The Girl

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Chapter Eighteen

While I can’t attach an image of Luca’s car, here is the link to it:

Luca is a Italian, he’s gotta drive an Italian made car. This specific Maserati looks very nice.

I wasn't as busy this week, so you guys got an update sooner.


The drive to the Crestview Park was quiet, not an awkward silence, but a comfortable silence. Angela was lost in her thoughts as she gazed out the window and Luca was focusing on the road and not giving his brain the time to worry about Angela and what Desya wanted. Luca parked his black Maserati Quattroporte in the parking lot adjacent to the park. He got out and then walked around to open Angela’s door and held out his hand for her to grab.

“Thank you Luca.” Angela blushed slightly as she grabbed his hand and stepped out of the car.

“Of course.” Luca smiled and shut the car door and Angela let go of his hand.

As they walked away from the car, Luca didn’t bother to lock his car mainly because no one would dare to steal it. Everyone knew what Luca’s car looked like and didn’t want to risk his wrath for a nice looking car. Luca walked in front of Angela keeping her behind so that he protect her if need be. Looking ahead, he saw a man in his late thirties roughly the same height as him with dark brown hair, leaning against a tree. Luca figured that had to be Desya.

“Is that him?” Angela asked from behind him.

Just as Luca was about to answer, Desya turned towards them and started walking. Luca stood still and kept Angela behind him as he watched Desya walk closer to them and then stopped a couple feet away.

“Luca Accardi. What a pleasure.” Desya’s accent was very thick, “Glad to know my message made it to you.”

“You knew it would Desya. Don’t act surprised, it doesn’t suit you.” Luca said in a civil matter as it was important to stay calm to no worry Angela.

“Doesn’t suit me? How would you know what would suit me?” Desya crossed his arms and stared at Luca.

“Quit playing dumb. You know why we are here, so stop stalling.” Luca felt Angela’s grip the back of his blazer and resisted the urge to glare at Desya. He wasn’t making a good first impression in front of his child which he hasn’t seen in fifteen years.

Then without meaning to, more subconsciously, Desya shifted to a defensive stance and gave the death glare in Luca’s direction. It didn’t affect Luca at all, Desya while older, was just a captain he was below the Capo. Where as Luca, was the head of his family. Desya didn’t scare him one bit, but that change did scare Angela. The hand that was holding his blazer became two hands and she was shaking in fear. Luca couldn’t do anything, he had to remain impassive in his appearance.

Very quietly, just so Angela could hear, Luca whispered, “It will be okay. I’m here.”

“There they are, the true colours of Desya Molchalin. You should’ve known that it wouldn’t have changed anything for me, if anything mine are way more frightening than yours. However, that isn’t what’s important. What is important is that you are scaring the one person you wanted to meet. While she hasn’t actually gotten a good look at you, she didn’t need to because she could feel that glare that you have honed no doubt since you swore the oath of omertà. It may be natural for you to shift gears like that, but I can control what my enemies feel.” Luca gently grabbed one of Angela’s hands from behind and pulled her to stand next to him. He had one arm around her shoulder and kept hold of her hand in the other. Angela was trembling and she had tears running down her face. “You scared your daughter. It seemed like you acted that she wasn’t here and was trying to intimidate me. That backfired on you.”

Luca smirked when he saw Desya’s face turn pale as he looked at Angela. Gone was the glare and despair replaced it. Desya held his hands up and took a step forward as if to go and console her, but Luca turned around to show their backs.

“Next time. You will show up on her terms. One does not simply ask the head of the Accardi family for a meeting without proper preparations. One most certainly does not hack my system to pass on a message. I only did so for her sake. If she wants to see you again, she will decide. Not. You. You better pray to God that I don’t retaliate for your actions against me because there will be nothing left of you.” Luca spat out the words and walked back to his car holding Angela tightly to his side.

This whole meeting just made Luca seethe and made him want to know what happened even more. Angela was Desya’s one weakness, that much was obvious now, but how did he not know that she went missing and that her adoptive family were indirectly tied to it. After he faked his death, he must’ve watched her from afar. If he did, he would’ve known that her childhood was horrid and it got worse when she grew up. Desya probably could’ve saved her before she got kidnapped. He didn’t though and Luca was a little grateful for that because he got to meet her and he will work hard to erase those bad memories of hers. To make sure that the person she sees in the mirror is the beautiful girl that he sees.

“Thank you Luca.” Angela said so softly, it was almost inaudible but Luca heard her. He took out his handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped her tears and then put it back.

“I am your knight. I will fight heaven and hell for you tesoro.” Luca smiled sweetly at her and opened the passenger door for her. “Now let’s go home.”

“Yes.” Angela smiled back and got in the car.

Desya was still standing in the same spot as he watched them get into Luca’s car and drove away. He gritted his teeth, it was not easy to change one’s nature. He had not changed since he swore omertà. Ksenia knew what kind of man he was and still loved him. After all, like him she had been born into the mafia life. His face didn’t scare her and it didn’t scare their daughter. That was in the past, it would be a long time before he could see Ksenia again, until then he had to make amends with Angela.

He knew he should’ve kept closer watch on Angela. He got busy with watching Artyem Evanov, the Boss that he served under. He had never once questioned him, he was loyal and trusted. In his position, he only answered to the Boss. He had worked hard to rise to his position and sacrificed a lot to become a captain. He was an enforcer when the Boss had personally gave him a mission and said he would consider making him captain. That mission made him kill his wife and made him abandon his only child. All these years, he believed it was for the Bratva.

Then Angela went missing and he knew that the Boss has something to do with it.


More information. Another cliffhanger. What will happen next? ;)

I had to redo my research on Russian names. All Russians have three names. The first name, the patronymic middle name, and the last name. The patronymic comes from the father’s first name and is suffixed depending the spelling of the name and if it is a son or daughter. The middle name explicitly says son/daughter of ----. With the last name, to make it feminine in case of Ksenia and Angela’s (real last name) Molchain would be Molchalina. Add an ‘a’ in last names ending with ‘in’.

I didn’t not know that before, and have updated my character descriptions accordingly. You guys also didn’t really need to know this process, but I wanted to share. :D

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