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Chapter Thirteen

"What the heck is happening here?" Oh no, did I just cuss in front of a kid? Well, it doesn't matter because the scene in front of me will always get this sort of reaction.

A little girl with blue eyes and honey-blond hair. She looked like an Angel, so beautiful and innocent, but you know what they say about appearances and them being deceptive.

The girl was pulling a maid's hair and she was the one who was throwing things on the floor, not the maid.

Both of them froze on hearing my voice. The little girl looked angry but her anger got replaced by fear upon seeing me.

"What are you doing, Angel? Leave her hair," she still looked afraid but she pulled her hands back. The maid nodded at me in acknowledgement and left the room.

I slowly walked closer to the little girl and bent in front of her.

"You didn't answer my question, Angel? What were you doing? Why were you pulling her hair?" I said softly, trying my best to not scare her anymore.

She looked up at me and then again shifted her gaze on the floor. "Hey, I won't tell anyone about this and I won't punish you or scold you. Tell me why were you doing it." I asked politely, gently lifting her chin to make her look at me.

"You won't tell anyone about this, and you won't even punish me for behaving badly in front of strangers?" she asked in a cute voice. Children could really melt my heart in seconds.

"Uhmm" I shook my head. She looked a bit relieved at this. This family must have been really hard on her to behave like this. A child, if treated rightly, will behave rightly. If parents punish or scold children too much they become stubborn and they start to feel lonely. I think this is the case in this house too. Everyone is controlled in this house.

"So, tell me the reason, sweetheart," I asked again waiting for her to answer.

"She was forcing me to sleep early and I don't want to sleep. I am not tired. I don't want to go to bed. I want to do something else." she said, opening up to me.

"Okay then, why don't we do something to make you tired so that you can sleep," I suggested and she started jumping in excitement.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she shouted. I immediately covered her mouth with my hand and pulled her to sit on the bed.

"Everyone is asleep, so we have to do everything very quietly," I whispered and she nodded frantically. "Okay," she whispered back, once I removed my hand from her mouth.

"What are we going to do?" she squealed in excitement. Children are literally the cutest thing in the world.

I kissed her forehead and made her sit on my lap."Why don't we start with an introduction?" I suggested. "Okay," she replied with enthusiasm.

"My name is Ashley. I am almost 19 and I like music, books, and children." I said smiling at her.

"Eww!! Who likes books? I hate books and children. They are so noisy and undisciplined," she said making a cute disgusted face and I giggled.

"You too are one of those noisy and undisciplined children," I said and she shook her head instantly.

"No, I am a very good and disciplined child," she disagreed.

"Okay, sorry for mentioning something you hate. Now your turn." I said pointing a finger at her.

"I am Angela Rockefeller and I like dolls, cars, and drawing. I love drawing. I will show you my drawings." she said wiggling, trying to get down from my lap. I let her go and she runs towards the little house of dolls. She picked some sheets from the back of the doll set and ran back to me climbing on my lap.

"See this. I made them in school," I grabbed the sheets and looked at the drawings. They weren't the kind of drawings a four-year child could make. They were much more beautiful and perfect.

"Wow!! They are so beautiful. You really are good at drawing. Actually, you are an excellent artist." I said appreciating her work.

"You really think so. I showed them to Daddy when I came back from school but he said that I shouldn't waste my time doing such things. I should focus on my studies." her face was no more brighten up by a huge smile.

"Hey, when you are good at something, you should persuade it, and if no one is there to appreciate you, you shouldn't just lose your hope and do whatever they tell you to do, but you should keep on doing it till the day someone notices it and helps you get better at it," I said consoling her. She beamed at me showing her cute dimple to me.

"You have the same blue eyes and a small dimple like Cole. So cute." I gushed at her pulling her cheeks.

"Do you know Uncle Cole?" she asked me in amazement.

"Yes honey, I know your Uncle Cole. He is a very good friend of mine, and you are exactly like him." I said, she really reminded me of Cole but she also had a little bit of Auden in her, 'I will do whatever I want' kind of attitude.

"I love him. He is the only one who understands me and talks to me. Everyone else just scolds me all the time. I don't like them at all." she mumbled sadly. These people really made this little girl's life hell.

"From now onwards he won't be the only one who you can talk to. You can always come to me if you face any problem or if you ever want to share something good or bad with someone. I will be always there for you, my little angel, " I proclaimed.

