The Girl

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Chapter Twenty

I did not forget nor did I abandon this story.

I’m so sorry that it took me so long to post this chapter. The reason that I’ve been MIA for a month and a half was because of school. I was reaching the end of the semester and I had devoted all my time to studying and working on final projects. Now that I’m finally done with school, I was able to finally devote time to write and finish this chapter. Since I have more free time, I will post two chapters in May.

I leave Scotland for home at the end of May and I will have to readjust my sleeping schedule again. Due to that, the next update will be in late June. I’ll remind you all in May so you don’t worry again about chapter updates.

I missed writing this and I’m so happy to be writing again.


When Angela and Luca returned, Abelia had whisked Angela away for some girl time. Abelia holding Angela’s hand took her to a place where only Abelia allowed to go to. It was separate from the manor and located in the back by the garden. It was a greenhouse that was Abelia’s pride and joy. She took great care of all the plants. In the center of the greenhouse was an white ornate metal table with two matching chairs that were across from each other.

“This is my haven. I’ve wanted to show you this for a while. Things have just been a bit hectic. I know you like to spend time in the library, just know that you can always come here too. This is the one place in this estate where only I am allowed here, and now you are included.” Abelia smiled gently at Angela as she guided her to the table and sat down on one of the chairs.

“It is so beautiful here. Are you sure, you want to share this with me?” Angela was amazed at the beauty of the plants, the layout, and everything. She didn’t feel like she should intrude on such a place.

“Yes, after all I’m your older sister now, aren’t I? Now sit, Angie.” Abelia let out a laugh and motioned for Angela to sit down.

“Okay. Thank you.” Angela sat down on the other chair and took in her surroundings.

“This greenhouse was gifted to me by my father when I was a child. I had said that I wanted to learn how to grow plants. It was empty, what you see now is the product of my hard work ever since. If you like, I can teach you how to tend to them.” Abelia watched Angela, her face was glowing and she looked so happy.

“That would be greatly appreciated Abelia. I admire you and your hard work, this is so amazing.”

Abelia reached across the table and grasped Angela’s hands in a gentle hold and looked at her with a sad smile.

“Will you tell me what happened?” Abelia asked with a calm voice.

Angela looked down at their clasped and spoke, “Luca kept me behind him the whole time. I saw him, my father. He looked really young to be the father of a twenty-year old. His face was scary. Luca did the talking and it was amazing how calm he was, but I guess it was to be expected considering who Luca is. Desya, its weird to call him my father, but I think he lost his cool due to what Luca said even though it wasn’t anything to get mad over. But it felt like the atmosphere changed and Desya directed his anger and glare at Luca. I got so scared...” Tears started falling from Angela’s face as she remembered what happened.

“I know it was at Luca, but it felt like all that was directed at me. Luca told him that he made a mistake by doing that. Luca said that it would be up to me if I wanted to meet Desya again and got me out of there as soon as he could. When Desya saw how scared I was, it looked like it hurt him, I didn’t feel that menacing aura anymore. I’m so glad for Luca, that he was there for me.” Angela moved her hands away from Abelia’s and wiped the tears from her face and let out a soft sob.

“Angie...” Abelia got up from her chair and walked around the table to Angela and hugged her.

When Abelia’s arms wrapped around Angela, Angela let herself cry and held onto Abelia tightly. Abelia moved one arm to stroke her hair to soothe her.

“Remember that you’re safe here. You don’t have to worry about anything and you can live freely here. If you want to meet him again, you can, but you don’t have too. I already said this, but you can here whenever you want. This place is yours now too.” Abelia spoke quietly.

Angela raised her head and Abelia wiped away the tears, “Abelia. Thank you so much, you’re exactly how I imagine an older sister would act.”

“That is a compliment. I always wanted a younger sister and now I have you.” Abelia laughed and squeezed Angela to emphasize her point.

“I’” Angela barely got her words out as Abelia squeezed her and it made it hard to talk.

“Heh, I’m sorry.” Abelia let out a nervous laugh and let go of Angela and took a step back, “I just got a little excited cause you said something that was very cute.” Abelia sat back down.

Angela was truly blessed that Abelia treated her like a younger sister. The Kavanaughs that she called her brothers had never treated as such. They never called her sister and tried their best to pretend that she didn’t exist. To them, she was nothing more than a being that took up space. She had remembered when she first met the Kavanaughs, she was so existed to have older brothers and that excitement was quickly smothered. Being here in the Accardi Manor, she got to finally learn what it meant to be adored and treated like family. Through Abelia and Alessio, she gained older siblings. She had friends in Elia and Lauro. Luca, he was special, she knew that. But she didn’t know what he meant to her, she never had someone that treated her like Luca did.

Was this what having a crush was like? Was this love? Was it okay to feel emotions like this again, what if her feelings didn’t get returned? What if she was just picturing everyone and Luca was simply being polite and just flirty with her? Or did she just latch onto him because he was the person who saved her from that dark basement? She felt so many insecurities and she felt like she was spiraling downwards into the deep dark doubt section of her mind.

She was experiencing so many things for the first time and she didn’t want to overstep her bounds on anything and make people hate her, especially make Luca hate her. Abelia would listen to her words carefully. Abelia wouldn’t hate her, right? She wouldn’t destroy the bond that she made with Abelia just by saying these things, right?

“-ela. Angela. ANGELA!” Abelia voice increasingly got louder when she noticed that Angela wasn’t responding. Abelia worried for Angela, she saw her zone out and then a dark shadow come over her face.

Angela’s head shot up when she heard Abelia yell her name, “Sorry...I got too deep into my thoughts.” Angela fidgeted with her hands.

“Do you want to talk about it with me?” Abelia asked with a worried tone.

Angela was almost relieved to hear that, did that mean it was okay to talk about it? Abelia sounded worried when she asked. Angela felt conflicted though, she didn’t want to make Abelia hate her.

“Its okay, Angie. I’m here for you, you can tell me anything. You don’t have to worry by yourself. If you don’t want to tell me though, that is okay. I will not judge you.” Abelia was sincere with her words. Ever since she first saw Angela almost a week ago, Abelia had been worried about her.

Angela took a deep breath and squeezed her hands tightly together. She did not feel courageous or brave right now. She was scared, plain and simple.

Angela exhaled and looked at Abelia and then spoke, “Sometimes I feel like doubt is taking over my mind and my thoughts...”

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