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Chapter Fifteen

"What?" he yelled at the top of his lungs. "Stop shouting and help me to find the keys," I said frantically searching for them in the backseat.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed in horror. Why does it always happen to me? I am a serious troublemaker. I should have warned Cole for this day.

"What happened?" he asked aggravated. My hands shook and that awful memory of the worst day of my life.

"The key is stuck in a corner of the seat. My hand can't reach there," I explained, trying my best to cover my anxiety.

"Ash, have you lost your mind? I don't have the spare key with me How will I unlock the door now? You are totally crazy," he chided, and my eyes started watering. Cole's words didn't hurt me but my dark past did.


"Aunt Melissa, Ryder is being mean to me," I said poking Ryder's nose.

"Son, come here, why are you disturbing my little girl?" Uncle Sam scolded Ryder. We both went to him. I sat next to him as he kissed my forehead.

"Dad, why do you always scold me because of Ashley when I never do anything wrong at all? I am your son, you should love me more," he pouted, and I started giggling.

"You are becoming very naughty nowadays, and I scold you because you disturb my daughter every time," I smirked at Ryder earning a glare from him.

"Why are you both messing around with my son, huh?" Mom said ruffling his hair.

"Mommy, you are my mommy. Stop being affectionate towards him," I whined, and she poked my nose.

"Because I love both of you equally," she replied with a beautiful smile. She was my sunshine, without her I always felt lonely and dark.

"Come on everyone, we are going to be late. Get into the car fast," said my Dad, from the kitchen.

We all rushed out of the house and sat in the car. Ryder and my family decided to go on a holiday trip together, and now we were on the way to the airport.

"Hun, do we have everything we need or did you again forget something at home?" my dad asked my mom from the front seat.

"Of course, I have everything we need. I didn't forget anything. We have all the bags, the credit card, the files, and the passport," she replied taking out everything from her big handbag. My mom had a bad habit of forgetting things easily, we have returned from our vacation twice because either she left one of the bags at home or the credit card.

"I think you should stop the car, Sam," Mommy said frowning at the papers in her hand. "Why, what happened?" Uncle Sam asked, immediately stopping the car.

"I guess, I forgot the passport on the kitchen shelf," Mommy said dubiously looking at Uncle Sam.

We all groaned in unison, while Uncle Sam started driving back to our house.

Mommy and Daddy went out to pick up the passport. Uncle Sam had parked the car at the other end of the road so that it doesn't take much time for us to reach the airport.

"Mom, I am hungry," said Ryder clutching his tummy dramatically.

"Okay baby, I will bring you some food from the kitchen," Aunt Melissa replied getting out of the car.

"I am also coming with you," Uncle Sam declared following Aunt Melissa.

Mommy and Daddy must have heard them coming because they both turned back.

"Hey Sam, lock the car, otherwise the kids would come out of the car fighting on silly things," Daddy shouted and Ryder and I both frowned at each other.

Uncle Sam rushed back to us while Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Melissa waited in the middle of the road for him.

"We aren't kids, Dad. We are 14 now. We are teenagers, we won't run around and get caught in an accident or something," Ryder said in irritation and I nodded my head in agreement.

"Safety comes first, son, " he said locking the car. "Don't fight until we are back," he chuckled and joined them as they headed towards the house.

Suddenly a jeep came rushing towards them. Before we had time to realise what was happening. The jeep knocked four of them.

We both screamed in horror and tried to open the car. It took time for us to come out of our shock and realise that the car was locked.

We both yelled and punched at the window but nothing happened. No one came to help us. We both cried the whole time but no one was there to hear our cries. We were shocked, depressed, afraid, and crushed but no one was there to share our pain. We both went limp after an hour of struggle and looked at the lifeless bodies of our parents.


I felt helpless that day, completely helpless. The same way I felt when I heard of Ryder's condition, the same helplessness I felt right now.

I panicked and started screaming, kicking, and punching on the door. "Take me out, please. Take me out of this car. I want to get out of this car, please help me, please," I started sobbing hysterically.

"Hey, Ash, everything is gonna be okay. I am going to get you out of here," I was not able to focus on anything else, I felt suffocated and trapped. I only wanted to get out of here.

"Help me! Someone, please help me," I shouted again and again. Tears streamed down my face. I can't die today. I need to bring Ryder back and then I need to help Angela too. I cried harder scenes of that day came rushing to my mind and made me punch the windows harder.

