Through the Eyes of a Stranger

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Tessandra Alderman life falls to pieces when she wakes up on Earth in the middle of a mess her late parents unknowingly created. Only problem is she doesn't remember anything. As she puts her life together putting together tribes and armies can she save the people around her? What happens when you fall for the man who helped you and meet face to face with your childhood best friend fiance who threw you to the wolves to save you? What happens when your find out secrets ,betrayals, and a world she never thought possible come to light. She was walking around blind but becomes who shes meant to be looking through her life in a mirror now through the eyes of a stranger.

Romance / Fantasy
Stephanie Sanchez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Her vision was blurry. the pain was rushing through her body, she was fading in and out of consciousness. All she knew was how fast everything around her was moving. Voices? Yes, voices there were pushing her, yet she couldn't move. The people around her they were whispering, but you could still hear the shakiness in the tremors from their bodies. why were they so frantic? Get it together she told herself. Pain... Pain is coming quickly. Am I dying is... this how my story ends, with no relocation of what's going on around of me. Is this. As she keeps fading out of consciousness she still carries the voices that are alarmingly around her. "Sir,you shouldn't be here you need to be in the medic-unit." "Where is she?" He sounds so scared."Where is she?" The voice sounds more angered this time. "Here!Julian she's here." "Addie is she...?" "Alive... Barely we got her stable for now, but we need to send her now if this is going to work now if this is going to work." He couldn't stop looking at her tears filling his eyes as he looked at her lifelessly lying on that gurney. "Julian do you hear me, if you want us to have any hope you"ve got to push this issue now,before we...we get hit again.This time neither of us will be there to protect you." "I did this, this is my fault I should be in her could we let this happen?" Julian sobs. " We were betrayed , we couldn't see this coming. Sir, she saved your life now put her on that pod and save hers." "How am I suppose to do that?" He asked as tears silently rolled down his face. "Hoe do i let her go ...without me? Or you? We had many plans." The room went silent. "Do it inject her send her before we regroup. Contact Ben fill him in this mission is to kept quiet. Addie send her clean no chips, no monitors if she has any chance at all down there she needs to go blind." "Yes sir." He walked away towards the bed. She looked up at him.She reached out and touched his face cupping his cheek. You're alright." Her voice held so much relief at the realization. "I'm alright." Julian smiled down at her holding her hand over his cheek while holding the the other hand in his to his chest. "Let me up there's much to do I have to go find the box." "No, no love you need to lay right here; you're hit." "I'm fine." She lied. "No you're not, but you will be. I need you to know how sorry I am, and how thankful I am to have the ho or of you being in my life. No one could ever ask for a better best friend." "Jules what are you doing? She asked with fearful eyes deep down she already knew. She was starting to fade to black. "Ouch!" The pinch in the back of the neck burned he leaned in down as the serum took its course her eyes closing. "I love you, please don't forget me. I'll be sith you soon." With a kiss to her forehead, he got up and grew angry and fled the room. "I'll see you sooner than he will my friend." Addie whispered as she set the escape pod coordinates with the self destruct timer. "Jared lets go, code green is a go." She radioed on the private channel. "Jared..." "I k ow Addie this didn't happen and Addie?" "Ya Jer?" "I miss her already too." Addie teared eyes finally let go silently and she went to her cabin on her knees and waited to be taken captive. She was ready, she was waiting. "Somebody wanna tell me whatvthe hell is going on?" Julian roared as he entered the counsel chamber. "We're doing everything we can sir." A woman replied back quickly. "Connor what was that?" "It was a rebel attack sir. We have the man in custody he's 27 year old Eric Alderman. he set the bomb and a gun. The bomb blew twice the gun was unused with inky one bullet. Mr.Aldermans occupation is a guardsmen of pod transportation quadrant of the fourth level.He was caught minuted after the second explosion we believe he had help." "Of