The Girl

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Chapter Seven

Luca was sitting at his desk working on paperwork with Lauro sitting in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

“You did a background check on Angela, did you look further into her family? Her biological parents?” Luca asked Lauro without looking up.

“I did investigate further in order to provide you with more information. Sarah and Douglas Thomason. Sarah seemed like the standard housewife and Douglas was an senior associate at Alocer and Wilkes Attorneys At Law.” Luca stopped writing and looked up at Lauro.

“Say that again.”

“Alocer and Wilkes Attorneys At Law. It is the crooked law firm that is in the pocket of the Russians.”

“Thomason must’ve known, he was a senior associate. There is a possibility he didn’t know. In the public eye, that law firm doesn’t seem any different from all the others.” Luca put down his pen and leaned back in his chair. “Was there any evidence that the car accident wasn’t an accident?”

“No. Either it was actually an accident or Thomason found out about something that he shouldn’t have while he was working there and the Russians took care of it. If it wasn’t an accident, whoever orchestrated it, covered their tracks very well.” Lauro said calmly.

“I want you to send that to Emiliano, I would like him to use his skills. What about the Kavanaughs?”

“Will do Boss. Delia and Trevor Kavanaugh, Delia was a trophy wife. She is the daughter of Alexander Townsend who is the CEO of Townsend Technologies, she grew up entitled and privileged and was arranged to marry Trevor Kavanaugh when she was expelled from New York University due to inappropriate affairs with a professor. Her father married her off to save his image. Since that expulsion, Delia did not pursue any further education as she was able to spend Kavanaugh’s money. She was only able to have sons and opened her home to foster kids in hope of adopting a girl and-”

“That’s where Angela came into the picture.” Luca interrupted him.

“Yes, exactly. It was six months after the car accident that claimed her parents’ lives. Angela was with the Kavanaughs for one year and then they adopted her and changed her name.” Lauro stated.

“What about the sons?” Luca inquired getting out of his chair and stood up and looked out the window behind him.

“Silas is the youngest, he is twenty two and has a bachelor’s in business. He graduated from New York University shortly before Angela was kidnapped. Travis is the middle brother and is twenty-four years old. He has a law degree from Stanford and was working on his master’s in forensic science, he hasn’t shown up to any of his lectures, but hasn’t been dropped. I’ll get Emiliano to find out more. Then there is the eldest, Alexis, who is twenty-six. He has a bachelor’s in Applied Science majoring in criminal justice. He is a police officer with the forty-third precinct.” Lauro flipped the page in his folder of papers.

“Is? Not was?” Luca turned around and furrowed his brows at Lauro.

“Yes, is. He still shows up to work, everyday.”

“And the other two?” Luca crossed his arms and leaned against the window.

“Silas had received many job offers and he hasn’t accepted any of them. While the youngest, he was going to succeed his father. Travis, while not attending lectures is still in good academic standing. I didn’t look further, Emiliano said that he would get more than just the basic information on all of them.” Lauro closed the folder and stood up.

“Alright, thanks Lauro. You may go.” Luca dismissed him.

“Of course Boss, I’ll see you later.” Lauro walked to the door and opened and closed the door on his way out. While walking down the hallway, he saw Angela and waved at her.

“Hi Lauro.” Angela greeted him with a small smile.

“Greetings little lady. Where are you heading?” Lauro returned the smile.

“I’m going to see Luca, I need to ask him something.” Angela fidgeted with her fingers.

“Well then, I won’t keep you any further. He’ll be happy to see you. Catch you later” Lauro let out a soft chuckle and continued walking.


Angela knocked on the door to the study and waited for permission to go in.

“Come in.” Luca’s voice from inside in the study called. Angela opened the door and closed it behind her. “Angela, nice to see you. Please sit down.” Luca gestured to the seats in front of him. “Is there something you would like to talk to me about?”

“Yes, could you use your resources to look into my brothers? I want to know why they disappeared before I was taken.” Angela fidgeted a little bit, wringing her fingers.

“I will be up front about this. Because of who I am, I have already done a background check on you and a simple check on your biological and adoptive family. I have asked for Emiliano to dig deeper to find the cause and more about your brothers. So, I’m already ahead of you on that.” Luca said sitting down on his chair.

“I guess, I should’ve expected that.” Angela chuckled nervously.

“I’ll let you what Emiliano find out about them. Do you mind if I talk to you about your father?” Luca clasped his hands together and set them on the desk, “Your biological father, I mean.” He clarified.

“I don’t mind, but I don’t remember much about him.” Angela said looking up at him.

“Do you remember what his job was?”

“I think he was a lawyer, but I don’t know what type or where he worked.” Angela stopped wringing her fingers and just set them in her lap.

“He was a lawyer at Alocer and Wilkes Attorneys At Law.” Luca said coldly. “The reason that I want to talk to you about this is because, that law firm is controlled by Russian mafia. It was something that only the higher ups at Alocer and Wilkes knew. The reason I know is because I’m the Don of the Italian mafia. There is a possibility your father, Douglas, may have known this.”

“What?!” Angela’s eyes were wide as she expressed her shock. “My dad worked with the law firm that the Russians controlled? I don’t believe it.”

“I’m having Emiliano look into the car accident that killed your parents. It might’ve not been an accident. ” Luca stood up from his chair and walked around his desk to crouch in front of Angela.

“Luca...” Angela dug her fingers into her palms as she tried to process the information that Luca had just told her.

Luca gently placed his hands on her to get her to stop and clasped her hands with his. He rubbed his thumbs against her hands to calm her down. He looked at her and saw her chest heaving from her breathing fast and her eyes in a blank stare.

“Angela. I told you this because I think you should this, I did not tell you this with the intent to upset you.” Luca calmly said to her.

“I...I...I know that, but it is shocking nonetheless. There was something that I had always disregarded.” Angela slowed her breathing and met his eyes.

“And what is that, tesoro?” Luca gazed into Angela’s grey eyes.

“Alexis knows Russian. He learned it in high school, but when I started high school, I realized that it wasn’t at high school that he learned Russian. You should look at his academic records, I know he took at least one class relating to Russian studies.” Angela looked down at their joined hands and then back at his face.

“Thank you for telling. I’ll let Emiliano know.” Luca smiled at her before disengaging his hands from hers and standing up. “Now it is late in the afternoon. Are you up for sitting on the couch in the living room and relaxing with me?” He held out his hand to her.

“That sounds good. I could use some relaxation.” Angela smiled sweetly at Luca and placed her hand in his as he pulled her to her feet.

After pulling Angela to her feet, Luca let go of her hand and led her out of his study and closed the door behind them. They walked across the manor to the living room where Lauro and Elia were playing a chess match off to the side.

“Hey Boss.”

Luca heard a familiar voice behind him and turned around to address them.

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