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Chapter Seven

Your choices define the person you are and you will become in your future, it isn't something that can be predicted. Future can never be predicted. Though it is already written, we are the one who creates it. Your future is in your own hands. We don't know what will come next, but we sure can make our efforts to improve our future. Our whole life depends on the choice we make in our present. So, rather than trying to predict our future we must focus on our present and try to make it better

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She looks so ugly, she can never be my daughter-in-law, I already hate her. She is so disgusting." A woman in her mid 50's, who I think is Auden's mother said with a disgusted tone. We were in the hall and I had just stepped down from the stairs when she started insulting me. Wow! What a way of meeting your soon to be daughter-in-law! Cole, wasn't wrong when he said that these people lacked humanity and kindness.

"I too don't like her, Mom but I have promised Cole that I would marry her. I can't break my promise," my dear fiance added to the insults I got from his mother. Why aren't these guys normal? I mean really, I have to stay with this family for almost 2 years. Oh god, kill me already.

"Of course, you can't break your promise. I am not upset with you, son. Where is that idiot who put you into all this mess?" An older version of Auden, who I assume is his father by the emotionless face and deep brown eyes, he had like his son, said in a calm voice. Weird family.

"I am right here, Anthony," said Cole, walking down the stairs. His eyes met mine and he smiled widely at me, I returned his smile but not before noticing the little dimple on the left cheek. Awww!! He looks so cute with that dimple on his cheek. Blue eyes and cute little dimple with hot muscular body, I seriously am considering a little change in the groom right now. I have started crushing on him so hard.

Seeing our little exchange Auden's another family member interrupted us "I think you should reconsider your options, she is a good match for you. Low class, ugly and definitely poor. Why don't you marry her, rather than destroying my brother's life." Oh really! My life will be destroyed if I marry him, not his and I will be more than happy to marry Cole over Auden, he will keep me happier than Auden could ever think of making me.

The smart girl who suggested the most appropriate deal looked like a barbie. She had blond hair and green eyes, which I think she got from her mother, she was in her early thirties and had a perfectly toned skin. A younger version of Mrs Rockefeller, she is the elder sister, I guess.

Her eyes checked my appearance and then a frown took over her beautiful face. The confusing part was that she didn't frown in disgust, like her mother but because of some other reason. I couldn't point out the emotions playing in her green eyes.

"Thank you so much for your suggestion but I didn't ask for it," Cole said bitterly. The elder sister finally averted her eyes from me to glare at Cole.

"Your brother will be very unhappy about this, Auden. Why did you do this, Cole?" Anthony asked Cole in a cold voice.

"Why did I do this? Really! You tell me, who was the one that went after a girl to kill her just because we suggested you to marry her to Auden? This is a huge disrespect to me and my family. You are the one who started this and I will be the one to end this." Cole countered and I flinched, realising that I was just a weapon he used against them to defend his and his family's reputation. What kind of revenge was this and who tries to murder a person just because they don't like her?

This didn't change the cold and expressionless look on Anthony's face. He just nodded his head. Why would someone nod their head at this? Told you, this family is totally weird. Auden's mother was about to speak something when the door opened, turning all of our attention towards our new visitor. The person revealed after a few seconds wasn't someone I expected to be here.

Jessica? What is she doing here? Jessica is my paternal cousin. She had brown hair and brown eyes with a perfect body. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I love her very much. My both the parents had a sibling. My mom had a sister, while my father had a brother. I was very close to Jessica and didn't bond much with Mia because of her bitchy attitude. After my parents died, my father's brother, Will and my mother's sister, Maddie fought for my custody and I ended up with my Aunt Maddie. I wasn't very happy about it because this meant me staying away from my sister but I couldn't do anything. After four years this is the first time we have met.

She looked as shocked and confused as I do. She started walking towards me when a man grabbed her and pulled her back. 'What the heck, dude? Let me meet my sister.' I mentally yelled at him. He too had brown eyes which eyes bore into her and he leaned down to say something in her ears. She shook her head in reply to his unknown question. The only thing that stops me from reaching her is her eyes which pleaded me to not do anything. I control my urge to walk and embrace my sister and stand still in my place.

"Austin" Auden who is standing near me, greeted him. "Auden" the man returns his greetings and nodded at him.

"I am so glad you are here, Austin. Please fill some brain into this brainless head of your best friend, Cole." Mrs Rockefeller desperately called for Austin.

"What is wrong?" Austin inquired with a cold look that I had recently discovered is the signature look of all the men of this family.

"Nothing is wrong. I suggested your parents marry this girl, Ashley to your brother, Auden. They refused the offer and even attempted to kill her. Now, I want to assure the safety of this girl and a payback to the disrespect they showed us by trying to kill a person, we suggested them to marry Auden and bear his child."

