My Definition Of Love

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Chapter Eight

I don't know what I should do. I want to love, but I don't want to lose the one I already love. Risking life for getting a chance to love. No, I won't ever do that. I never knew how much this one day could change my life. I wish I would have never met you, but no one can change the future, I just have to accept it and pray that things go the way I thought they would.

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"What do you think about this one? It will look perfect on you," said the girl, who was showing me different wedding gowns. I was at the biggest and most expensive boutique. I never knew the boutiques could be this grand.

I was so glad that they decided to bring me here to select my wedding dress but my happiness ended as soon as the Barbie bitch opened her pretty mouth and said, "Wear a plastic bag and you would look the same. Garbage remains garbage even if we wrap it in an expensive bag, we someday need to throw it away."

It wasn't a lie. I was a piece of garbage for them. They are going to throw me after they get what they want. I sighed staring at my reflection in the mirror. The gown was very beautiful but I couldn't choose it, maybe I don't deserve it. I put the dress back on its place and select a less expensive one.

We reached back at the mansion. I rushed out of the car and went straight to my bed, crying my heart out.

"Ashley, you are back. How was shopping? Did-" Cole stopped talking as he saw me laying at the bed with my face covered with the pillow. He continued walking until he reached near me and brushed his hand gently over my head.

"Hey, What happened? Did Davina say something, that bothered you?" he inquired in a soft voice. I abruptly jumped from the bed and hugged him tightly. After a little while, he wrapped his arms around my waist holding me closer to him.

"I miss my parents. They would have been so happy to see me getting married." I sobbed harder.

"It's okay. We can invite them to the wedding. Give me their number or do you want to personally invite them?" He asked rubbing my back soothingly. I wish that everyone else was as good a person as him. He is so caring.

I pulled myself away from his embrace and looked into his eyes, which were filled with concern. "My parents died in a car accident four years back. You can't call them, neither can you invite them to my wedding." I answered him in a hoarse voice because of too much crying.

He looked shocked but quickly blinked and his eyes softened a bit. His hand met my cheek as he started caressing it. "I am sorry."

"It's alright. It's been a long time with them gone and me being alone." I replied while his hand was still resting on my cheek.

"You were alone? I mean didn't you have some guy, helping you out of the situation and then you fall in love with him and marry him afterwards." He teased me as I found myself relaxing a bit.

"Not that it's any of your business," I retorted, teasingly glaring at him. He chuckles.

"It is, now that you are going to marry my brother-in-law." He added to which I frowned.

"Why do you keep on calling him brother-in-law? He isn't your brother-in-law any more." I asked him curiously.

"He doesn't show any kind of emotions to anyone. I just call him that to make him mad or irritated at least." He answered in an irritated tone. Looks like his plan worked the other way around.

"You know, now that I am going to marry him, if you call him brother-in-law, it will make me your sister," I could barely control my laughter at the horrified expressions on his face.

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Don't tease me like this, it's not good for you. I am never going to call him my brother-in-law again. Now stop distracting me and tell the number of boyfriends you had till now," he inquired as he started intertwined his hands with my mine.

"I don't have any. I have never dated anyone." he looked at me with shock. Seriously, it is completely normal to not have a boyfriend when I am only 18.

"You never did. Are you a virgin?" He asked curiously and I blushed at his question.

"Why should I tell you that?" he just smirked at me. Oh no, my expressions must have given away the answer.

"Age?" How funny it is that the person I am marrying did not even have time to choose a gown and on the other hand this man is asking me questions as if he is the one who's going to marry me tomorrow.

"Eighteen," I said and his eyes widened and widened and widened even more. I think his eyes are gonna bulge out of his sockets any time now.

"This marriage isn't happening," he stated as he pulled out his phone from his pocket quickly dialling something, I guess he is texting someone.

"What are you doing?" I asked him when he grabbed my arm and started walking out of the room.

"We are going to meet Mr Rockefeller and tell him that you are not ready yet to do what they want you to do. Tell them that you are seventeen, okay?" I froze making him stop in his tracks.

"Why would you want me to do so?" I questioned him confused. He was in a panic mode. He shook his head frantically.

"I should have never brought you here it is all my fault. I am so sorry." He kept on repeating the words to me. I grabbed his face in my hands and forced him to look at me.

"Hey, it's not your fault. You just wanted to help your family. There is nothing wrong in me being eighteen. I am legally allowed to marry anyone I want. You can't force me to do something." I tried to comfort him.

"You don't understand." Oh, yeah he was right. I didn't understand but I don't want him to feel more regretful. He is the only one who talks to me nicely out of all the people I have ever met. I don't want him to be sad. He is extremely sweet and caring, so I stayed silent.

