The Girl

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Chapter Eleven

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Abelia smiled fondly down at Angela and was glad that she found her way to Luca and the rest of them. She loved her brother, her husband, and everyone else. However, she was the only woman in the manor and it got lonely not having another girl to talk to. Yes, she did have cousins and her mother, but they didn’t live in the manor and they were family. Abelia always had trouble making friends when she was young because of Luca and Alessio’s protective nature, as she grew older she was disinterested in fashion, make up, other girly things and didn’t particularly like other girls. Being part of Accardi family not to be mention a mafia family, they were well off and she along with her brother, Alessio, Lauro, and Elia went to a private high school. Their high school was fun of other rich and entitled kids which Abelia absolutely despised and she was not subtle about her dislike for anyone that wasn’t already close to her. Now as an adult, she wished she made a friend in high school that could be a best friend so that she had someone to talk to now about anything, not necessarily girly stuff.

When Abelia saw Angela, she just had this longing sense that she needed to take care of Angela and be family to her because Abelia just knew that Angela hadn’t gotten the love she deserved. Abelia hadn’t meant to go into Angela’s bedroom, she was just doing her morning wandering which she did whenever she woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep. She heard the sobs and felt her heart jerk and felt the urge to make Angela feel better. Abelia hadn’t known Angela for more than a few days and already told her life’s story. She told it to ease Angela as a sort of bedtime story. It was nostalgic to think about it all again during the telling and she was so blessed to born Abelia Accardi, younger sister of Luca Accardi, fiancee of Alessio Corsetti.

Abelia lifted up her head when she heard a soft knock and saw the door open a small bit, and a head popped in. She let out a small laugh when she saw it was Alessio.

“Hi Alessio.”

Alessio turned his head towards the bed and saw Abelia holding Angela and his eyes warmed at the sight of her. He opened the door the rest of the way and walked in and quietly closed it behind him.

“I meant to check on her, but I found you too. So this is where you went. I was wondering where you wandered off to this time, restless girl.” Alessio chuckled softly and walked closer and sat on the armchair close to the bed.

“Angela was having trouble sleeping. She was very upset when I came in and I just had to comfort her. I held her and told her my-well our story.” Abelia lifted her left hand off of Angela’s hand and rested on the bed close to Alessio who then laid his hand on top of her.

“Ti amo, mia ragazza preziosa. I am endlessly devoted to you.” Alessio smiled fondly as he picked up her hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it.

Abelia blushed a bit and smiled, “Ti voglio bene anch’io, caro, e te ne vorrò sempre.”

Alessio just sat there holding her hand. After a good long while, Alessio’s phone vibrated and he pulled it out of his pocket with his free hand and checked it and let out a sigh.

“There’s Luca, he needs me. I gotta go Beli.” Alessio let out a chuckle, “Can’t get anything done without me. I’ll see you later.” He let go of her hand, stood up, and gave her a kiss.

“Go. See you later.” Abelia giggled and watched him leave.

A couple hours passed and Angela stirred a bit and she slowly woke up. She had just slept for a couple hours, but she felt so much better and rested. Abelia let go of her, and Angela sat up and stretched.

“How are you feeling?” Abelia asked looking at Angela.

“I feel so much better, thank you for that. It was needed.” Angela stood up from the bed and stretched some more.

Abelia giggled a bit from watching her, “C’mon, let’s go get some breakfast. You should eat some food.” She slid off the bed and placed her feet on the floor.

Angela walked around the bed to Abelia and they walked out of the bedroom together. As they were walking down the hallway to the stairs, Angela thought about how blessed she felt. How she was lucky that the man that took her owed money to Luca and he came to collect. There was probably more to the story that she didn’t know, but she was just so happy to be out of that cage in the basement. Humans shouldn’t be in small cages unable to move. Now she lived in a mansion and had no worries, she was free to do what she wanted. She was never able to do even when she lived with the Kavanaughs. This was true freedom for her.

Angela pushed those thoughts away because she needed to focus on what was in front of her, they had gotten to the stairs and she didn’t want to fall down said stairs and hurt herself cause she wasn’t paying attention. There was more than one staircase in this manor, but the one they were walking down led to the foyer, and the kitchen and dining room was located to the left of the foyer. This type of staircase was called bifurcated stairs, they were on one side of it able to walk down. She knew this because her adopted mother always complained on how she never got the kind of stairs she wanted in her house.

The hallway they came from was on the right side of the stairs and then walked down the right stairs. Then they made their way to the kitchen where Lauro was cooking breakfast, Elia was trying to be helpful by being in Lauro’s way. Luca was sitting at the head of the dining table with Alessio to his right and they were chatting. Angela saw a lot of other guys that she hadn’t met yet, sitting at the table. This was a table that seated about fifty people, she estimated. There were only a few spots open and the number matched up with the number of people still standing.

“Go sit next to Luca, I bet he left the seat to his left open just for you.” Abelia smiled and walked towards her seat next to Alessio.

Angela walked into the dining room and to the table, as she got closer, Luca turned his attention to her and smiled. He stood up from his chair which silenced the room that was filled with chatter as everyone watched Luca’s movements. He walked to the chair to the left and pulled it out.

“Angela, here.” Luca smiled widely and gestured for her to sit.


Here are the translations:

Alessio says “I love you, my most precious girl.”

Abelia says “I love you too, dear, and I always will.”

If you speak Italian, feel free to correct me. I just got these from Google Translate cause I don’t know anyone who speaks Italian that I could ask.

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