The Girl

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Chapter Thirteen

After dinner, Luca led Angela to Emiliano’s lab with Alessio, Luca, and Lauro trailing behind them.

“Emiliano is our resident tech geek so to speak. He handles everything that is related to technology. That includes our surveillance cameras on the grounds, our internet security, as well as any information we need. He is pretty much in there 24/7, despite the reprimands that I’ve given him. He’s best at what he does. He gotten us more information about you and what happened, and it would be best for him to tell you himself instead of secondhand through one of us. It is important and I think you should this.” Luca said as they walked briskly to the lab.

“Okay, I feel a bit worried. But I want to know.” Angela took a big breath and let it out as they arrived at their destination and stood outside the door.

“Good. We’ll be here as well.” Luca nodded and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” A voice yelled from the other side of the door and Luca opened it and motioned for Angela to go first and the rest walked in after her.

Angela walked in and saw a man in his late twenties sitting on a computer chair facing them, he had dusty blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

“You must be Angela. Heard a lot about you. I’m Emiliano Covelli, the tech guru.” Emiliano winked and chuckled.

“Nice to meet you Emiliano. Thank you for doing this.” Angela smiled.

“Of course, there is a bunch of stuff that your father got into. As well as your adoptive family. Good thing Luca found you. I was able to find a gold mine of information. Best fun I’ve had in a while.” Emiliano chuckled and cracked his knuckles.

“Emiliano, that wasn’t necessarily kind of you to say. Especially since you literally just met her.” Alessio said shaking his head at Emiliano’s behaviour.

“It’s true. I just tell it how it is.” Emiliano shrugged.

“But you could have more tact.” Lauro chimed in.

“Whatever,” Emiliano dismissed Lauro’s comment and continued, “The point is that your father worked at Alocer and Wilkes Attorneys at Law. To normal people like you, you would just see it as another law firm. What that firm truly is, is a crooked law firm in the pocket of the Russian Mafia. I saw pocket, but really it is owned by the Russians. Your father, Douglas worked as a senior associate there. He had worked there for a good many years. He must’ve know what went on there. It is a possibility that he didn’t know, but I doubt that.”

“My father, worked for the Russian mafia?” Angela blinked as she tried to understand what was just said.

“Yes, he did. Do you remember if he ever mentioned any Russian names or anything could’ve sounded like Russian?”

“Of course. Russian was his first language, he spoke it all the time. He tried to teach me, but I had trouble and couldn’t pick it up.” Angela said nonchalantly.

“What?!” Luca shouted. Angela looked at everyone and they were all wide-eyed.

“Was your father’s name actually Douglas Thomason?” Emiliano asked as he swiveled in his chair to face the monitors and began typing rapidly on his keyboard.

“Hmm...There were guys that came over a lot and called my dad Desya. They always treated him with respect and he would always give them stuff to do.”

“Oh man. Whoever made that cover alias is way better than me. It didn’t occur to me to check the identity of Douglas Thomason because it seemed so solid. Boss, can you continue telling her? I need to dig for information on Desya.”

Luca nodded. “We’ve now established that your father was definitely part of the Russian Mafia. It seems the car accident was not a accident now. We’ll come back to that. The Kavanaugh brothers. They all seemed to disappear at the same time, so they are most likely together. Silas is the one that got you kidnapped. You probably don’t the very beginning, but you weren’t taken by Francis Sawyer. Silas hired someone to bring you to him. He tried to be sneaky about hiding any proof that led back to him. He didn’t stand a chance against Emiliano.”

Angela felt shivers reverberate through her body and they weren’t good ones. She crossed her arms, she dug her fingers into her arms, and squeezed them tight to her chest. She began to shake and she felt tears welling up and she couldn’t stop them from falling.

Luca’s heart wrenched seeing her reaction, he quickly pulled her in his arms and guided her head to his shoulder and held her tightly. “I’m sorry that you about what’s happening, but it is important that you know though. We will by your side through all of this. I will not abandon you. I found you and I’m keeping you, okay?” He cradled her face in one hand and wiped away the tears.

Angela let go of her arms and wrapped them around Luca’s back and clenched on the fabric of his sweater. She let Luca comfort her and let her sadness be shown. “Okay, you promise?”

“I promise.” Luca kissed the top of her head. “Continuing on, a week after you were kidnapped the Kavanaughs did a press conference asking for your safe return. Emiliano found it and watched it. They did not seem genuine and did not appear on the news again. I think they did just to keep up appearances. Most Likely Delia and Trevor knew as well, but would deny it if confronted about it. Trevor probably left it to his sons. The eldest, Alexis, is keeping his brothers safe and not letting any information about you get out presumably because he is a police officer. Travis hasn’t been showing up to any of his classes, but he has been seen at Alocer and Wilkes. The Kavanaughs all worked together to get rid of you, but we don’t know why. I will found why though.”

“Alright!” Emiliano spun back around to face everyone, “Now that I knew what I was looked for, I found it. I’m going to butcher these name, I speak Italian not Russian. Desya Molchalin, aged thirty-nine. Within in the mafia, he was what we call Caporegime. So Angela can understand, he was like a captain that was in charge of group of men. He would give them tasks and paid tribute to the boss. He became a made man at eighteen and married Ksenia Golubev, and two years later had a daughter named Anhelina who would be nineteen now. He is not dead, his daughter isn’t, but his wife is. The whereabouts of his daughter are unknown. What I’m saying is that you, Angela are Desya’s daughter Anhelina. Your names are pretty similar and would’ve made it easier for a little girl to adjust to Angela.” Emiliano said his hands resting on his knees.

“What? No. It can’t name is Angela.” Angela shook her head and gripped onto Luca tighter. “M-my name....its Angela...” she whispered as tears began to fall again.

“Let’s get you to bed. Let’s continue this tomorrow. This is a lot of information for you to handle at once.” Luca rubbed her back gently and guided her out of the room.

“Thanks Emiliano. Catch you later.” Alessio said as he followed Luca and Angela out.

“Wow. That is a big shocker. I feel bad about Angela. But it’s weird that she has two Russian parents, but she couldn’t speak Russian? I do find that hard to believe. Although she was pretty young, so there is probably a lot that she doesn’t remember.” Elia said as he scratched his head thinking about it.

“Yeah. I think some big questions are, is Desya looking for her? Does he know what the Kavanaughs did? Why did he fake his death, let his wife die, and injure his daughter?” Lauro chewed on the tip of his thumb in frustration.

Then a loud alarm sounded from Emiliano’s computer.
I do hope that you weren't expecting that twist. Getting the Russians involved.
Which means more research :D
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