My Definition Of Love

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Chapter Three

β€˜I will fill your life with colours of joy and love you till the day I die. I promise to never leave you alone to stand by your side and accompany your soul.’

If you are bothered by something I write or something about your personal life, you can talk to me freely. I just like talking to people and helping them with their problems. You don't have to face it alone you have many people to help and support you. You just need to reach out for them.

I hope you like this chapter 😘😘

I don't know what to do and nothing about this situation seems easy, I have to do something quickly. I need money, lots of money. How do I get this large amount of money? What should I do now? I don't have anyone who could help me in this situation. Emily and I have given every penny of our saved income but it is not enough, we need more of it so that we can save Ryder.

β€œJust stop thinking this much, we will find some way to pay for the treatment.” Emily's voice from behind grabs my attention. We were currently at the hospital where Ryder was admitted.

β€œI don't know what ways you are talking about because where I stand right now, I don't think that we could ever pay this much money in just 3 days,” I said looking sadly at her. Ryder's condition has taken a toll on both of our mental health. We have been here for 5 days now but the doctor can't do further operations because we weren't able to arrange enough money. Damn money!! I have never been a girl who wished for a rich boyfriend or husband. Money was never my top priority, I just wanted to live a normal life, was that too much to ask?

β€œI will talk to my parents they will surely help us,” Emily said with hesitation clear on her face.

β€œNo Emily, don't involve your parents into this, you know that they need the money that they have. We won't take money from them.” Emily's parents were not poor, they weren't rich too. Last year their company had a great loss, which they still can't recover from. As for Ryder's parents, they were dead as mine. There was no one who could help us in this situation. With a sigh, I get up from my chair I was previously sitting on.

β€œDo you want coffee?” I asked Emily. β€œNo, I had my lunch a few minutes ago, you go and eat now, I will inform you if something happens.”

β€œOk,” I said as I started walking towards the cafeteria in the hospital, I saw a man wearing a navy colour suit walking towards a little child angrily.

β€œDon't you know how to behave properly in a public place. You are not allowed to shout or run here, it is a f*cking hospital, you little piece of sh*t.” He shouted and cursed at that little kid.

β€œYou know I am a firm believer of β€˜preach what you teach’. You are shouting at a kid telling him not to shout and to behave properly by cursing at him. I don't think it is appropriate behaviour, sir.” I said, he turned towards me, the man was tall with black and a muscular body, I turned around to see the kid wearing a fearful expression on his face. That poor soul had to endure the wrath of this demon.

β€œHey, little man, you can run, sing, dance or shout anytime you want to, but not when you are in a hospital. There are many people here that are sick and aren't able to meet their families, your doing any kind of funny activities, will disturb them and it will take even longer for them to recover, and they won't be able to see their families for a long time then.” I said brushing his hair softly.

β€œSorry, I won't do anything from now.” He apologized and I smiled at him. He kissed my cheek and walked away giving the demon behind me an apologetic look.

I look back to find him looking at me in awe. β€œYou are quite good with children,” he said still looking at me wearing the same expression. β€œNo, I just treat them the way they should be treated.” I started walking away when he suddenly grabbed my arm. β€œDon't you dare touch me. Let me go.” I said trying my best to free my arm from his grasp.

β€œCalm down, I just need to talk,” He said while I was still struggling to free my arm. β€œI don't want to talk to you, now let me go,” I said irritated by the fact that I couldn't even fight him.

β€œOk, sorry, here you go,” he said finally loosening his hold on my arm. I immediately pull away and face him angrily. β€œWhat the heck was that?” I said fuming with anger.

β€œLook, I really need your help, I have been searching for a girl exactly like you, for three years.”

I was confused. What was he talking about? Observing my confused look, he said, β€œLet's go to the cafeteria, I will explain everything to you there. Please, it is really very important.”

β€œOkay,” I said, well I don't know what made me say that but his pleading seemed genuine.

As we reached the cafeteria he called a worker and murmured something in his ears while handing him a bill of 1000 dollars. Oh my god!! Why in the world would anyone give a tip of 1000 dollars to a worker at a hospital cafeteria? This man is unbelievable. The worker led us through the cafeteria to another room.

I never knew hospitals have VIP areas. β€œNo, they don't, it was specially made at the orders of my family,” only then I realize that I have spoken it out loud.

β€œHow can someone order a hospital to make a VIP area for them?” I asked as he pulled out a chair for me to sit.

β€œThey can if they own the hospital,” he said gesturing me to sit on the chair. I sit down as he goes to the other side of the table and sits on the chair in front of me.

