My Definition Of Love

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Chapter Four

Hello dear readers, just wanted to say thank you and that I love you ❀❀. You are the reason I write these chapters early. You are the reason we are writers because, without an audience, entertainers are nothing. Thank you a lot.

F*CK my life. I don't want to live anymore. What should I do to die the least painful death? Why am I so suicidal nowadays, get your head back to the task you are about to do.

I dial the number on the card that the demon- I mean Cole gave me. He picks it at the first ring, "You made your decision?" his voice booms through the phone. "How in the hell did you come to know that it was me?" I wondered. "I know everything," he said as I rolled my eyes at his confident remark.

"So what is your final decision?" he asked. I glanced at my best friend, Emily sitting at the chair in the waiting room wearing a defeated expression. I wish, I was selfless enough to forget about my freedom and go marry an unknown person just for money but I am not and I won't give up my life, freedom and my dreams to serve others, I will definitely find another way to save Ryder but I won't make him live his life with overpowering guilt of destroying my life.

"Yes, I have decided what I have to do," I answered in a firm tone.

"Okay then meet me at the restaurant across the street." "Why do I have to meet you at a restaurant when my answer is no?" I asked him to fully aware of the fact that he didn't see it coming.

"Okay, if your answer is no I won't pursue you to change it but I want you to meet me at that restaurant in 15 minutes, we still can negotiate some terms," he demanded. Although I didn't feel like going there, I still wanted to know what he has to offer.

"Fine, I will be there in 15 minutes," I replied as the line went dead.


I am sitting at a chair waiting for Mr Cole Rodriguez to come and grace me with his presence but the demon seems to a little busy. He asked, more like ordered me to be here in 15 minutes and here it has been half an hour and it doesn't seem like he will come today, maybe he reconsidered his options and now doesn't want me to marry that unknown guy. I got up from my chair, tired of waiting for too long and strolled towards the door as I was about to open the door, it opened on its own. Wow!! Do I have some kind of magical powers? Just as I imagine being a superwoman, the demon enters the restaurant with two bodyguards behind him. What does this man need a bodyguard for? He looks strong enough to take a whole gang of mobsters all alone.

His eyes land on my face and I smiled a small smile he returns the smile and gestures me to go back inside the restaurant. "I am sorry, I was busy with some important paperwork," he said as we settled down.

β€œIt's perfectly fine, I was about to leave if you would have called for me after I left that would have been a huge problem but as you reached here before I left, I am completely okay with that," he nods.

"So about the negotiations, Are you okay with becoming a surrogate mother of my sister's child?" he asked me while going through the papers I never saw in his hands before. 'Because you were busy looking at his face' my conscience whispered. You can't blame me, he is hot and has blue eyes, I always wanted my man to have blue eyes, pure as water and deep as Ocean but my dream boy always had brown eyes, which reminds me of that encounter with the hot ass guy, Cole was not as hot as him but he was still very handsome, compared to any other man.

I cleared my dirty mind and tried to recall his question. "Yes, I am okay with becoming the surrogate mother." I agreed.

"Then I would like to tell you that the deal is still on but you don't need to marry him," he replied.

I stare at him in disbelief. Didn't he tell me that these families cared for their reputation too much and wouldn't want someone not related to the family carries their heir?

"Why the sudden change of mind?" I asked, he gazed at me and shrugged.

β€œI told you earlier that they are really eager to get an heir, so they agreed to negotiate and now I want you to sign this agreement,” he explained as he handed me a bunch of stapled papers.

β€œWhat is this?” I raised my eyebrows at him. β€œAccording to this agreement, you agree to be a surrogate mother and till the day, the child is born you have to stay with the father's family,” he explained.

β€œOh!” I nodded in understanding. He handed me a pen and I signed the agreement. I gave him the paper and pen back, β€œIf you don't mind can I ask you his name”

β€œYou will be meeting him soon then you can ask the same question to him,” he replied smiling widely. I have started to doubt him. Something about this feels wrong.

β€œDo you want to eat something?” he asked to which I shook my head. β€œI ate before coming here to meet you,” I replied.

β€œThen, do you want to drink something?” he insisted. Why is he acting so weird?

β€œLatte?” I said but sounded more like a question. He nodded and called the waiter and ordered a latte.

β€œWon't you order anything for yourself?” I inquired β€œNo I am not hungry.” he answered. The waiter brings my latte after 10 minutes. I started drinking my coffee, Cole kept looking at me the whole time.

When I finished my coffee, Cole asked me if I wanted a lift, I refused and said that I wanted to walk. We left the restaurant. As I was walking, I felt a little dizzy. Everything seemed a blur, I saw a man approaching me as I fell into the consuming darkness.

Here goes the most boring chapter so far but I must tell you that the next chapter will be the most interesting chapter. So please bear with it for now.

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