"Ashley, you will hurt yourself. What are you doing?" came a familiar voice from outside the car.

"Ashley threw the keys on the backseat and now it is stuck in the nook of the seat. I think she is panicking," Cole explained to the familiar person.

"I have the spare key, wait for a second," the person replied and then silence took over the place, the only thing that was screaming was that memory in my head. I tried so hard, I really tried very hard but I could never get it out of my head. It keeps on repeating again and again.

Suddenly, someone opened the car door and an arm circled my waist, pulling me out of the car, and I saw the face of the person who saved me from dying today.

"Auden," I whispered clutching his jacket as he picked me up in his arms. "Yeah, it's me, now stop panicking. Let's go home," he said and opened the door of his car and put me on the seat. Cole joined us in the backseat and Auden drove the car to the house.

During the ride, I didn't utter a word and just sat there looking out of the window. It was so difficult to get over that incident in the beginning. I just wouldn't get into a car because I was afraid that I will get locked again. Auden's arrival calmed me a little, but it didn't help me get over the depression and loneliness.

We reached the house and both of the men got out of the car, I didn't even bother to move an inch from my seat.

Someone opened my door and two hands grabbed me by my shoulders. I looked up to see Cole's hand on my one shoulder while Auden had placed his hand on the other. Auden looked coldly towards Cole, removed Cole's hand from my shoulder, and picked me up.

"She is my wife, Cole. Limit your distance and relationships with her, the outcome could be very disastrous," he warned him walking away.

As soon as we got inside the house, Auden's mother greeted us with her insults. "Here comes the queen. Why are you all standing, bow to your queen," she said mockingly.

"Mom, she doesn't look well. Please stop," Davina pleaded, genuinely looking concerned.

"Shut up Davina. How dare you talk to me like that," she yelled and I started trembling in fear, clutching to Auden's jacket even tighter. I can't describe the emotions I was feeling then. I didn't want to hear anything or feel anything, I wanted to be left alone. I wanted to let the pain take over me so that at least I don't feel it again.

"Elizabeth, stop it," Cole yelled at her. Auden ignored all of them as he brought me upstairs in my room. He laid me down on the bed but I didn't take off my hands that we're clutching his jacket.

"I have to go now," he said trying to pull away from me. I shook my head as tears started forming in my eyes.

"I have to go," he said again and I shook my head again. He tried pulling away, this time successful in his attempts. I turned away from him as I started crying. He won't be with me. He doesn't even like me. I have to suffer alone just like I do every single day.

I sobbed harder into the pillow but I didn't hear him move from his place. He placed his hand on my cheek and I hugged it tightly to my chest. I didn't even know when I drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

I woke up by the small shuffling sounds from the door. I gradually opened my eyes to see Angela standing at the door with tears in her eyes. She rushed to me and hugged me. "I am so sorry, you had to bear the punishment because of me. I am so sorry," Oh God, I don't know about Cole or Auden but I have definitely fallen in love with this little angel in my arms.

"No sweetheart, It wasn't your mistake. I was the one who didn't follow the rules, and by the way, I didn't get any punishment, all thanks to your Uncle Cole," I said wiping her tears and kissing her cheek. She looked up at me with her ocean blue eyes and flashed a dazzling smile at me.

"You didn't look well, so I thought that Grandma must have punished you," she said getting off me. Boy, she is observant.

"No, actually I was just a little tired, so I took a long nap," I lied and she mumbled a small okay.

"Angel, when does your Daddy return from his work," I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"He returns late at night, but today he was still in the house when I came back. He never returns this early, not even on my birthday. He must be in his room," she answered wandering around my room.

"Okay, I have to talk to him about something important. Stay here, I will be back soon,"

"Alright, I will be waiting for you. Then we will play together," she replied examining my things.

I went out of the room, searching for Auden's room. This place is so freaking massive. I don't know which one is Auden's room.

"Don't call me for unnecessary things. I am a very busy man, don't waste my time over your unworthy business,". A cold voice, full of attitude and disrespect, of course, it is Auden. I grinned and followed the direction of his voice.

I entered the room without knocking it, only to irritate Auden. He was standing near the chair turned towards the table. He didn't notice me enter the room. I tapped on his shoulder and he turned back, I wasted no time in hugging him.

"Thank you,"

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