The Girl

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Chapter Sixteen

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Angela was sitting at the dining table eating breakfast with everyone else and then Luca stood up to get everyone’s attention.

“Last night, we got hacked. There didn’t seem to be any malicious intent behind the attack. Emiliano did well to keep them at bay while observing them. The attacker was only looking for information on Angela and the Kavanaughs. That posed no harm as the information that we gained had been easily available. The reason behind the attack was to ascertain Angela’s whereabouts. Then there was a message left behind before they left our system.

“The person behind the attack is unknown as the person who attacked could’ve been different from the person who left the message. I know that the person who left the message was Desya Molchalin, Angela’s father. He could’ve been behind the attack, but also could’ve gotten someone else to do. The message is as follows ‘you’ve done me a great service, tell Luca that I want to meet with him. Tomorrow at Crestview Park at noon, bring Angela.’ I assume that the great service is that we saved Angela from that scumbag. Right now it is 8:30am, three and a half hours until noon. Being that the message was pretty short, I assume that he thinks that there will be more people than just me and Angela.” Luca turned to Alessio and nodded, “Alessio will stay behind in my stead. I’ll bring Elia and Lauro.”

“Sounds good Boss.” Alessio, Elia, and Lauro said in unison.

“I doubt that he means any harm as we are the ones that saved his daughter, but doesn’t hurt to be cautious. I’ll be in my office until then.” Luca stood up, placed his dishes in the kitchen and left the dining room.

Angela looked down at her half eaten plate and sighed. What was it going to be like seeing her father again, she could barely remembered what he looked like, and it seemed like she had forgotten the most important parts of her life. Russian was her first language, but she couldn’t recall any of it. She didn’t have the appetite to finish her food, and since the incident food had become precious to her. After six months of almost starving to death, whenever she had gotten food now she always finished it. Abelia always fed her snacks at odd times trying to help her. She appreciated everyone caring for he, even Luca’s men that she hadn’t properly met would give her nice things or tea to try to make her happy and always referred to her as Miss Angela.

It had barely been a week since and some much stuff was happening and she felt mind might reel and she just wanted time to stop. She didn’t know what to expect today or from her father. She hadn’t been in the estate for long, but she had become comfortable and she felt like she was actually part of a family now. She saw the Kavanaughs as a distant memory and wanted to forget them because Luca and the others were her family now.

“Nerves?” Angela heard someone say and looked from her plate and saw Abelia looking at her with a worried face.

“Yeah....I can’t bring myself to eat anymore. I fear if I do, I’ll throw up because my stomach feels queasy right now.”

“I understand that feeling. I used to love playing the piano, but I didn’t like performing. I was the best at playing piano in my class and I could never say no whenever the instructor would ask me to perform. I would always get such bad stage fright that I would throw up a lot beforehand. Alessio always worried so much and finally convinced me and helped me to say no to the instructor. Alessio said that it wasn’t worth the pain that it put me through.” Abelia said looking at Angela.

“Damn straight. He was such a selfish man asking you to consistently do it, even when he knew about your issue.” Alessio said in a bitter tone.

“That said.” Abelia said staring at Alessio before shaking her head and continuing, “Don’t force yourself to eat. It is okay to leave a little bit, you don’t always have to finish. You don’t have to worry about your next meal anymore.”

Angela knew that. She knew that she didn’t have to worry about food anymore, but it felt ingrained in her now. But when Abelia said that, she felt a little bit lighter. Like telling herself wasn’t doing anything, maybe she needed someone else to say it to realize that her situation truly has changed and that it was okay to relax and be comfortable. She didn’t have to be stressed and anxious all the time now.

“Abelia.” Angela smiled sadly at her, “I wish that I grew up with you guys. You guys are so close together. I’m envious of that, but at the same time I’m not because I get to experience that too.”

Abelia stood up from her chair and walked over to Angela and pulled her out of her chair, “Let’s have some girl time. Alessio can put the dishes in the kitchen, right caro?” Abelia smiled sweetly at her husband before pulling Angela away from the dining room.

Meanwhile Luca was in his office sitting at his desk and drumming his fingers on the mahogany wood. He was trying to figure out how to go about the meeting. The Italians were never on good terms with the Russians and now within their manor, they had the daughter of a Russian captain. He was not going to give Angela up, no matter what Desya wanted. What Luca really wanted to know was why the car accident happened, why Desya faked his death, killed his wife, and traumatized his young daughter. Luca clenched his fists tight as his train of thought was quickly making him irritated and very angry. Why did Desya let Angela go into foster care and made her suffer with the Kavanaughs who most likely had a hand in her getting kidnapped.

Luca needed to stop thinking about this before he lashes out uncontrollably. He slowly unclenched his fist and took many deep breaths to calm himself. It took him at least half an hour to fully calm down to the point where he wouldn’t murder anyone if they saw him. He needed to handle this calmly, he owed it to Angela to be the steady and dependable person that she needed. Luca leaned back in his chair resting his head on the headrest and put his feet on his desk.

There was a knock on the door and Luca looked towards the door waiting for a response.

“It’s me, Luca.” A voice said from the other side of the door.

“Come in, Alessio.” Luca called out.

The door opened and Alessio walked in and then perched on the arm of one of the chairs in front of the desk, “You only taking Elia and Lauro? I have no doubt that you would be fine on your own, but only those two?” Alessio looked at Luca.

“Yeah. It would be easier if it wasn’t just me. It is also smarter for me and Angela to not go alone despite my ability. If anything does happen, Elia and Lauro would be able to handle it with ease. After all, that’s why they have the rank they do. Just cause we’re childhood friends doesn’t mean that they will slack off or assume special treatment. They work hard, even harder than some of the others. It is also a given that I’m bringing my two standards with me.” Luca cracked his knuckles and then his neck.

“As your right hand, I’ll hold everything down here. It’ll be like no time has passed since you left.”

“Like you would have it otherwise.” Luca chuckled.

“Of course. You and I share a tight bond, brother. We are each other’s halves. I know you like I know myself.” Alessio grinned standing up.

“It’s been a while since you called me brother.” Luca smirked standing up as well and walking around the desk to stand in front of him. Alessio was a few inches taller than him, but it made no difference. Height has never been an issue, it was like they didn’t know that they were different heights.

“It had been too long. Family has always been the forefront for us, but Angela makes me realize it even more.” Alessio held out his arm with his hand open.

“Don’t be getting sentimental on me now.” Luca reached out and grabbed his hand, clasping them together.

“Ha. Me, sentimental? Never.” Alessio let out a loud chuckle.

“Yeah yeah.” Luca rolled his eyes and let before going back to sit down.

“Alright. Let’s get some paperwork out of the way before the meeting with your girl’s father.” Alessio said as he pulled one of the chairs closer to the desk before sitting down.

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