The Girl

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Chapter Two

Angela woke up startled as she looked around the room she was in. She had no clue where she was, but she was chained in the cage anymore. She was also clean which made her feel good, she hated being that dirty. Angela looked down and saw that she was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, she glanced at her wrists and rubbed them. She could almost still feel the pain, then she remembered what happened. A man named Luca Accardi saved her, she fell asleep in his car. She must be in his house then, she heard a knock and looked up.

“Can I come in?” A male voice called through the door.

“Yes, come in.” The door opened and someone entered, she then saw that is was Luca.

“How are you feeling Angela?” He smiled softly and came to sit at the foot of the bed.

“So much better, thank you so much Luca.” Angela smiled brightly and pulled her knees to her chest.

“I’m glad. When I brought you here yesterday, I asked my sister, Abelia, to give you a bath. You can come meet her and the guys downstairs when you come eat, if you like.” She nodded her head and was slightly grateful he hadn’t seen her naked. Even though she was covered in filth and scars, the scars would definitely make her feel more self conscious.

“How did you find me?” She had been there for six months and no one had found her, but then again who was suspect the person who held her captive. How did she keep track of how long he held her captive? The man kept reminding her because he hoped to break her. As time went by her hope for rescue dwindled. Her captor looked like an ordinary Joe and there was no reason to suspect him.

“Sawyer owed us money, and he let it slip to his buddies that he had a nienteen-year-old locked in his basement for entertainment. His friends were more than forthcoming when I came to talk to them.” Angela saw that cold look in his eyes when he talked about her captor, but when he turned his attention to her. His eyes softened and he smiled softly.

“Owed you money? Are you the mafia?” Luca laughed heartily and ran a hand through his hair, Angela didn’t know what to make of his reaction.

“Yes, I am Angela. I’m the boss, and the guys you saw yesterday were my men.” Angela nodded and let that sink in, she almost couldn’t believe that someone from the mafia saved her. She had always heard awful stories about them. “It’s okay, I and men won’t harm you. You are safe while you stay.” He placed a hand gently on her knee and smiled kindly at her.

“Thank you Luca.” Angela’s eyes became distant as she thought about the torture she suffered through.

“Do you want to talk about it? It’ll help you get past it.” Angela blinked and looked at him.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to burden you.”

“Burden me all you want, it is no problem. I want to help you. I’m just a little surprised on how well you are holding up especially after I told you I was mafia.” Angela curled her legs under her and placed her hands in her lap. Luca placed the hand that was on her knee, on her hands and squeezed softly to assure her.

“I’m a college student at Crestview University and six months ago I was kidnapped on my way back to my dorm. He was disguised at as a Public Safety officer and when I realized that he wasn’t actually an officer, it was too late.” Angela squeezed Luca’s hand tightly as tears began to well up in her eyes. Luca moved up her bed so he was sitting next to her and wrapped his other arm around her and the dam was broken. Angela turned and sobbed in his arms as she clutched him tightly.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re not there anymore, if it is too much you don’t have to tell me.” His heart broke when she started crying, and he felt so useless because he couldn’t do much to help her. Luca stroked her hair and just held her.

“No it’s not! I need to get this out. Someone needs to know....He kept me locked in that cage for six months...” Angela paused and sniffled as she laid her head on his chest, “He tortured me for six months. I’m damaged and broken now because of him.”

“You are not damaged. Those scars are proof that you are a survivor. You are so strong, and you made it. You may be a little broken, but I’m here to help you. I will be here so that in time, you will be able to see the strong, beautiful girl in front of me.” Angela turned her head up at him and let out a weak smile. Luca kissed her forehead, “Now you must be hungry. After not having enough to eat in six months, you could use some comfort food. And we’ll slowly rebuild your stomach’s tolerance for more food.” Angela nodded.

“Yes please.” Luca stood up and gently pulled Angela up and kept a loose grip on her hand.

Luca led Angela out of the room and downstairs to the game room where Elia and Lauro were playing Destiny. Alessio was sitting in an armchair watching the two yell out commands to each other.

“Guys,” Luca paused and the guys looked at him, “this is Angela.”

“Pleasure to formally meet you Angela, I’m Alessio.” Alessio came up and gave her a gentle hug, she was a bit shocked, but returned his embrace. He pulled away with a nod. Elia and Lauro put down their controllers and came over.

“Nice to meet you Angela. It’d be nice to have another girl in the house, I’m Elia.” Elia joked and kissed her hand. Angela giggled and blushed at the gesture.

“Why I am last? Anyway, these goons don’t get it.” Lauro whisper-yelled at Angela with a smile, “I’m Lauro, pleased to meetcha.” Luca shook his head in laughter.

“Laura’s the joker, Elia’s the flirt, and Alessio is the big brother type.” Luca explained and Angela nodded, but she kind of felt nervous become the center of attention. Luca detected this and looked at the guys, “Back to your game, guys. You’re making her nervous with all the attention. I’m going to get her something to eat.” Elia and Lauro nodded and smiled at Angela before sitting back down to continue their game.

“I’ll with you, I could use a snack.” Alessio said and walked with Angela and Luca to the kitchen. Angela sat at the breakfast as she watched Luca go to the refrigerator then stopped and turned to face her.

“What would you like? We have makings for a sandwich, soup, pasta, and other stuff.” Angela looked down at her hands and then up at him.

“I’m not fussy. Anything is good.”

“Anything isn’t a food, Angie.” Alessio chuckled looking at her. Angela looked at him with confusion.

“Angie?“Alessio and Luca smiled.

“Yeah, you’re going to be staying here for a while and seeing as I am,” Alessio looked at Luca and rolled his eyes, “the big brother figure, I might as well. So why not call you by a nickname Miss Kavanaugh?” Angela flushed in embarrassment, she opened her mouth to say something and then closed it. “As I said, anything isn’t a food. What do you want, it’s been six months. Surely you have a favourite food.”

“Spaghetti...” Angela whispered.

“What was that, Angie?” Alessio held his hand up to his ear.

“I want spaghetti.” She said louder looking at Luca and he smiled at her.

“And she shall have spaghetti. It will just take a little while, so snack on this for a while.” Luca handed her an apple from the basket on the counter.

“Thank you.” Angela bit into the apple as Alessio sat down on the chair next to her, “You said you had a sister. Where is she?”

“Oh yeah, she’s out buying you clothes because you are a different size from her.”

“She didn’t have to do that.” Luca and Alessio laughed at her comment, “What?” She looked at them strangely.

“Abelia isn’t doing because she has to, she is doing it because she loves shopping.” Alessio smiles fondly. “You’ll like her Angie, you’re around her age.” Angela nodded and thought about Abelia, it’ll be nice to have a female friend while she stays here.

“Luca!” A female voice shouted from the entryway.

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