Marriage of deception.

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"It is all settled long ago. No one can defy me or dare to cross the limits or even think of approaching what's mine.", hissed the black panther. "If you mean me as your property then you must be out of your mind!", shouted Talia in despair. Lady Talia who travelled to Indea to attend the wedding of princess Amrita Malhutra, finds herself forced to marry prince Ranveer Sedhart Malhutra, the man who she hates most. With no chance to go back home, having no one to help her or even support her. Will she give herself in to the black panther? Or she will find a way to escape his den...?

Romance / Drama
Mai Abo Bakr
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Chapter 1 : The Stranger.

Standing beside her window watching the beauty of the lndean night, Talia can't feel any of the beauty and the serenity of the view in front of her. All she can feel and think about right now is how she got desieved and involved into all this drama with that prince who was't but a complete stranger few weeks ago and now he is her so called husband.

An idea just came into her mind. She will write her diaries from now on.. That's all she has got to compensate herself with. Talia goes to the disk in her closet and grabs a diary and starts writing from the beginning of all this.... The day she met prince Malhutra.

*2 months ago......( England_London).

It was the day when her aunt lady Heather Norten_ her uncle's wife_came to wake her in that morning to remind her that she was going to attend her first party as one of the family in order to introduce her to the socity as their neice hoping she would find a suiter as a future husband.

"aunty you know l'm not really interested in marriage right now. I've just completed 21 years. And l'm planning to complete my studies as a musician"

Standing beside her bed, lady Heather said,"Now what does that have to do with the party tonight? have l said you were going to be married tonight? All l'm saying is that we will interoduce you to the high class society of London" taping hercheek she said,"you are so pretty Talia with your beautiful green eyes, your pure buttercream skin and your red silky long hair. I'm sure all the men in the party tonight will be fascinated just by looking at how beautiful you are."

"But aunty you know I've never been interested in such social events. Besides Sophie will be more than welcome to attend it."

"Your cousin and my daughter Sophie's already found her soul mate. Though he hasn't porposed officially yet,we all know that their engagement will soon be announced. Now stop fussing and go try the dress l picked for you. I also booked an appointment for you with Mr. Braks our hairdresser. I want you to shine like a star tonight ok huney? "

" Ok, aunt Heather. "

Soon the night came when Talia was ready wearig an earth length silver gown that fitted her body with its beatiful sleevless and high neck desine from the front yet showing her bare beautiful buttercream silky back skin. In short she looked gorgeous with her long hair dressed in soft waves and left loose to cover her back down to below her waist adding to her pretty image. With no accessories other than simple pearl earrings.

Talia was shy,nervous and unaware of her beauty. For a girl who always lived in the shadow of her beautiful aunt and cousin since she went to live with her uncle's family after the tragic death of her parents in a car accident 9 years ago, Talia had no chance to appear in the social circle of her family.

Lady Norton declared since day one that she wouldn't take the responsibility of raising or even supporting Talia so it was soon decided that Talia would go to a board school. According to the well of late lord Prandon Norton and lady Amelia Norton Talia's parents, her uncle would be her guardian and to take care of her money and properties till she would become 25 even if she got married and till that time all the expenses of Talia's education and other expenses would be covered by her inheritance.

Her isolation made her rather shy for she spent most of the time in the board school except for the vications which she used to spend them in either in her room alone with her books and violin or with the stuff working in the house and who loved, respected and supported her,. All that made her feel uncomfortable with such galas, fundraisers and other social events that lady Norton used to throw in her house. She prefered to stay in her room to avoid any contact with any of those guests.

But what Talia couldn't understand was why now her aunt was so eager to present her to that society. She has never shown any sign of interest in Talia's benifits or her life at all. Anyway she decided to attend the party for a little while then withdraw in her room. She was sure no one would notice neither her presence nor her absence.

The moment Talia appeared in the ball hall in her uncle's house, all heads turned to her . Soon her aunt introduced her to many guests. They were mostly the richest and most famous people in London and even in Europe. Earl Christopher Wellington her cousin's future husband didn't recognize her at first, but he got facinated by the change in her look so he talked to her for a while till Sophie dragged him away to show him her father's new collection of paintings which he recently bought. Few minutes later she found herself listening to one of the guests who her aunt represented to her as Mr. Paul Harris a businessman.

What drew her attention was the guest who had just entered the hall and how her uncle and aunt hurried to welcome him. From where she was standing, she noticed how intemidating he was. He was very tall even from such a distance she could tell he wasn't less than 6.5 feet. With dark silky black hair and dark eyes. From her place she couldn't tell the colour of his eyes, but his olive skin tone, his jaw line, his nose and his high cheek bones along with his muscular body completed the image of a very powerful, intemidatingly handsome man. God! He was like a god of beauty and attraction! ...

Talia woke from her dreamy thoughts by the voice of the man standing beside her commenting on the intery of the stranger.

"Here comes the prince." said Paul Harris.

"Excuse me! You know him?" Talia asked.

"And who doesn't, lady Norton. He is one of the richest and most powerful young men in India. Prince Ranveer Sedhart Malhutra." Talia unconsiously stared at the prince. She thought, sure he has got to be a prince who else would walk like he owns the world and fears nothing except for a prince like him. But there was something familiar about him. It was as if she saw him before. Maybe on a magazine cover? Who would know.? Such celebrities are always under the spotlight.

"lady Norton,you're daydreaming!" commented Paul Harris once again waking her from her dreams.n

"Oh, no I'm sorry you were talking about your business."

"Oh, let's not talk about business it is clear it bored you. Your name is unfamiliar. I mean Talia is not a pure English name for a lady." Paul cleverly changed the subject giving Talia a bate to lead the conversation.

"Oh, my father named me after an Indean princess he had met in the Indean impassey here in London. In fact he told me that she was the reason he and mum had met and got marrid. They loved her and her family and ours became friends. But that was before l was born so I never had the chance to know her. "

Paul Harris was facinated by Talia. Soon he offered to dance with her when the dance floor was open later. For Talia, she felt safe with Paul he was friendly, attractive and his talk about his business travels was amusing, but for a second she felt watched. She turned and to her surprise, she found the eyes were waching her were no one's but the prince's eyes. Why was he looking at her like that? Like he was evaluating her with an arrogant look in his dark eyes.

Talia felt heat spreading in all her body up to her face. What was happening? She didn't like the look in his eyes, yet she couldn't turn her eyes away from him.

"Here you are, Talia." said lady Norton taking Talia away from her thoughts. "I see you and Mr Harris are getting along together,but I'm afraid I'll have to take her Mr Harris. Some other guests would like to meet our pretty niece."

"Sure lady Norton, but Talia already promised me the first dance."

"Sure, come on dear"

What the hell was all that! They were talking about me like I was some kind of an object! Talia thought. But she hoped all that would soon end and she would go back to her room. Her aunt kept introducing her to the guests and Talia was scared that her aunt would soon introduce her to the prince so she excused herself from her aunt's side the moment her aunt got engaged in a conversation with one of the guests.

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