β€œThen why did you give that worker 1000 dollars if you own this hospital?” I asked just as the worker leaves the room.

β€œIt is an old habit,” he said shrugging. β€œThe demon has good habits too” I murmured a little too louder than a murmur.

β€œYou know that I heard that,” he said seeming amused. β€œI know,” I said smirking at him.

β€œYou are perfect for this job,” he said. β€œWhat job?” I asked as a worker enters again and serves us drinks. I thank him and he goes away.

β€œThree years ago, my elder sister, Julie, accidentally fell from a building and was greatly injured, she slipped into a coma and hadn't woken up since then.” He said with sadness clear on his face.

β€œI am so sorry, I wish I could do something about it because I know how painful it is to see a person you love on death bed. It becomes even more painful when you can't do anything about it and you have to just sit there and watch them fight it on their own.” I said fully meaning it. Right now Ryder was too at the death bed and I couldn't do anything but mourn about it. I wish I was as rich as this man sitting in front of me is, so that I could afford to give Ryder the best life. But listening to his story had me thinking that sometimes even money can't help you to save the person you love, his sister is still in a coma and has been in a coma for three years. Life and death aren't in our hands everything happens when it is meant to happen.

β€œI want you to marry my brother-in-law,” this immediately pulled me out of my thoughts stare at him like he has grown two heads.

β€œWhat?!!!” I yelled which made him flinch.

β€œListen, I want you to-” I didn't let him finish as I stood up and picked my purse from the table and started walking away from him.

β€œI will give you 1 million dollars for marrying him.” I stopped in my tracks, hearing this. 1 million dollars are more than enough to pay for Ryder's treatment but why would he pay me this amount of money just to marry his brother-in-law.

β€œMy sister married a man 5 years ago, it was an arranged marriage but my sister was happy. They both loved each other and had a daughter who is 4 years old now. Then just in one day, this accident snatched our whole family's happiness. His family pressurised him to give her a divorce and after 1 year they were granted the divorce after the doctor said that there was still no hope for her to wake up and soon,” he explained.

β€œBut why would you want for me to marry a person who still loves his ex-wife, who is in a coma and can wake anytime now?” I asked turning to face him, still confused.

β€œMy sister couldn't bear any more children in her womb, but she had her eggs preserved in this hospital. Now his family wants him to have more children, and they are finding a woman to be the surrogate mother of the child. I want you to do that for me and I will pay you 1 million dollars for this.” He said walking towards me.

β€œYou want me to become a surrogate mother to your sister's child, okay but why do you want me to marry him?” I asked him stepping back as I found him a little too close to me.

β€œOur families care for their reputation a little too more than any other family on this earth. They don't want someone who isn't legally tied to them to give birth to their heir. You will be married to him for just 1 to 2 years. As soon as this child is born, he will give you divorce and you will be free.” He said looking into my eyes caressing my cheek with his thumb. Somehow his touch didn't make me flinch as other guys touch did, he felt safe.

β€œIf it wasn't for the promise I made to my parents to choose the best mother for their grandchild, I would have never asked you to marry him. I would have.....” he trailed off still looking at me then sighed and took a step back.

β€œI don't know what to do. Yes, I need money, but I don't think it is the right way of earning it.” I said looking at my feet, if it weren't for Ryder's current condition, I would have never agreed to even listen to this.

β€œJust think of yourself as a nanny to the little girl and a surrogate mother of a married couple's child. Nothing else would be expected from you by anyone else in the family and I promise that you would be kept safe. If you ever feel uncomfortable living there, you will always be welcomed at my place.” I lifted my head to find him looking at me with a hopeful expression.

β€œI need time to think it over.”

β€œThe more time you take, the less will be the amount of money you get.” I look at him shocked.

β€œThis is my card, call me whenever you make your final decision.” I nodded.

β€œCole Rodriguez,” he said offering his hand.

β€œAshley Williams,” I shook hands with him. He stepped forward and kissed my forehead. β€œI hope you say no to the offer, I really don't want to give you to him,” he whispered still standing too close to me. I blushed as he moves away smirking and leaves the room saying, β€œBy Every passing hour you lose 10,000 dollars from those 1 million dollars.”

I sighed out of frustration. How did I get into this in the first place? As I am about to open the door, the same worker opens it carrying a plate of food with him. Whom is he going to serve the food? There was no one to eat it.

β€œSir ordered us to not let you out from here without eating.” I raise an eyebrow at him, he gives me a pleading look and I sigh fully knowing that if I don't eat this food, the poor worker could lose his job. I sit down at the same chair and started eating, trying to forget about the mess my life has become in mere days.

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