The Girl

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Chapter Fourteen

“Merda!” Emiliano swore as he turned back to his computer ans saw error messages pop all over his monitors.

“What happened?” Lauro asked as he and Elia came closer to the computer.

“Someone is trying to hack into my computer. And they are good.” Emiliano’s hands were blur on his keyboard. Elia and Lauro couldn’t keep up with his movements.

“Want us to leave you be?” Elia asked.

“Yeah, I’ll tell Boss what happened afterwards.” Emiliano said with his focus on the monitors.

“Gotcha, we won’t bother you any longer.” Lauro said as he and Elia left Emiliano to deal with the pressing issue at hand.

Angela stumbled over her feet and almost fell down, but Luca caught her.

“Let me carry you. You’ve had a big shock tesoro. Put your arms around my neck.” Luca said softly as he put one arm around her shoulders and the other around the back her her knees and lifted her up in a princess carry.

“Thank you Luca.” Angela mumbled almost indistinctly, but Luca’s ears caught her words.

“You never have to thank me for anything. I don’t do these things for you expecting gratitude from you. I do these because I care about you and I want you to know that there is at least one person that cares about you.” Luca gently kissed her cheek. Angela laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes.

With Angela safely in his arms, Luca continued walking down the hall. Alessio stood by Emiliano’s door watching them with a smile on his face. He was very glad that Luca found someone, he was lonely before Angela came into the picture. Luca would never acknowledge it and would brush the subject off whenever anyone brought it up. The new information was very shocking to him and he couldn’t even imagine how Angela felt now.

Alessio turned around and headed towards the kitchen. When he got there, he walked over to the bar that was located on the side of the kitchen and poured himself a glass of Grappa. He screwed the top back on and set the bottle back in its place on the counter. He picked up the glass and took a long sip and leaned against the counter. It would probably be about twenty minutes until Luca came and got a drink.

When Luca got to Angela’s bedroom, he bent his knees a bit in order to reach the doorknob to open the door and walked inside.

“Luca.....” Angela trailed off with her head still laying on his chest.

“Yes, tesoro?” Luca questioned as he walked to her bed, carefully pulled back the covers while still holding on her and gently set her down on her back and pulled the covers back up.

“I’m so happy and grateful that you found me. While I am still in shock right now and can’t believe what Emiliano said yet, it is good to find who I really am.” Angela rolled onto her side to face Luca.

“Let’s talk more tomorrow. It’s late and you need rest.” Luca smiled at her and kissed her forehead, “buona notte, I hope you sleep well.”

Angela kept her eyes on Luca as he walked out of her room and closed the door. She closed her eyes and calmed her thoughts as best as she could. She could worry and think about all this in the morning, she realized now how tired she was and wanted to sleep. With Luca in her thoughts, she drifted to sleep.

After all this Luca could use a drink, some Grappa, scratch that, a lot of Grappa sounded good right now. It wouldn’t do him good to drink too much, but a glass or two wouldn’t hurt. When Luca made his way to the kitchen, he saw the guys leaning against the counters nursing glasses of liquor. As he got closer they lifted their heads in acknowledgement and he saw the Grappa was sitting close to Lauro who was standing next to Lauro. Alessio uncapped the bottle and poured a generous amount into a new glass and handed it to Luca as he screwed the cap back on.

“Grazie.” Luca said as he accepted the glass and stood next to Elia across the other two. Alessio nodded his head in response.

“Russian, huh?” Lauro asked.

“Yep. I’m not sure, I would’ve figured it out. She doesn’t look Russian.” Elia took a swig.

“I think we should worry about Desya.” Lauro

“I don’t know about that. If we had to worry about him, wouldn’t he know that she was kidnapped six months ago? There would be no way he would know that she was with us. If he truly cared about her, he would’ve saved her from Sawyer.” Alessio countered as he swirled his glass.

“That is true, but we should still be cautious. His cover was very well made, there is a possibility that he may be planning on taking care of the Kavanaugh brothers. While Desya is most likely not the one who made that cover, he is very careful and calculating. He may already know about Angela’s situation and that she is here.” Luca paused and took a big gulp of his drink before continuing, “Let’s beef up our security. I want to see this done tomorrow morning. Increase patrols, number of men patrolling, and have Emiliano work on the cyber security.” Luca finished off the glass and set it down.

“Capito, Boss.” Alessio, Lauro, and Elia said in unison.

“Alright, don’t stay up too late drinking. Una giornata pesante domani.” Luca said and left the kitchen.

“I should be going too, Abelia is waiting for me. Buona notte.” Alessio set his glass down and walked out of the kitchen.

“Buona Notte.” Elia and Lauro called out as Alessio left.

“Now then, knowing Emiliano, he’ll probably still be awake in the morning.” Elia said now that Luca and Alessio were gone. “I do wonder who it was who would be so bold as to try to hack into our system.” Elia put the bottle of Grappa in its rightful place.

“Yeah, it is rather known that we have a very good defense and all those who have tried have failed and furthermore Emiliano punishes them with a present of his own.” Lauro shook his head with a chuckle as he grabbed the glasses and placed them in the dishwasher.

“I guess we’ll find out tomorrow then.” Elia said as he pondered who it could’ve been.

“Hey c’mon, stop thinking about it and let’s retire for the night.” Lauro pushed Elia’s shoulder playfully.

“Sorry sorry.” Elia laughed while ruffling his hair, “Let’s go.” He turned off the kitchen light as he and Lauro left the kitchen.

The two walked to the residence wing and parted ways to their respective rooms with a good night to each other.


This is a bit of an odd ending to a chapter, but I have something very exciting in store. Sorry, this chapter took a bit of time. I had originally planned to type out Emiliano’s response to the hacking, but I couldn’t figure out how to write that because I have no knowledge of computers in that way. I tried to look it up and research how to write, but couldn’t find anything that suited what I wanted. So sadly, I had to scrap that idea.

I do hope you guys still liked the chapter :D

Here’s the translations:

Merda = sh*t

tesoro (you guys should know this one by now ;D) = darling

buona notte = good night

grazie = thank you

capito = understood

Una giornata pesante domani = we have a busy day tomorrow

Grappa is a fragrant grape based brandy. It is traditionally produced in Northern Italy.
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