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Molly Holland, a twenty three years old young doctor promises herself to not fall in love with another man ever again because of her recent heartbreak. She meets Jack the top singer that hails from England and disliked him at first but fell in love with him once she got to know him better. Can the trials they go through bring them together? And will Molly choose her old love over her new love?

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Chapter 1

My face didn't look too good as Bob walked away from me. I didn't know I did to deserve that. Throughout that time I stared, I felt like my life was in a complete standstill.

Bob, who I had been dating for seven years without proposing to me just left me all alone because of money. I was aware that Bob was quite greedy, but not too greedy to leave the person that cared for him more than anyone else in the world.

I couldn't take it anymore. The more I stared, the more I cried. I couldn't sight him anymore anyway so I had no choice but to walk out of the huge airport. I felt empty inside. Someone that made my life so good left me because of money.

"Men. I promise you Molly that I will not love anybody ever again".

Something weird happened to me suddenly. I didn't know when my head was on his chest. I didn't even know who it was. I just felt safe with him. "Why does every man break my heart". I said still with tears in my eyes.

"What the heck?" I jumped back to reality as soon as I heard the manly voice. I realized that I was hugging him tightly and I squeezed his shirt with my hands. He suddenly pushed me away and felt like crying once again. Another man. So disrespectful. I thought.

" Hey crazy fan. So tell me how did you know that I was coming today". He snapped his fingers to bring me back to reality. I was busy looking at him. He was very tall and dashing. I felt like I had seen him somewhere before but I don't remember where. I had that feeling of when I first met Bob but the difference is that I don't like the feeling this time around.


"__Sorry won't fix it crazy fan." When he said crazy fan. I was very confused. That's when I realized that he was Jack, the lover boy, my favorite singer of all time from England.

"Wait I am not a crazyfan. I came here to see someone off". I felt sad because making that statement made me remember Bob.

"Just admit it. You look very boring anyways so there no chance that you know me".

"I don't care about anything you think of me. And I deserve an apology for pushing me away like that".

He chuckled at the statement I made. "I'm the one who deserves an apology you know. Your perfume almost made me faint. I don't feel comfortable when I smell perfume".

"How am I supposed to know that". I didn't want to tell him that I was aware. He might get me arrested for 'trying to kill him'. Who knows what might be going on in his head. Jack is a man with all the features you would love in a man. The only problems was that he is too rude. He believes that he is actually the best in the world. I didn't know what else to do. I just stared in those gray eyes of his.

"Whatever!" He actually used his shoulder to hit mine so hard I could hear my bones crack. He was rude but I never expected him to be so cruel. But Jack was the least of my problems at that point of time, it was dealing with my 3rd breakup.
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