The Girl

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Chapter Nineteen

After Luca had gotten into the car, he took off his blazer and gave it to Angela. She put on the too big blazer, but it was warm and comforting to her. She sniffled and wiped away the tears that remained. She was feeling a little bit better, but that was so terrifying for her. Even though she was hiding behind Luca and didn’t actually see him look at her, she felt the glare and it felt like she was being hunted. Luca wasn’t affected, but that was to be expected considering who he was and his demeanor.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that, Angela. Although, this means that he won’t make any more demands regarding you.” Luca sighed moving his right hand from the gear shift to Angela’s leg and gently squeezed to reassure her.

“Why?” Angela asked looking at him.

“Because he was trying to see you and now that he met you for the first time in fifteen years, he scared you. I’m sure at the start, he didn’t want to scare you and he probably wanted to talk to you. However, due to old habits and being that of a captain he did. It was most likely in reaction to what I said and he temporarily forgot there was someone with me. He exercised no control. He may be older, but he is not as restrained. I know when to use my face, and I always ensure that no one that I hold dear would see that face.”

“That was so scary, even though I didn’t see his gaze, I could feel it.” Angela shivered as chills spread throughout her body.

“It was for the best that you didn’t see it, it would have terrified you even further. If that happened, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to control myself.” Luca’s left hand tightened on the steering wheel as he kept his eyes ahead on the road.

“Thank you.” Angela mumbled looking down at his hand.

Luca was about to ask her why she thanked him, but she probably didn’t mean to actually say it. Especially since she mumbled, if he pretended he couldn’t hear her and ask what she said, she would get embarrassed. If he asked her for what since he could her, she would probably still get embarrassed, so he just left it alone.

The rest of the car ride home was spent in comfortable silence as both Luca and Angela thought about the other.

Luca was sitting behind his desk with Alessio leaning against the wall directly behind Luca, his usual spot. Elia was reclined on the couch in the middle of the room and Lauro was sitting in an armchair across the coffee table from the couch. When Luca and Angela got back, Abelia had taken Angela straight away without any warning or words. Left Luca staring in the direction they left and went to his office where the guys were waiting.

“How’d it go? You came back pretty fast.” Elia asked after Luca got settled.

“We have the advantage now. True to his word, he did show up and he was by himself.” Luca leaned back in his chair.

“Advantage?” Lauro looked confused.

Luca smirked, “I riled him up, he got mad. He directed his anger towards me and Angela was hiding behind me. Desya made a bad first impression and scared her. Now he’ll listen to what Angela wants and not make any more demands. I didn’t mean to rile him up, but he didn’t control his emotions at all. The meeting was cut short because I couldn’t have Angela in his presence anymore.” Luca slammed his fist down on his desk, “He terrified her. A parent should not do that to their child. Under no circumstances should it be allowed. A parent should protect.” With the same hand, he ran it through his hair and sighed.

“So he’ll wait for Angela to make contact. She can do so through you or Emiliano.” Alessio said.

“Yes. That is the plan. I’ll give her some time before I ask if she wants to or not. That said, how is the investigation going on the Kavanaugh brothers?” Luca rested his elbows on the desk and looked at the documents on the desk.

“Delia and Trevor have not expressed that their sons are missing or that they are saddened by it, so they probably know what their sons are up to. The only brother still going about ‘daily life’ is Alexis, he still shows up for work at the forty-third precinct, but doesn’t return back to his apartment at night. He instead goes to this apartment where a Natalia Evanova lives. Silas and Travis are staying in the same place, a studio apartment downtown, it is under the name Corden Incorporated. It is shell company owned by the Russians.” Elia went through the documents that he had previously brought in and had set on the coffee table

“The brothers no doubt have ties to the Russians. Evanova, given how Russian names are, is her father’s last name Evanov?” Luca glanced up at Elia.

“Yes. Alexis Kavanaugh sleeps in the same apartment as the daughter of the Russian mafia boss.” Elia confirmed.

“He is a police officer. How did he meet the daughter when she is a post-graduate student? Evanov would not let a man stay in his daughter’s apartment unless something serious was going on between them. How long has it been since Alexis has been to his apartment?” Luca asked.

“More than six months. Supposedly he moved in with Natalia six months ago during that week that Angela said her brother went missing.” Elia tossed the documents onto the coffee table.

“We’re missing something here. Something big. Alexis, the eldest is still showing up at work and yet the younger two are essentially off the radar. Why hasn’t Thomas attended class and Silas found a job with his new degree? Why are they hiding?” Lauro leaned forward in the armchair and and stared at the documents that Elia tossed.

“Whatever it is. We aren’t going to find it agonizing over it. Let’s get some lunch and come back with a fresh perspective.” Alessio moved his spot against the wall to the middle of the office.

“Always the older brother. Not a bad idea though. Let’s keep the information in mind and go eat.” Luca pushed back against the desk and stood up. “I could use a drink too, it’s never to early to start drinking.” He chuckled.

One by one, they left Luca’s office with Luca the last one out.
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