again.

This guy is really a gem. I wish he gets everything he desires.

With his thought in my mind, I locked the door and went to change my clothes.

I was trying to get hold of the zipper of my gown when someone knocked on the door. I hastily placed the veil at my back, trying to cover it and rushed towards the door to check who was there.

I opened the door and there stood my lovely fiance in his elegant tuxedo, looking handsome as always. "Yes?" I asked him raising my brows.

"Tie," was his only reply as he presented a tie in front of me. I took it from him and smiled. For some reason, he didn't seem like a person who would reach out for help no matter how big or small it is.

I straightened his collar and he bent so that I don't have to stand on my toes. I let go of my veil and started doing his tie.

His eyes fell on my bare back as he pulled me closer and zipped my gown. We were very close which made me dizzy all of a sudden. I leaned on him for some support and his scent hit me making me dizzier.

His hands still rested on my lower back. I quickly did my work and looked up at him. He was wearing a weird expression something like pain or fear.

Pain or Fear? This guy who doesn't ever show any kind of emotions and is tagged as the most emotionless person in this family is showing emotions today and that too fear. Cole was totally right when he said that I was extremely imaginative. Emily had also warned me that living too much in my imagination world can affect my real world. I shook my head and pulled away from him.

"Thank you," I said and he nodded standing at the same spot as before. "Uhmm, I think it's almost time you should go. You must be present there before the ceremony starts." he again nodded but didn't move at all.

I stood there awkwardly burning under his hot gaze. He finally started edging towards the door. Once he was gone I sighed out in relief. That man is fire and I certainly am not ready to burn. So, it's better that I maintain my distance from him. But the question here is how do I save myself from him when I want to be near him. How do I stop myself from burning when my soul tells me to burn for him.

My only goal now is to not fall for anyone, because I believe that love is something that destroys everything and anything we have and I am already broken, this emotion will do no good for me.

Don't fall for any of them, Ashley. You are not ready for it. Love is not meant for you.


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