Souls (Gate Book # 2)

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This is part two of the story Gate. It does not follow the same protagonist, but there may be a few things that you might not get if you do not read Gate. Even so, I think it still is understandable even without it. I hope you enjoy it! Any feedback is welcomed! Rem has been cursed since birth. Her life even though it was full of love was also limited. This was because of her curse. Ever since a certain accident happened she has been caged up in her home unable to live life to the fullest. Having had enough of her current state, she decides to take fate into her own hands and try to save the world's craziest lycan hell-bent on destroying the world to prove her worth to the world. Will she succeed in her efforts to show him how beautiful the world is while also finding her desired freedom? Mature Warning Contains: Sexual Content Emotional, Sexual & Physical Abuse Gore and violent crimes And many more dark themes None of it is glorified or applaud.

Romance / Fantasy
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Author Notes

Hi there! Thanks for peeking in here to check this out! This is to let you know that this is part 2 of my Gate series! If you would like to read that first you can find it here:

If you would like to start here to see how my writing style is, then I hope you enjoy it! I believe even if you do not read Gate you will understand what is going on as the story goes on, but I recommend you read the prior story.

If you are coming from Gate to here, well welcome back! I cannot thank you enough for reading my first story! I hope you enjoy the ride I have in store for you this time! Thank you so much for giving this story a shot as well, and I hope to hear from you soon! I welcome any feedback! Especially the comments on the story, I look forward to the comments they always make me smile!

I had tons of fun writing this protagonist and their story. I hope you find them just as fun as I did! Please enjoy! P.S You will see the characters you have grown to love from Gate return here as support characters since the story is about the second generation! Enjoy!

I will update Souls every Monday AST.

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