The Girl

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Chapter Three

Luca shook his laughing as he looked towards the entryway.

“And that will be my sister.” Angela giggled as she followed Luca and Alessio to the entryway. Angela saw a girl standing in the entryway with a bunch of bags at her feet. The girl caught her gaze and smiled waving her closer.

“You must be Angela, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Abelia,” Abelia smiled and hugged Angela.

“Nice to meet you Abelia,” Angela smiled and pulled away.

“Alessio, I’m home.” Abelia blushed and looked at Alessio who smiled and pulled her into his arms.

“Welcome back Beli.” Alessio kissed her cheek and Abelia returned his embrace. Angela looked at the two somewhat confused. Luca chuckled and came to stand next to her.

“They are a couple. A very cute one, they have these special rituals, that they do for when either of them leaves, comes back, and the such.” Angela smiled and Luca touched her wrist. Angela jerked away with frightened eyes, until she realized that it was Luca. She looked down at her feet embarrassed.

“Sorry, that wasn’t me...I mean-”

“It’s okay Angela, I know what you meant, I know why that happened. It’s that bastard’s fault, don’t apologize.” He rubbed her back and smiled softly when there was no reaction. “It may be because I touched your wrist, where he had those shackles. Because I held you earlier and you were okay with me touching you.” Angela nodded a little and looked at him.

“Alright, thanks Luca.” Luca grinned and ruffled her hair, and she slapped his hand away. “Hey, don’t mess with my hair.” She scrunched up her face at him and he laughed as she fixed her hair.

“I’m gonna steal Angela for a little while so she can try on clothes, you can hang with the guys.” Abelia pointed her fingers towards the game room.

“Haha, okay. I’ll see you in a bit, Angel. Have fun,” Luca winked at Angela and she blushed. Abelia then turned to face Angela.

“Now, let’s go have fun with clothes.” Abelia picked up some bags and Angela picked up the others and followed Abelia upstairs.

Angela and Abelia set down the bags by Angela’s bed and Abelia sat on the bed. Angela stood by the bed as Abelia picked up a bag and took out the clothes that were in it.

“These are dresses and you are going to try these on.” Abelia handed a mid thigh champagne colour dress with spaghetti straps, “This is super cute.” Angela smiled and grabbed the dress and headed into the bathroom.

A couple minutes later, Angela came out with the dress on and blushed when Abelia smiled brightly at her.

“You look sooo cute! Twirl for me.” Abelia gushed and gestured for her to twirl. Angela giggled as she twirled in her dress.

“I love this dress, it feels so light and pretty. I’ve never had nice things,” Angela wrings her hands nervously. Abelia got up and gently hugged her.

“Well, now that you’re here. Luca is going to spoil you a lot, he told me a little about you. I’ll be your older sister.” Angela smiled and returned her embrace slowly.

“Thanks, Abelia. Earlier Luca had said that Alessio was the big brother type and Alessio went along with it saying that he’ll be the big brother figure in my life.” Abelia smiled.

“Of course he would say that, that is the type of person he is. He looks after the people that he cares about and now you are included in his group.” Angela smiled, she liked the feeling of belonging and right now with Luca and everyone else, they gave her that feeling. Then Angela’s stomach growled, she looked down and blushed in embarrassment.

“You hungry?” Abelia laughed a little.

“Yeah, Luca was going to make me spaghetti when you came.” Angela teased looking at Abelia who casually brushed her hair behind her ear.

“Haha...ha, yeah that.” Abelia changed the subject, “Let’s go see if Luca is cooking.”

Luca is boiling the spaghetti noodles while making the sauce with Alessio taking care of the garlic bread.

“Angela?” Alessio closes the oven with the garlic bread inside.

“She is a sweet girl that was dealt a bad hand because she had to be stuck with Sawyer for six months. I like her and I want to help her.” Luca smiled softly thinking of Angela.

“Yeah, Abelia will be get to be an older sister to Angela. She never liked being the youngest,” Alessio chuckled.

“Definitely true. Angela most definitely will have a positive impact on all of us.”

“Luca,” A voice called and Luca turned around to see Angela in a spaghetti strapped champagne dress that went mid thigh, and he was awestruck. Angela was so beautiful, he was speechless. “What do you think?” Angela asked and twirled for him.

“Simply beautiful.” Luca smiled at her as he walked over to her, “Stunning. You took my breath away.” He whispered in her ear and she shivered from mouth close to her ears and she blushed.

“Really? You think I’m beautiful.” Angela said with a hopeful voice and Luca shook his head.

