The Girl

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Character Descriptions

I am not one for adding a cast to my story so instead, I’m doing the character descriptions for everyone. This will be updated when new characters are introduced.

Angela Kavanaugh: She is twenty years old and is 5′3, she had grey eyes and honey brown hair. She has pale skin and many scars that cover her body and is very thin. The most prominent ones are around her wrists, ankles, and her neck which were the shackles used to be. She was adopted by the Kavanaughs when she was a little girl, but has never been asked if she was adopted because she looks like the Kavanaughs. She was born Anhelina Desyovna Molchalina.

Luca Accardi: He is twenty-four and is 6′4, he is not the tallest, but he is above average. He has green eyes and light brown hair. His skin is lightly tanned. He wears a gold crucifix around his neck at all times and wears rings that befit a Italian Mafia Don.

Alessio Corsetti: He is twenty-five and is 6′7, he is the tallest of Luca’s men. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He wears a silver crucifix as well a necklace with a Saint Adrian medal for he is the patron saint of arm dealers. He is a very fit and muscular man whose skin is a bit darker than Luca and Abelia’s.

Elia Saccone: He is twenty-three and is 5′10. He had dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes and light skin. He wears a silver crucifix. He is average build, but that is the only thing average about him. He maybe be known as the goofball, but has a very short temper and is unhappy to say the least when an enemy sullies Luca’s name.

Lauro Benassi: He is twenty-four and is 6′0. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and tanned skin that is darker than Alessio’s. He is very lanky and it makes him seem taller, a lot of enemies tend to underestimate him because of his physical build. He wears a gold crucifix necklace. He is also known as the flirt within the mafia.

Abelia Corsetti: She is twenty-one and is 5′3, the same height as Angela. She has dark blue eyes and light brown hair, same as her brother. She is a curvy woman, but is proud of it. She married Alessio when she was eighteen and she and Alessio are waiting to have their first child until Luca is married.

Emiliano Covelli: He is twenty-eight and is 5′8, he is rather short compared to the rest of the men. He has pale blue eyes and dusty blond hair. He is the computer person, he conducts all the research and anyone that has to do with computers. Rather than wearing a crucifix on his neck, he has a wrist band with a gold cross, and wears a necklace with a Saint Isidore medal because he is the patron saint of computers, computer users, computer technicians, and PC technicians.

Silas Kavanaugh: He is the youngest of three brothers at twenty-two as well as the shortest at 6′1. He recently graduated with a bachelor’s in business. He has dark brown almost black hair and brown eyes.

Thomas Kavanaugh: He is the middle brother at twenty-four and is the tallest at 6′5. He has a law degree and is currently working on his master’s in forensic science. He has naturally light brown hair, but has dyed it to black and has dark green eyes.

Alexis Kavanaugh: He is the eldest brother at twenty-six and is 6′3. He has a bachelor’s in applied science majoring in criminal justice. He works as a police officer in the Forty-Third Precinct. He has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Desya Grigoryevich Molchalin: He is Angela’s father and is thirty-nine. He is the same height as Luca at 6′4. He is a member of the Russian Mafia operating out of Crestview, he is a captain with a group of his own men. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. His cover identity was Douglas Thomason who was a senior associate at Alocer and Wilkes Attorneys at Law.

Ksenia Anatolyevna Molchalina: She was Angela’s mother and she did die in a car accident. She was 5′6 and had grey eyes light brown hair.

Artyem Denisovich Evanov: He is the Boss of the Russian Mafia in Crestview.

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