course he had help, his take down was wat to easy. He wanted to get captured." Julian replied as he rewatched the video of the take down. "Kylie, what's our numbers?" "Hundreds wounded, twelve fatalities. I'm sorry sir I could not save the senior Rodriguez." Julian head snapped to Kylie as she looked him in the face with sorrow in her eyes and voice. "Are you telling me Mrs.Parks that my father is dead?" "Yes sir.Tessa got you out of the way but your fathers injuries were to sever his heart gave out before any surgical tactics could have been performed." "Can i see him?" "Sir , I have to warn you the degrees of the. Urns maybe more than you can handle at this point in time his left side of his face is severely damaged we need to prepare..." She got cut off. "KYLIE, take me to my father." "Yes sir." They made their way through the corridors to the medic-unit viewing the damages to the shio.p.Cries of the injured echoing through the ship halls. Only twelve dead Julian kept repeating in his head. A quick strange sense of pride flowed through him that the people were strong enough to overcome such a hit, such an impact of hate. The people, His people. It was a moment he realized with his father dead, he was now President, and it's only a matter of time until the counsel comes looking for Tessa. His heart ached. Kylie opened the door. "You have ten minutes sir." "I'll see to the repairs." Connor added walking away with Kylie. Before she left, she turned to her heart broken friend "I'm so sorry for our loss" and shut the door behind her. He believed her. Walking up and looming down at what was left of his father he began to cry. Its only been two weeks since he's been President and this is what happens, he thought quietly to himself. "How could this happen to you? How do i keep the peace now? I can't lose you and Tessa in the same day." He sobbed looking down peeking out of. His fathers coat pocket it was a picture of him and Tessa as children happy in their teens and a note with the date and location with a map of the room where Julian was giving hos speech about new laws for the counsel and school on the ship there was an X on the spot where Tessa was suppose to be. Julians heart sank to his stomach. "Tessa, they were after Tessa." He whispered looking disgusted at his father lifeless body. They were going after him to get to her. The doors opened quickly as he slid the print and picture in his pocket. "Mr.Prseident we are sorry for your lose but the people need you sir." "I'm done here. Let's get to this." "First sir we need to say after viewing the footage it seems we have reason to believe that Tessa may e involved with the attack upon the ship. Sir have you seen her?" "No, nit since she saved my life Derek there's no way she would have done this. Not to all these people, her people." "The evidence may prove otherwise we've taken Adelyn Meyers into custody, but she cant find her either after the explosion it seems she has vanished. Sir we are looking through the injured we just want you to prepare yourself if she is not dead she will be detained for trail." The ships alarms went off and shook the entire vessel. They quickly went to the window. Julians heart felt like it was being ripped out of his chest as he watched fifteen pods launch out of the prisoners ward. " What the hell who set out sentencing now?" Derek yelled out. "Someone call Atheo and tell them the prisoners are coming." Julian yelled. They entered the chamber where Addie was being held on conspiracy charges. "Derek leave me alone for ten minutes there are some things we need to go over." "Yes sir. The rest of the counsel will be waiting for you Julian we need to regroup. I'm sorry Addie but its official we will be sending you to Atheo for your trail. You're not going in bli d and you have a. 90% chance of coming back home only one officer can go with you. Guess who volunteered?" Derek asked with a smirk. "Jared? You can't let Jared go, he won't be able to handle a trip to Earth and a trial." She protested. "He's going Addie I cleared him this momenta ago. I'm sorry but we and you owe this to him.Its the only thing I can do to help. I'm sorry Addie." Derek hugged her tightly goodbye. "Sir be quick the counsel awaits you. I'll stall for a little awhile but don't be too long." With that he took his leave out the door. "Look." Julian said quickly as he pulled out the contents he found on his father. The loom of horror on Adelyns face was unbearable. "Your father knew this would happen?! He knew?! Tessa begged you not to give that speech or conference today, she knew something bad was going to happen. She told