My Definition Of Love

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Chapter Sixteen

"Thank you," I whispered into his ears.

"What the hell are you doing in my room? Why are you here? Who gave you permission to enter my room and touch me? Get off me! Get the hell out of my room," he yelled throwing me against the wall. I was shocked at his reaction, Cole said that he was emotionless, and anger does count in emotions, especially when it is shown with this much intensity.

"What happened?" Mr. Rockefeller inquired, entering the room, Mrs. Rockefeller and Davina followed him.

"Who gave you permission to enter my son's room?" she asked angrily, I straightened up and ignored them all, quietly exiting the room. I don't deal with insults nicely, I just walk away, and let people say whatever they want to. It's not like I don't get hurt by their comments, but it is how I save myself from embarrassment and anger.

I opened the door of my room, carefully locking it after I get inside. "Angel, come here please,"

I said and she rushed over to me. I hugged her, lifting her in my arms. "I love you, you are the best person in this world. The most beautiful and kind girl. I love you, "

It's one of my weird ways of dealing with hatred, I appreciate others if someone depreciates me. I make others feel good and worthy whenever I feel bad or unworthy myself.

"I love you too," she said and kissed my nose. No Ashley, don't cry in front of her. Be strong for her sake at least. "Thank you, Angel. I really needed it," I confessed putting her back on the ground.

"Can I ask you something?" she questioned me and I nodded. "What should I call you?"

"Nice question. You can call me Ashley, Ash, Lily or-"

"Can I call you Mommy?" she asked out of nowhere. I was in a daze, did she just say what I just heard? Or is there something wrong with my ears?

"What did you ask Angel? Can you please repeat?" I asked her, holding my breath.

"I asked you if I could call you Mommy," she replied clearing my confusion. She wants to call me Mommy, how can she call me that. I am not worthy to be called a mother of such a perfect child, moreover, I can't be selfish enough to steal away a daughter from her real mother. I can't do it.

"No, Angel you can't call me that," I said softly and sat on the edge of my bed.

"Why can't I call you Mommy? I want to call you Mommy, and Aunt Davina told me that you married my Daddy, so you will be my Mommy, right? I will call you Mommy, " she declared and sat next to me folding her arms stubbornly.

"Yes, I did marry your father but you can't call me Mommy. Your family won't like it at all," I explained to her but she was not ready to listen to me.

"I will not call you Mommy in front of others but I can still call you Mommy when no one's around, "

"But-" she didn't let me say anything and covered my mouth with her hand to shut me up.

"Please..." she pleaded showing me her puppy eyes again. I always fall into her trap.

"Alright," I said removing her hand from my mouth.

"Yehe!!" she cheered applauding in victory. "I love you, Mommy, "

"I love you too, Angela," I replied and she frowned at me.

I mirror her frown, wearing a questioning look on my face. What did I do wrong? I asked myself.

"I like Angel, not Angela. Call me Angel," she demanded, sulking.

"Okay, Angel. I will call you Angel only, " I said making her smile. It never feels like she is someone else's daughter, I always feel like she is my own. She is the only person after my mom who could make me smile when I am sad, and whose smile could brighten up my whole day.

"Let's play with my dolls," she said running out of the room.

"Don't run Angel, you will fall,"

"Okay Mommy, I am going slowly," she said walking like a turtle to her room, I giggled at her cuteness.

"My sweet, Angel," I muttered under my breath.

"You can never take Julie's place in our lives," Davina said leaning on the door.

"I don't want to take her place. I never wanted to take her place in your life. Don't forget that I wasn't the one to ask your brother to marry me and the way you all treat me I would have never married him if Cole wouldn't have insisted me to," I retorted and she went away giving me a hard look.

β€œYou will soon be thrown out of this house,"


"I want to eat some ice cream,"

"No, it's night and you can't eat ice cream at night it's bad for your teeth,"

"But I want to eat some ice cream,"

"Please, please, please. You know that I love ice cream. Why don't you let me eat some then,"

"No Mommy, you can't eat ice cream right now," Angela said sternly. We both were sitting on her bed when suddenly an urge to eat ice cream overcame my all other senses.

"Come on Angel, I know that you have a secret mini fridge here, " I whispered, winking at her and her eyes widened.

"How did you know that I had a secret fridge in my room?" she asked shocked.

"I was just kidding Angel, but it seems like you do have one. How come you have a mini-fridge in your bedroom and no one in the family knows about it?" I was totally surprised but I was glad that she didn't suffer much because of the idiotic rules of this family.

"Uncle Austin brought me one when I had to sleep hungry because I didn't come down at the exact time of dinner," she explained looking guilty.

"Aww, baby!! It's alright. You know that your Uncle Austin won't go against his family for something he feels is right. He knows that it is wrong to keep a little angel hungry, you don't have to feel guilty about it," I said and placed a kiss on her temple.

