My Definition Of Love

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Chapter Five

The first time I laid my eyes on you,

I never thought that I would end up building a forever with you

I never thought that cherishing you would become the goal of my life.

And loving you would be my only reason to survive.

"Wake up," someone said shaking me. Who the heck wants to die today? No one and I really mean it, no one dares to wake up the beast within me by waking me up early in the morning. I wake up only when my alarm goes off, no one else can do that, and if someone tries to do it, they are seriously going to get killed by my hands.

"Hey, wake up," a voice said still shaking my shoulders. I groaned and my hands started searching for a pillow, as soon as I felt the softness of a pillow, I grabbed it and attacked that person with as much power as I had in me. The man hissed and pulled the pillow away from me, so I start throwing punches and kicks at him.

"Stop it, Ashley, please I just wanted you to eat your breakfast. You have been unconscious since yesterday. I didn't know that the jerk had put this amount of drugs in your coffee," he pleaded, muttering the last line more to himself than me. What drugs was he talking about? I finally willed myself to open my eyes and look at the person who dared to irritate me in the morning. I opened my eyes and saw someone I never expected to see. Cole.

His blue eyes looked at me as I stop my assault on him and freeze after I recall everything that happened yesterday. So he was the one who drugged me and then brought me here. I restarted my assault on him with double force. I trusted him more than what a normal person trusts a stranger like. He f*ck*ng broke my trust, I will kill him. He suddenly grabs my wrists in his one hand and pushed me back on the bed so that now he was on top of me.

"How dare you do this to me? I can't believe that you drugged me and brought me here. What do you want, didn't I agree to your terms earlier then why are you doing this to me now?" I yelled at him.

"I am sorry, I had no other choice than to bring you here. They would have killed you if I wouldn't have brought you here with me. Trust me, the safest place on this earth right now is this house. I promise, I won't hurt you, in fact, I intended to save you from them," he explained and I stop moving under him.

"Who wants to kill me and why would they want to kill me?" I questioned him a little relieved that Cole didn't kidnap me to do something bad with me.

"The Rockefellers" What? Why? I don't even know them. Why would they be after my life? Isn't my life in enough mess why add up something else to it?

"I know you are confused and currently furious with me for taking you with me without your permission, but I promise to explain everything after you meet someone," he said as he freed my wrists from his iron grip. Man, he is powerful or maybe just I am a little too weak.

"Taking someone, somewhere, without their consent is called kidnapping, Mr Cole Rodriguez and who do you want me to meet?" I inquired while getting up from the bed.

I was in the same clothes which I wore yesterday. I knew this man wasn't bad, but he is the one who brought trouble in the paradise I built after years of suffering. I didn't want to get hurt anymore, so I built a wall between the outside world and myself which only a few people could cross and I let Cole cross it within two days, but he hasn't entered my world alone, he had brought a bunch of trouble along with him.

"We are going to meet my brother-in-law, so get ready. The washroom is over there, your clothes have been brought from your apartment and are kept in the closet. Please come down fast, I really want you to eat something, I don't want you to faint before you meet my brother-in-law." I glared at him. Why does he keep calling him brother-in-law when his sister and that man had a divorce years ago?

Now that you have dared to invade the little amount of privacy I had behind the closed doors of my apartment, you are definitely going to pay for it, demon.


I walked down the stairs observing my surroundings. It was a beautiful house, more like a mansion. The place was divine, everything was beautiful from the paintings on the wall to the golden chandeliers. It looked like I have entered a fantasy world. Even the stairs were designed elegantly. This place is a dream of many girls, including me. I have always wanted to live in a house like this, with my parents. Well, not every dream can come true.

I walked towards the huge dining table, near a grand kitchen, and sat on one of the chairs, grabbing a plate. I seriously didn't care about manners or etiquette right now, I was freaking hungry and as I was kidnapped by the man who owns this place, I have the right to do anything I want. A man wearing chef's clothes asked me what I wanted to eat and I told him to bring every dish he had made today. I was shocked when he brought nearly 10 dishes and set them on the table. I was surely hungry, but I wasn't that hungry. I chose the items I wanted to eat and filled them into my plate.

I started eating like a bear who hasn't seen food for years.

"A woman shouldn't be eating in this manner, at this time and shouldn't wear these cheap clothes," I froze halfway eating my dessert as a manly voice boom through the silent mansion grabbing my attention.

I turned to see the face of the man holding such a powerful voice, and to my horror, it was none other than the hot ass guy, who was brutally assaulted by my stupid hand which couldn't control itself from squeezing his sexy ass.

I flushed at the memory and looked up to see him strolling towards the dining area. Why is he here? Does he remember me? Is he going to punish me for the little stunt I pulled out that day?

"My dear Brother-in-law," Cole saves me by taking all his attention from me to him. Wait, what? Brother-in-law? I looked at Cole as he walks to the man and gives him a big man hug which isn't returned by the man. I sit there shocked at the scene happening in front of me.

"How have you been? Oh, why I am being so formal. We are family, we don't have to do such formalities right? Why don't you have a seat?" Cole motioned towards the sofa. The man sits on it, still no expressions on his emotionless face.

"Why have you called me here?" the man asked with a cold voice. Cole looked at me and asked me to join them.

"Ashley, this is the man I was talking about, my sister's ex-husband, meet Auden Rockefeller, your-"

"I don't have time to waste on introductions. Just get to the point, Rodriguez." I couldn't focus on anything but him. He had an aura which told people not to f*ck with him, except his powerful presence there was nothing else. I couldn't feel anything, usually, people have a positive or a negative tint to their presence, yet some people could have a neutral vibe too, he didn't have any kind of vibe it was as if there were only two people in the room, nothing except his powerful presence made us aware of him being here.

"Of course, of course. So, as you know your parents wanted an heir and made several attempts to find a rich, high-class woman, who was ready to become a mother to your child but since, your parents weren't able to find the right woman, they gave this job to me and my parents. We searched for woman across the country and two months back I met this girl, Ashley" he said gesturing towards me. When did we meet 2 months ago? Why is he lying to him?

"Yesterday, after I told your parents about her, they went crazy and told me that they would never make her your wife. My parents tried to convince them, they still didn't agree and sent someone to the restaurant where we were meeting. They somehow managed to mix something in her coffee so that they could kidnap her but I reached there on time and brought her here." he continued. So he wasn't the one who drugged me. Someone else did, now I started understanding the situation a little bit, though I still don't know why he chose me over other girls.

"Why are you telling me all of this?" Auden asked with no expressions on his face, again. Why do I even bother to look at his face, when I know that the only look this man gives is a cold look?

"Because I want you to do something, which requires your approval," Cole said in a low voice with a smirk covering his face, it somehow looked odd and dangerous on him. Why do I have this feeling that his statement is going to make me really pissed at him or at least the look he gave me told me that.

"What do you want Cole?" Auden asked with no urgency or irritation in his voice.

"I will tell you what I want only when you promise to do it for me," Cole said making me more and more curious about his demand.

This seemed to make Auden work up his mind, he was thinking, it was so clear on his face.

"Okay, I promise I will do whatever you want me to do for you." Auden agreed after a moment of silence.

Cole smirked and stood up from the chair he was previously sitting on. What he spoke next was something I never expected him to say.

"I want you to get married to Ashley by tomorrow,"



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