you the rebels were not the enemy and we just sent her down to the enemy along with people she locked away in prison? " Addie screamed her statements and questions and Julian angered just pouring out of every pore of her body. Tears threatening to spill over. "How could you launch her with the prisoners, she's the chief of security Addie what were you thinking?"Julian asked in disbelief and shock. "We didn't launch the prisoners, someone knew we would send her away and launched them as a distraction. Every inmate was on her service. Thankfully she was good hearted to them, hopefully they will be the same too. Ben waiting for her now, he's keeping everything quiet for now. julian felt like he was getting strangled in his chest. "Julian, what if Tessa figured this all out? What if shes the answer and what if we just did everything people like your father wanted us to do? Maybe we made a mistake? I'm going to plead guilty to get to Earth, and get my best friend." Addie was an incredible woman her and Tessa so much alike. "You go get our girl and i'll not be far behind you." "We need you in the chambers sir." Connor announced on the radio. He hugged Adelyn. "Take care of Jared. If you fall you take his heart with you." Julian turned to the door. " If Tessa remember me, tell her I stand by my promise." He left the roo. And walked to the chambers. He grew angry and entered like a going to into a snake pit. He thought to himself. He closed the doors behind him. "Lets begin." "Sir do you know where Tessa is?" "No, the where abouts of my fiance are unknown, but I believe I k ow who caused the attack.

Chapter 2

They looked like falling stars he's never seen so many fall at once. So many. They moved so fast, he knew he needed to be faster, he turned to Luca." We need to get to circle if we wish to get our answers from any survivors." Luca nodded. "Leave it Emmet it'll still be here when we return rime is bit on our friend this evening. They left in hope in high spirits.

She awoke to the smell of something burning. She tried to listen around her as she looked. She realized she had been lying on the ground for hours by now. It was about midday and nothing but stone silence. This is wrong. She tried to move but pain had seized her leg, it was trapped under a door the rod was straight through a section if her thigh. Great she thought just great I'm pinned down losing blood abd have no idea where I am, how i got here or what my damn name is. Get it together she breathed. A strange sense came over her.Eyes? Yes there were eyes she was being watched , looking through the brush her eyes were met of that of a young girl with a bow and arrow pointed right at her. Watching as the tiny human took a deep breathe and released her shot. She closed her eyes waiting to be penetrated by the arrow, but she flee her eyes open when she heard a loud squeal right behind her instead. She turned around to see a four eyed two tailed creature laying lifelessly next to her. "Thank you." Looking back to the tiny person who was now by her side. "What is your name?" She hesitated before replying. "Shayla." "Shayla, hi Shayla. You're a pretty good shot. Can i ask you for your help Shayla?" Shayla nodded. "Okay well you see my feet? Can you grab that edge of this .... Thing here and pull up as fast as you can?" Shayla bends down to her face. "Let me see your eyes." Shayla spoke softly, yet terrifying at the same time. She looked opened her eyes and let Shayla sink in them. Shayla rolled her jacket off her and checked her shoulders. Shayla got up went to her feet and did the task that was asked of her. The door was heavy but Shayla did not faulter. She felt the pain glow threw her as the rod was removed from her leg. She quickly removed her belt and strapped it around her leg. "Are you ok Tessa?" Shayla asked with concern. "What did you call me?" She asked as she turned slowly to get up and found her balance. "Tessa, that's what the name on your jacket says." The second she heard her name the second time she felt a sharp pain and what seemed like hundreds of voices repeating the name over again to where it felt familiar. "Huh, i guess it is. Shayla how long have you been watching me?" "Since you crashed here in the middle of the night." "What were you looking for when you were inspecting me?" "To see if you were one of them. Like the others." " what others?" "Well the o es that have blue eyes that glow they're evil and mean. The other o es Luca says they are asleep but they loom awake to me. When Luca says they're awoken they leave, but they all have two things the same." " what would that be?" "They all came