My Definition Of Love

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Chapter One


"He is so handsome. He has dark brown eyes and bronze hair with a tint of red in them and his lips, Oh! His lips, I mean how can someone handle this much amount of perfection?" I said dreamily hugging a pillow to my chest.

"Yeah, one day he will come and take you far away from this cruel world and make your life impossibly wonderful. Right?" And just like that my stupid, best friend, Miss Emily Johnson, bursts my bubble of excitement.

"Shut up, stupid. He is just a part of my imagination, you know that I don't have a real boyfriend and never will have one. Leave me alone with my imaginary boyfriend now" I said throwing my pillow at her, annoyed by the way she keeps on interrupting my daydreaming.

"Seriously Babe, chicks before dicks, never forget that it is a girl rule," I rolled my eyes at her.

"How can I have sex with my imaginary boyfriend?" I asked, giving her a weird look.

"You are Ashley Williams, you can do anything" I laughed at her comment.

"Now get ready, we have to pick our cake from the bakery. It is Ryder's birthday, we need to decorate the house, then call all of his friends, then I need to go and pick him up from the school as he couldn't go to school on his car because he had accidentally washed his car with paint instead of water which I know wasn't an accident but a prank you pulled on him on his birthday" I said pointing an accusing finger at her while getting up from bed to get ready.

"I just wanted him to have a fun birthday. You know something more memorable" She shrugged.

"Aw!! You did all of this just to make his birthday special. Are you falling in love with my baby boy?" I asked faking astonishment and she blushes at my statement.

Wait, What!! Emily Johnson blushed. Good heavens! Am I still dreaming?? And no I am not overreacting it's just in these four years of our friendship I have never ever seen her blush. She did not blush when her ass accidentally landed on a guys lap in a bus and not even on the day when her long time crush earlier gave her a peck her on lips in front of the whole school and later told us that it was a dare. What a jerk!!

But seriously, how did I not notice that before? My best friend has a crush on Ryder. I have to confirm it from both sides only then I will show my matchmaking skills.

We reach the bakery in 10 minutes. "We still have 30 minutes before the school gets over, can't we just sit here for a minute?" Emily requests in a childish tone.

"Okay, okay but only for 10 minutes that's all, if we don't reach there before the school gets over, we won't be able to find a secret spot to hide our car," I said giving up.

Of course. I don't want some nasty teacher's pet to complain about us at the office,

She hates teachers' pets I mean students who always stick with the teachers and give them every kind of information like, 'You know today Zack kissed Mia just after Amy rejected his proposal for the third time' and 'Xavier, Angela and Ava had a threesome yesterday, in the same hotel room where Ava was caught having sex with one of our Professor'. They are practically the gossip kings and queens of our school and thanks to them now our teachers know everything about us from our credit card to our V-card. I don't hate them as Emily does but I don't like them either.

"Now what did you girls do that can put you trouble if someone sees you at your own school?" Mike asks handing us our cups of coffee.

Mike is a part-time worker here, he is a year older than us. Remember when I told you that a jerk, who also happened to be Emily's crush, kissed her and later on said that it was just a dare. Yep, he is that jerk. He is a nice person, now that we came to know him, but you know what they say about your first impression is your best impression, only because of that one day I still call him a jerk.

"We bunked our school today. We told them that we are sick-"

"No, don't lie to him, we didn't tell them that we are sick.........., we told them that... we are really very sick today" Emily said cutting me off with a smug smile on her face.

Mike and I both laugh at her silliness. Emily lies all the time, just like me, but she has only one rule, that you never ever lie to your crush and always ends up telling everything to Mike, no matter how silly it sounds when she tells him every detail of that incident. Even though I still call him a jerk but I trust him with our secrets.

"What?? You don't know it? What kind of friend are you? I don't like it at all. Mike, I knew that you were never a good friend to us but you and Ryder were best friends for seven freaking years how can you just forget his birthday?" I rolled my eyes at my overdramatic idiot best friend.

"I am so sorry, I don't even remember the date today. I was in so much hurry that I didn't look at the calendar and I haven't looked at my phone since morning. I am such a fool." Mike said with regret evident in his eyes.

"No, it's okay. You still have time to make up for your mistake." I said to chill him up.

"How?" He asks hope flares in his eyes. "By paying for our drinks and celebrating his birthday with us," I suggested to which he smiled and said okay.

"Mike, come over dude, help me out with these huge boxes," A guy shouted from behind.

Mike turned towards his direction and said "Yeah, I am coming, just a second," Then he gets up from his chair and turns towards "I will be at your house at nearly 4:30. Okay? Wait for me before you start anything."

"Yep now go and enjoy your weight lifting," I said as I wink at him.

"Oh boy, he is so hot!!" My best friend squeaks beside me.

"Ashley, just look at him I am damn sure you will fall in love with him by just one look."

I turn to look at the person who has caught my best friend attention, so quickly. As I turn, I realize that my best friend isn't the only one looking at him like a lovesick puppy, but all the girls present at the bakery are looking at him with lustful eyes, the problem is that I can't see him because of all the asses and boobs which are blocking my vision of him. The only feature I can see of him is his ass which is pretty hot.

"I can't see him but his ass is pretty hot," I voice my thoughts, still looking at his sexy ass.

"I know, right. Why don't you go and grab his butt," She suggests, to which I react saying a loud 'what'.

She then looks at me and shrugs. "Just pretend to squeeze his butt, so I can click a picture and make that bitch, Mia jealous. Please, please, please, please,"

I just have to pretend, right? There's no harm in that. Mia has once insulted me saying that no handsome man will want to be even 10 meters near me because I am like a garbage can. I will do it, not to prove Mia wrong, I barely care what others think of me, I'll do it just for some fun. I try to convince myself as I say okay to Emily's pleas.

Walking towards the counter where the hot ass guy is standing with a mobile phone in his right hand, I reach towards him, I look back to see my best friend taking out her phone ready to click a picture. I look forward again, this time focusing on my aim, as I move my hand towards his butt and stop it just a few centimetres away from his butt and just as I set my hand into position the hot ass guy moves back a little making me actually grab his ass and my hand, having its own mind squeezes his ass. Holy crap!! What did I just do? And here I stand with my mouth wide open like a hippo, my hand still on his ass. The man turns his face to look at me, as soon as he turns his face my world stops.

Mesmerising dark brown eyes, check. Sharp jawline, check. Bronze hair with a tint of red, check. Thick eyebrows, check. Perfect cheekbones, check. Oh my God! He is just like my dream boy. Shit !! I just squeezed his ass. I remove my hand from his sexy butt. You have to apologize, Ash.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to..., I was just... I am so sorry." Ugh, I can't even find words to apologize. As I look up, ready to face his anger, he looks at me with dead eyes, showing no emotions and walks away, completely ignoring me. Weird.

"You actually squeezed his butt," Emily squealed with excitement. "It was an accident," I said defending myself. "Are you sure, honey? Maybe it's just God's way of telling you that, you both are made for each other," She said teasingly.

"No, it's not. Now stop with your imaginations, and let's go and pick Ryder up. We are already late," I said racing towards my car.

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