The Girl

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Chapter Ten

Angela woke up in the morning after having a fitful sleep. She kept tossing and turning, and waking up and going back to sleep. She didn’t feel rested at all. She felt like she didn’t get any sleep and when she did fall asleep, she had nightmares. Angela did not feel like getting out of bed at all, perhaps she could rest without falling asleep and she would feel better.

She rolled over and cuddled one of the many pillows on the bed close to her body and shut her eyes again. Before she was taken, when she lived with her adoptive family, she had always dreamed of her real family and that they didn’t die. Before, whenever she fell asleep, it was like she was waking up to that life and she lived with them and nothing bad happened. She lost those dreams when she was kidnapped and it was like she lost her family all over again. All that was left now were nightmares of that man and she felt like a shell.

She didn’t want to feel the anguish that came from the nightmares, the painful memories from the scars on her body, the desire not to feel anything, the needing of a family that truly loved her. Tears flowed from her eyes onto the pillow and it didn’t stop, she was crying for the loss of her happiness that soaked the pillow she was tightly holding to have at least some comfort.

There was a knock on Angela’s door, but she didn’t hear it due to her sobs. The door opened and Abelia walked in.

“Angela.” Abelia said softly in a heartbreaking manner as she took in the picture in front of her.

Angela turned her head to her door and saw Abelia standing there with a sad face. She didn’t say or hide anything, her face was streaked with tears, her eyes and nose were a puffy red, and her mouth was quivering.

“Will you let me hold you? Allow me to give you some comfort?” Abelia said gently as she stayed where she was because she didn’t want to do anything that Angela didn’t want.

Angela didn’t respond, but she gave the smallest nod in response to Abelia’s questions and Abelia, ever the observer saw the small motion, and walked over to the bed. Abelia was on the opposite where Angela was facing and slowly climbed onto the bed and gently, but firmly removed the pillow from Angela’s grasp which didn’t offer any resistance. Abelia leaned against the cushioned headboard and gathered Angela into her arms and held her just the way she needed.

Angela let out louder sobs as she held onto Abelia tightly because there was someone holding her and comforting her. That was exactly what she needed at that moment. Abelia stroked Angela’s hair and soothed her.

“You probably know this now from the other guys, but Alessio and Luca have been together since they were toddlers. I knew Alessio as long as Luca has, but that’s because I was his younger sister. Alessio’s family had always been the loyal servants of the Don, the head of their family was always the Don’s right hand man. It was only fitting to have Alessio with Luca because one day when Luca became the Don, Alessio would be his second-in-command. Our parents thought it would be a good union to marry me to Alessio, it would join the two families in marriage.” Abelia smiled fondly at the thought of her childhood.

Angela was quiet now, having exhausted her energy from crying. She listened intently to Abelia, she loved the sound of her voice. Angela also loved the sisterly feeling, she had always wanted a sister and now she had an older sister.

“Ever since I could remember, I was told that I would marry Alessio when I became an adult. When I turned sixteen, Alessio gave me a promise ring and said that when I was eighteen, he would replace with a wedding ring.” Abelia giggled, “He was so serious, he hasn’t changed from then, he still is. Alessio is Luca’s age, he is three years older, but that didn’t matter to us. I spent my whole childhood with him as his fiancee, and now I’ll spend the rest of my life as his wife.”

“That is so romantic Abelia, I’m so happy for you.” Angela smiled as she lifted her head up from Abelia’s chest to look at her dark blue eyes. “I wanna see your ring.”

“Alright.” Abelia moved her left hand from Angela’s head so she could look at the ring. “It is a cushion cut Aquamarine stone with celtic knots embracing the small diamonds, there is scrollwork on the tops, sides, and bottom of the platinum band. Directly underneath the wedding ring is the engagement ring that has the same scroll work. They are a set.”

“That is gorgeous.” Angela admired the rings and smiled softly. “Did it take him long to choose?”

Abelia let out a long laugh, “It took him forever. He started looking after he gave me the small and modest promise ring because he wanted it to be special. He told me at the reception that the ring wasn’t ready until the morning of the wedding. He had found the perfect one a couple days before and there was so many customizations he wanted done. I almost didn’t get my ring in time.” She shook her head, he was kind of a mess for those two years. He did manage to focus on work, but whenever he wasn’t at work he was looking at wedding rings.”

“He had two years of notice and he didn’t find it until a couple days before the wedding. That’s unbelievable.” Angela smiled.

“I still bring it up to give him crap for it and every time, he apologizes so profusely. I never let him live it down. But one thing to note, if I didn’t love Alessio, my parents wouldn’t have made me marry him. Our parents married for love and they want the same for their children. They are waiting for Luca to find his special someone to continue the bloodline. I can see from how Luca is behaving that he wants that to be you. I have never him behave this way before. He was never a romantic and he didn’t really care for women except for those of his family. He has changed since he found out about you. Don’t tell Luca that I told you, he still thinks its a secret that only he knows.” Abelia snickered and brought her hand back to stroke Angela’s hair.

“I won’t, don’t worry.” Angela said quietly as her face turned scarlet red and she laid her hair back on Abelia’s chest, “I’ll keep it a secret between us girls. I like this, I was an only child before I was adopted by the Kavanaughs and then I had three older brothers. I had always wanted a sister and now, that is possible.”

“Oh sweetheart, I know how you feel. After I was born, our mother couldn’t conceive another child so I was her last. I was always surrounded by so many boys and I only had my mom, my aunt, and an older cousin. I will definitely treat you like my younger sister and spoil you too. You deserve it.” Abelia hugged Angela’s small frame tightly and kissed the top of her head. “Now even though, it is morning, you have to be exhausted. Go ahead and take a nap, I’ll keep holding you.”

“Thank you Abelia.” Angela let out a breath and closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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