Cole said after hugging Austin and kissing Jessica on her cheek.

"I apologize on behalf of my parents and assure you the safety of your friend here. But I don't think to marry her to Auden is a good offer for a payback." Austin remarked, pointing at me.

"I can't think of a better payback and I also have the right to choose that who will bear the child of my sister and I can't find anyone better than her to do that job. Your parents were given a chance to choose but they couldn't, so why not accept what is given now." Cole suggested shrugging his shoulders.

"I promised, I can't break my promise," Auden repeated. This man is a robot. He speaks the things that are fed to him from the beginning. It looked odd listening to someone speaking like this.

Austin nodded in understanding and looked at me. I don't know who he was to Jessica but I could see that he loved her and that is what I wanted for my sister, to find someone who truly loved her. I smiled at him. As if he could understand the reason behind my smile, he returned my smile. It was a small smile but by the reaction of the whole family, I guess he didn't smile often. Auden and Cole looked at me with shock, while the others were busy assessing Austin.

"How did you do it?" Cole asked curiously. "Do what?" I asked in return, confused.

"Austin never smiles at anyone besides Jessica. How did you make him smile?" Cole explained as all the eyes turn towards me waiting for my answer. Even Austin wanted to hear it, from the look he gave me.

"I wasn't the one who brought a smile on his face. It was Jessica," my answer seemed to confuse them even more as Austin's smile grew wider. Everyone except Austin gave me a questioning look. I just shook my head and thankfully no one dragged the topic.

"Do you want to marry him, Ashley?" Austin asked with a gentle look on his face. Everyone looked even more shocked. Cole even started rubbing his eyes. He is a drama queen. I giggled looking at him.

I turned back towards Austin and nodded my head, "Yes" I replied, loud enough for everyone to hear. My answer didn't seem to please him but he nodded and looked at Cole. "When do you want the wedding to be held?" Austin asked Cole.

"What? No. I don't want her to be a part of our family. You already have brought enough disgrace to our family by marrying an unworthy girl. Now you want your brother to do the same?" Auden's mother intertwined looking at my sister. Her question seemed to infuriate Austin as much as it did me. I don't care about her attitude towards me but she cannot talk bullshit about my sister.

"Tomorrow, it will be better to finish this as soon as possible," Cole stated completely ignoring Mrs, Rockefeller's remark.

"It isn't enough time for us to prepare everything. We want a week at least to arrange each and everything properly." Anthony said, sitting on of the chair in the hall.

"The preparation is already made. You don't have to worry about anything. Just grace us with your presence tomorrow, that would be enough," Cole stated rudely.

"Cole," Austin warned Cole in a low voice.

"We still need to invite everyone," Auden participated in the conversation.

"That too is done," Cole said with a smug smile in his face. He had it all planned already.

"Wow! You had it all planned from the beginning" the elder sister exclaimed, voicing my thoughts. Cole chose to ignore it as he pulled out a box from his pocket and gave it to Auden.

"What is this?" Auden inquired looking at the red box in his hands. "It is a ring. You have to propose Ashley to marry." Cole demanded gaining a gasp from Auden's mother and a snort from the elder sister.

Auden opened the box and took out the ring. He looked up at me. "Marry me," he said placing the ring on my finger without even waiting for my reply. I was barely able to control my laughter and burst into a fit of laughter after a few seconds, Cole, Jessica and the elder sister joined me. I never thought that I would be proposed like this by anyone, but to be honest, it was the cutest proposal anyone could ever get.

After the laughter dies I looked up to see Auden wearing a confused expression on his face. I got a little bit closer to him and pinched his cheeks. He is so innocent and adorable.

Cole tugged at my hand and said, "Go with Jessica and Davina, tomorrow early morning." he turned to look at them," Take her to the best saloon and make sure that she looks good tomorrow." he ordered both of them.

"Sorry, Cole but Jessica won't come. We are going on holiday for a few weeks. We didn't know about your plans and we can't cancel our vacation now." Austin said, and just like that my only hope to talk to my sister got crushed.

"It's alright, then Davina you can take her," Cole said looking at her intently. She once again glared at him but didn't say anything.

Everyone started to leave the house. I glanced at my sister who looked sadly at me. I know she also wants to talk to me as much as I do but we need to wait for a few more weeks to talk. We smiled at each other and then she disappeared from my view.

"You can only be the surrogate mother to my child. You can never be my wife." Auden told me in the same robotic voice, with the same cold look and blank expression.

"Don't worry. I don't intend to be a wife of a heartless devil like you"


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