"You are so good to me. No one has ever been this good to me. They always think that I am mean and disrespectful towards them," she smiled and looked at me with those beautiful and innocent eyes.

"I am not being good to you, Angel. I am just treating you the way an angel should be treated." I said and laid her down on the bed.

"Now the time is up. You should sleep, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to go to school tomorrow, and if you don't go to school tomorrow you won't be able to draw anything, and I will be really disappointed if you don't draw. You know how much I love your drawings." I said tucking her under the covers.

"Go to sleep, my little Angel, " I whispered and kissed her forehead. I got up to leave but was stopped by her little hand that grabbed my wrist.

"Can't you sleep with me today? I feel good near you," she asked and I shook my head at her.

"No, I can't. I am sorry Angel, but the bed is too small we won't fit on it together, moreover I don't think anyone in your family would like it," I clarified but the stubborn little kid still didn't understand.

"Please, please, please, please. I promise I will sleep early every night. Please, please, please." she pleaded, pouting and showing me beautiful puppy eyes.

"Alright," I sighed adjusting myself on her bed. She wrapped her arm around my stomach, laying her head on my chest. I stroked her hair and we both fell asleep.


I woke up by the shrill noise produced by the alarm clock. The noise was deafening. Don't they know that this kind of loud sound is really bad for a child's mental health?

I slowly pulled away from Angela and picked up the alarm clock to turn it off. "Good morning, ” said an angelic voice from behind. "Good morning, Angel, " I replied as she hugged me wrapping her arms around my waist. I kissed the crown of her head and hugged her back.

If my every morning in this house is going to be like this, then I am ready to live my whole life here. "What is the time?" she asked still hugging me tightly.

"It's 7:00 am," I answered and she turned pale. "Oh, no!" she exclaimed in fear.

"Hey, are you alright, Angel," I asked her, a little worried.

"Breakfast time is 7:30 am and I am not ready. I will get scolded by Daddy again. I think this time Grandma will also punish me. I don't want to get punished." she mumbled and started crying. I can't describe the amount of pain I felt when I saw her cry in front of me. I really wanted to rip their heads off for causing my little angel to cry.

"Oh my little baby, don't cry. I will get you ready in a minute, you don't need to worry at all." I reassured her. She immediately stopped crying making me feel a little better. "Really? Thank you so much," she said jumping on the bed again.

"Yeah, now come here, we need to get ready quickly. We don't have much time." I said picking her up from the bed into my arms.

Gladly, I got her ready on time. She directly ran towards the door once she was ready.

"Come on Ashley, now it's your turn to get ready," I thought out loud as I head towards my room.

I really didn't have time to pick up nice clothes to wear and I didn't want to stay hungry the whole day like yesterday.

I walked down the stairs wearing a t-shirt with jeans. As expected, everyone was already gathered at the dining table and the servants were serving the food.

I sat on the empty chair next to Angela, giving her a quick smile. I looked around at others. Mr. Rockefeller was busy with his work and his eyes were daunted on the papers in front of him. Mrs Rockefeller was glaring at me and on the other hand, her daughter, Davina, was smirking at me.

What is it with this weird family? Auden was sitting next to me and his eyes were fixed on my clothes. I blushed and turned away from all of their gazes.

"Would you mind telling me what are you wearing and why are you wearing it?" Mrs. Rockefeller said bitterly, still glaring at me.

"I am wearing clothes," I said gazing at my food.

"Okay, so now you have got the courage to break my rules and talk back to me. You really have no idea what I am capable of doing to you," she said grinding her teeth.

I broke the rules. Cole said breaking the rules means getting kicked out of the house and getting kicked out of the house means the deal won't last. No, please God help me. I need to do something.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to insult you in any way," I regretted ever saying anything to her. Why do you get yourself into trouble every single time, Ashley? I mentally scolded myself.

"Sorry won't work now, my dear daughter-in-law. Every time anyone in this house breaks a rule they get punished and you broke two rules together, so your punishment should be doubled too," she said with an evil smirk on her face. What could be the worst kind of punishment she could give me? I will bear anything to live in this house. Now the reason isn't just Ryder's life but the little girl sitting next to me. I admit that I was a little afraid of the punishment but I won't step back from it.

"What is the punishment?"

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