from the sky and not one of them remembers. Who they are. Do you know why here?" Looking at shayla. "No, I don't. Do a lot of people co e falling from the sky?" "I guess when you wake up you'll know." Shaylas reply sounded so cold. The sound of war drums was faint but close at tbe same time. Shayla looked up quickly to the North, or at least what she was assuming North. "We need to move quickly to the south. Hope you mo e fast on that leg." "Why?" Tessa questioned while they moved rather quickly in the needed direction more into the woods. Or at least they looked like woods. "Shayla what's happening?" " the war drums there is two tribes fighting in battle today. The other tribe must be winning or else their scouts would not be crossing the boundary." tessa stopped scout it hit her like a slap in the face. "Shayla how old are you?" "I'm thirteen, you need to keep up." "You're just a child and your tribe uses you as a scout?" "Its the way things work, I am very good at what i do. I am the fastest hunter so I am the one of many scouts on war days." Tessa quickly moved behind her. "How can I help you?" " you need to stay alive until you get to the Circle and speak to the counsel. There have only been two others who were not shadows, or heartless skylanders who have fallen they'll as many questions for you as you will for them. Luca can help you wake up we've seen him do it many times before." Shayla stopped immediately with tears filled in her eyes looking up. "Get down." She whispered. It wasn't until Tessa glanced up that she noticed a young girl pinned into a position into a tree ahead of them. She was drenched in blood and sweat. And the arrow keeping her lodged into placed was pierced through just under the heart. She was still alive and looked jist like Shayla. " how did they get to her so quickly, they do not know this land." Shayla sobbed softly. "Stay here Shayla. Whoever did this is waiting to see who will retrieve her. Stay low. Stay quiet." tessa quickly got up putting less weight on the bad leg. She scanned through the area around her high and low. She toon Shaylas knife hidden in her ankle and climbed up the tree. Once she reached the middle she grabbed a vine and swung i to the next tree. She was stealthy and quiet. Tessa stopped the girl was two trees away. Tessa gelt her stomach turn. This is to simple, that's when she saw something move out of the her right eye. It was a man dressed in war attire at the ready with vow and arrow pointed at the young girl. He had not noticed her he was straight across. Tessa took a breathe and pushed off the tree hugging the vine tightly u til she reached right next to the man in the tree. Tessa had definitely startled the man in more ways than one judging by the way he looked at her. He was fast but she was faster in just seconds she managed to take her blade into the mans left side of his throat.just above the collar bone and in seconds he had fallen from the tree to the ground dead. Tessa looked at the man on the ground she took a mans life she will never know his name. That really didn't matter now. She looked around her waiting for any retaliation against her but none came to the dead mans aide, nobody else was there with them. Tessa quickly grabbed the vine and swung to the young girl. "My name is Tessa, I am a new friend of Shaylas. I'm going to get you down if that's ok with you Id like to help you with your wound. What's your name?" "Sa...Sage.". The older version of Shayla coughed out in pain. She was scared. "Ok sage I'm betting you're Shaylas older sister judging on that I know you're strong. Ok take a deep breathe I'm going to break this spear out ok, just enough to get you down." Sage nodded in agreement taking her breathe. " ok one." With that she yanked the stick out with the blade out so she wouldn't tare up her insides. Sage let out a sharp cry. Tessa hand covered her mouth. "You can't do that! There maybe more of them out there and Shayla will be out there with them." Sage silently cried as tears flowed down her face. Tessa wrapped sage in a make shift harnest. Lowering them both down to the ground. Shayla was there waiting." I need to get her to water to clean the wound." "There's a river just down this way, need to to move quickly it's close to the village and Circle leaders hut. They will help us." She picked up sage keep most the weight of her her leg which throbbed every stepped of the way and ran the best she could.Tessa was amazed at how fast she could move losing blood the way she was doing. "Stay awake Sage, stay with me were almost there."

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