"Can't we just sit for a minute and talk," I suggested. He nodded and we head towards the hall. I grabbed his hand and sat on the couch.

"Auden is 25" Cole said after few minutes of silence. Now I get it. Cole was unhappy about the age gap between Auden and me. Seven years. Even though I wouldn't mind, marrying someone seven years older than me if I was in love with him, the thing is that I don't love him, correction, I don't even like him. However, I had agreed to this, not because I wanted to but I needed the money Cole offered me in exchange to marry Auden.

"Listen, Cole, I really want to help you and I don't care if your supposed brother-in-law is 25 or even 80, it's not like we will have a husband-wife relationship. We don't even like each other. Don't worry about any of this, and you were the one who told me that how much this family cares about their reputation if you cancel the wedding now, they might try and kidnap me again just to save their reputation." I tried explaining Cole. I can't just tell him that I wanted money and I don't want him to back out of this deal because of the money.

"Auden's father was the only child of his parents. He was passed on the massive company at the age of 20, after his marriage to Elizabeth, Auden's mother. Soon after their marriage, Davina was born, Auden and Austin were born the next year after their sister's birth. The family believes that only sons can inherit the company and the property. So, Auden and Austin got all the shares and Davina was left with nothing. Everyone pressurised her to marry a rich man but she didn't. That is why she acts like the way she does. Jessica is Austin's wife, the girl who came with Austin today is Jessica. Austin married her secretly because the family didn't approve of her. Yes, the Rockefellers are emotionless people, nonetheless, this girl made Austin fall in love with her madly. He is a better person now. Anthony also changed with time. The only one left heartless is Auden. People say love can change you but never have I ever seen Auden happy or smiling, not even once. I guess Julie's love didn't change much in him. I just wanted to warn you about everyone in that family. They are dangerous people, Ash. I am sorry you have to do this because of my stubborn attitude. I just realised, how stupid I was handing you to those monsters."

"I had seen worse," I teased him, trying to lighten his mood. It seemed to work because now he was laughing hard. I wasn't wrong when I thought that the one with the most pain, laughs the most melodious laughter. I could see how very beautiful it felt to make a person laugh when they are suffering from something.

After his laughter died, his gaze locked with mine. I couldn't look anywhere but at him. He had the most beautiful eyes. His gaze suddenly dropped to my lips and he hunched forward. Our face inching closer by every single second until our nose were touching. He cupped my face and tilted my it at a perfect angle, then his lips touched mine and I was lost. My brain wasn't working at all. I didn't even think about the fact that I was going to marry someone else tomorrow and right now I am kissing Cole. It was my first kiss, of course, it was special. I lost my trail of thoughts as his tongue entered my mouth. I grabbed his hair and was about to kiss him back when the door burst open. The person who interrupted my special moment was none other than Auden Rockefeller, himself. We quickly pulled away from each other and looked at him. He again had an emotionless face.

"You can continue, I just came to pick some of my belongings here." He said totally unbothered that he just caught his fiancee, who he is going to marry tomorrow, kissing a guy who is his ex-wife's brother.

Then again, I can't complain. I too didn't bother to think of him when I was about to kiss Cole. Guess we both are on the same page.

I turned my eyes searching for Cole. He had this guilty look again on his face and walked away, maybe to his room. Well, look at this, neither is the soon to be wife bothered nor is the soon to be husband, the only one person feeling guilty about the kiss is Cole Rodriguez, the great man he is.

I know this man can give me the world, yet I won't cancel the wedding tomorrow because my love life is not more important than my best friend's life.

The devil came back from wherever he went with a tie in his hand. Really? A billionaire came all the way around to the mansion for a freaking tie. He was struggling to tie its knot, I shook my head and went over to stand in front of him and stretched out my hand, asking for the tie. He just ignored me and kept struggling. I snatched the tie out of his hands and started tying the knot of the tie around his neck.

I really don't like it when people need help and they don't let me help them. As I finished tying the knot I looked up at him to find him looking at me with the same cold look, no feeling of gratitude at all.

"If you don't know how to tie it then who tied it for you all these years?" I asked, gesturing towards the tie around his neck.

"Julie used to do it for me and before her, Austin." With that said, he left the mansion without even a second glance. Of course, his wife used to do it for him, which will be me from tomorrow. I don't think I could handle his behaviour, nevertheless, I had to bear with him.

I sighed for the hundredth time this day and went to bed, thinking about my imaginary boyfriend. Nothing hurts me more than the thought of losing him. He has always been with me in every difficult situation. Oh, my imaginary boyfriend, I am going to miss you a lot. Let's get good sleep now tomorrow is going to be a long day.


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