Protecting Theirs

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After Emily's father dies her and her mother move to her grandmother's house in Texas. Once there Emily meets two boys that are hot separately but together they're drop dead gorgeous. Emily learns these boys have been through hell but they run the school while still being social outcasts. Emily ends up moving in with the boys for her protection. While there she learns all the dark secrets they keep and hold. Now she must fight for what she wants whether that be to go home or be with the boys but she will always be theirs.

Romance / Action
Dion Marks
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Chapter 1

One phone call. That's all it took for my whole world to fall apart. It was 10pm when we got the call.

My mother dropped the phone and sunk to her knees letting the sobs take over her body. I rushed down the stairs to see what was happening when I found her on the ground. There was only only reason she would cry like that but I needed to hear it. I started walking towards my mother when I felt the sting of tears at the back of my eyes. "Mom what happened?" Her sobs didnt break or slow as she looked up at me. "He's....your father....he's gone baby." In that moment I knew I had to be strong for the both of us so I held her, I dont know for how long but I just held her. I couldnt cry infront of her, it would break her even more so I held back my tears.

It was 1am when my mom went to bed, she'd cried herself until she could barely move. After I'd put her to bed i went to my own room, shut and locked the door, then went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Once if was warm I stripped and got inside. Almost immediately I sank to the floor and let my tears flow. I loved both my parents but my dad was my whole world. He would spend ever second of his free time we me. I was always a daddy's girl even being a teenager I was his little girl.

The funeral was two weeks after that day. I'd found out that he was hit by a drunk driver.

My mom couldn't stay in the house that held so many memories for her so she decided we would move fo my grandmother's in Texas. We left the day after the funeral. I was leaving everything I'd ever known. I wasn't popular and I wasn't athletic so I didn't play any sports. I kept to my books and my head down so I would fly under the radar. I was the girl in glasses that wore baggy clothes to hide her body. I wasn't fat or anything I was actually skinny but I had a full C-cup and a butt to match. The problem was I wasn't confident in myself to dress any other way. The downside to all that was I didnt have any friends. I was ok with that I had always had my dad and mom. Now it was just mom and me.

We pulled up to my grandmother's house on the outskirts of town. There was a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 in the driveway along with a 1949 B model dodge. Yes I know my trucks i was my father only child.

My grandmother was on the front porch waiting to greet us when we got out. She was a pretty women for her age with black hair that was graying around her temples and emerald green eyes with tan skin. As soon as I reached her she pulled me into a bone crushing hug. "Grandma can't breath." She released me and looked me in the eyes. "Sorry sweety it's good to see you again." I haven't seen my grandma since I was fourteen and that was three years ago. "Its good to see you too grandma, but who's truck?" My grandma had one of her 'I know something you dont' smiles on and I got nervous. "Do you remember Miss Dorthy that owns the ranch on the other side of town?" I remember the names but not much else. "Um she was the one that would always bring me flowers from her garden?" I said but it came out as more of question. "Yes deary that's the one. That truck belongs to her grandson, Michael hes on the roof with Blake." I looked around and spotted a ladder leaning against the house with a red heeler sitting at the bottom. "Watch this sweetheart, I think you might like them." Gramda got a look in her eye and one of her smiles before turning to face the house. "Micheal, Blake get over here." She yelled then turned and smiled before turning back to the house. "What do you want you old witch we're busy." Some guy yelled on the roof. "Dont make me get a switch and come after you." Grandma yelled back never losing her smile. "We're coming hang on." The same guy yelled back before I heard shuffling on the roof. After a couple of seconds two guys came into view on the edge of the roof. One had brown hair that looked bleached by the sun in spots with aviator shades on while the other had black hair with blue piercing eyes. Both were dressed in Jean's and boots with plain colored shirts on.

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