“Of course I do, you are very beautiful. It is hard to keep my hands off you and I don’t want to push you and I know that you need to heal. So I’m being a perfect gentleman.” Luca bowed in front of her, “My lady.” He grabbed her hand kissed the top of it and Angela blushed looking at Abelia who just grinned and Alessio just standing there with his arms crossed and a faint smile.

“We’re gonna head out and you two have a nice dinner together,” Alessio grabbed Abelia’s hand and started walking out of the kitchen.

“We are?” Abelia questioned.

“Yes, we are.” Alessio looked at Ableia with a look and jerked his head a little towards Luca and Angela.

“We are, see you guys later.” Abelia smiled and walked out with Alessio. A few moments later, the front door shut.

“Boss, we’re heading out to a bar. Have fun!” Lauro and Elia called and the front door opened and shut a second time. Luca was standing up and looked at Angela with a weird look.

“What happened?” Angela asked as Luca went back to tend to the sauce.

“I think they left to give us time to ourselves, even though this is a mansion and not an apartment.” Luca chuckled and Angela nodded her head processing what he said. “After we eat, I have to do some work in my study. Is that okay?” She looked up shocked.

“Of course, it’s okay. This is your house, I’m not going to say that it isn’t okay. Plus, I might take a nap during that. I had fun today, but I just feel exhausted.” Angela sat on one of the bar stools, laced her arms together, and laid her head on them.

“Heh, it is understandable that you would be tired. You most likely haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in at least six months, you can take a nap right now if you want and I’ll wake you when food is ready.” Luca offered and looked at her with concern in his eyes.

“Thanks, but no. If I eat, and then sleep I’ll gain more weight. We both know that I need it. Thanks though.” Angela smiled softly.

About half an hour later, Luca had finished dinner and Angela helped set the table. There was the spaghetti noodles, the sauce, and garlic bread. Luca pulled back Angela’s chair and pushed it in when she sat down, and then sat down himself next to her at the head of the table.

“Thank you Luca for the food. It looks amazing, a sight for sore eyes.” Angela whispered and heard a hiss. She looked at Luca and saw his eyebrows draw together and his eyes dark, “Sorry, low blow...too soon.” She fiddled with her hands in her lap and Luca placed his hand on top of hers.

“It’s okay, don’t apologize. It is not your fault.” Luca squeezed her hands and she looked up to see him smile faintly at her, “Dig in.” Angela nodded as Luca’s hand returned to his side and she picked up the fork to begin eating.

“Wow...” Angela moaned softly, “This is amazing, so good.”

“Thank you, I’m glad that you think so. Sometimes I cook, but most of the times it is acutally Elia or Lauro who cooks.” She looked at him with disbelief, “They look like slackers, don’t they?” Angela nodded. “Well, they grew up hard. They don’t let the past get to them now and just live.”

“I want to do that, just live. I feel like...I don’t what it is, I just feel wrong. Today has been amazing, but it feels like a dream. Too good to be tru-” Luca cut Angela off by grabbing her hand and held it.

“I can assure you, I am very real.” Luca winked and Angela let out a soft giggle, “It takes time, and soon that period of time will be but a distant memory. I will help you live, Angel.” He released her hand and smiled warmly at her, “Now finish eating, you haven’t had nearly enough food.” Luca knew that it would take a long time for Angela to be full of life and not trying to hold a facade of happiness. Shortly later, Angela finished her food and brought it to the kitchen and went to bring Luca’s plate as well until he stopped her.

“What?” Angela looked up at him.

“Go take your nap, I can take care of this no problem. I know you are exhausted, so go ahead.” Angela opened her mouth to protest when she yawned and he chuckled.

“Okay Luca, thank you.” Angela smiled and headed to her new room.

Angela grabbed a tee and a short pajama outfit and changed into it. She put her dress in the hamper although she only wore it for a few hours. She scratched her head and climbed into the comfy looking queen size bed and snuggled under the covers. It didn’t take long until Angela fell asleep, she felt so warm.

An hour later, Luca was in his office working and the others hadn’t returned. Knowing them, unless there was something big going on they wouldn't get home until late. Luca poured himself a glass of scotch from his collection and sat back down at his desk chair, he took a sip as he thought about Angela. She hadn’t mentioned anything about her life before she was taken by Sawyer, he knew that she had family because he had ran her name. She was the youngest of three and her parents were divorced and living on opposites sides of the country. Luca didn’t know about her brothers, it listed information about them, but nothing useful. As Luca put down his drink, he heard something that turned his blood cold. Angela was screaming, it was a heart wrenching and an agonizing scream of horror and pain. Luca shot out of his chair, yanked open his door, and ran through the mansion to get to Angela.

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