"Okay," she replied with a light smile. "So where is that secret fridge then?" I said looking around the room.

"You won't come to know like this. Come with me, I will show you," We got up from the bed with her leading the way.

"It is in the closet. Only one maid enters my closet every day for cleaning it, and Uncle Austin ordered her to never let anyone know about it," she explained as we reached the closet. She dashed to the corner of the closet and started pilling all the clothes in the second last column clearing the last one.

"Here," she said lifting the last cloth, revealing a mini-fridge. "Wow!" I exclaimed with joy and reached out to help her drag it a little closer to us.

I opened the fridge and my mouth started watering seeing all kinds of desserts and snacks in it.

We picked our favorite flavors and without wasting time we started eating it.

"Now you are busy spoiling Angela. I should have known it already. You are a troublesome and stubborn child, and now you want Angela to become like you," said the person whom I have recently started to hate way too much.

I turned towards Auden and gave him a bored look. "Be grateful that I am not teaching her to become like you because I don't think this universe could bear the existence of another Auden, you pretty much do your job on making people hate ever breathing the same air as you," I said making my hatred for him clear and evident.

He walked over to us and Angela hid behind me, scared of her father. I get up as he inches closer to us. "What do you want?" I asked trying to mimic his cold voice.

He stopped in front of me, staring at my face. I stared back noticing something unusual in his eyes. People say that eyes are the windows to one's soul but his eyes had some kind of barrier which didn't let anyone connect to his soul, and made me relatively more interested in invading his past and present.

"She was more beautiful," he said after a stretched silence. I give him a dead look. "She sure is more beautiful," I said agreeing to his statement.

"I was talking about Julie," he said and I nodded mumbling, "Me too,"

"You have never seen her. How do you know that?" he asked confused.

"Your mother wouldn't have let you marry her if she wasn't the greatest beauty on this Earth, and only a beautiful mother can give birth to a beautiful child like Angela," he gave me a stiff nod and looked behind me at Angela.

"Go to your bed and sleep," he ordered her and she went away reluctantly. Once she was out of our sight, he looked at me, inching his face closer to mine. I closed my eyes as his scent hit me with such a great force that I would have fallen if it wasn't for my little bit of anger towards him which stabled me.

"Tomorrow, you would go with me to the hospital, not Cole. Try to hide your affair more properly, because if we are exposed in front of others, the consequences won't be any good for you," he whispered in my ear.

I have had enough of it now. I grabbed his collar and stand on my toes so that we are on the same eye level.

"Listen to me, Mr. Auden Rockefeller, I don't give a f*ck of what people think about me or what you think about me. I am here to just carry your child for 9 months, give birth to him or her, and then leave this place forever. I will do my job, and you do yours. I will go anywhere with anyone I want to, it is your headache to not let other people find out about me. Do whatever you want to do and let me do the same," I leave his collar and giving him one last glance I left the closet.

He grabbed my hand turned me around, making me almost fall on the floor. "What the-" I cut myself off, looking at the sleeping figure of my little angel.

"What do you want?" I asked him in a whisper.

"My grandmother couldn't attend our wedding, and she wanted to see you, so she is coming here next week. Till then do whatever you want, but once she is here, do not be intimate with Cole. Do you understand?" he asked and I jerk my hand out of his grip.

"Whatever," I grumbled, he gave me one long look and closes his eyes. "I can't wait for this to end,"

he said in annoyance. "Neither can I, dear hubby," I replied with the same amount of annoyance.

He glared at my endearment and I kissed his cheek making him further annoyed. "Have a good night, honey. Don't forget to dream about me," I said winking at him. I swear the look he gave me could kill 100 muscled men, but not me. I grinned at him and he groaned in irritation.

"I wish I would have never agreed for this all along," he huffed straightening his collar.

"Oh, but you did and now you have to bear with it, sweetheart, "

"Stop with your girlish nicknames. I don't like them," he said between his gritted teeth.

"Well, I do like them. Darling, sweetheart, honey, love, baby..."

"Oh, God!! Shut up! Shut up!"

"Aww!! My baby doesn't like being called a baby," I said teasingly.

He gave me the scariest look possible but it looked more sexy than scary. "I am so done with you," he said in the same sexy voice, getting out of the room.

"But I am not," I whispered, pulling him back by his arm. He yanked his arm from my grip and ran - literally ran away covering his ears like a kid who had seen a ghost in dark and I laughed at his actions.

"What are you doing there, Mommy?" Angela asked sitting up on her bed rubbing her eyes.

"Nothing Angel," I replied walking towards her bed. I made her lay down and then laid down beside her.

"Let's sleep before Daddy comes again and scolds me," Angela whispered in fear.

"Oh, trust me, he won't be coming back again," I said stroking her hair. I am waiting to see Cole's reaction to it tomorrow.

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